Ergonomically designed mahogany finished wood knee chair with casters.

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  1. Kat Crane "Tarot Kat" Says:

    This item arrived today and has already exceeded my expectations. Here are some specifics you might find helpful:
    -Height: I am an average build 5’5″ female and the height is perfect for me on the shortest setting. CAVEAT: Chair does position you higher than an average desk chair! I have raised my monitor about 8 full inches to make it at eye level…plan on elevating your computer screen!
    -Color: The “mahogany” is a very dark brown…I would consider it more of a “dark espresso”. It would work well with dark brown or even black furniture, as it is very dark.
    -Assembly: Only took me about 15 minutes, but I have assembled a lot of furniture. All tools needed are included, which is nice! Make sure you know how to use an Allen (“L”)wrench (included). Tip #1: lay the piece on its side when inserting the “long screws” as well as the seat-screws. (Total: 12 screws plus 4 wheels). Tip #2: Keep the Allen wrench for future tightening if screws becomes loose after prolonged usage.
    -Comfort: The memory foam is ultra thick and comfortable. And the chair encourages me to sit properly, with back straight and slightly arched. I can already feel it easing the stress on my hips and knees from sitting long days at a desk. It might take some “getting used to” if your back is used to sitting in an unhealthy position.
    -Quality: Appears very sturdy for an average size person. I don’t think it would wear well for an extra large person because of the angled design. All of the screw holes were well aligned and the wood is finished very nicely.
    Overall, I highly recommend this piece, especially for the sale price of only $99.00. I have seen comparable chairs for 3 times as much at retail “back” stores!

  2. Daisy Duck Says:

    I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and still working at my desk job, about 8 hours a day. My old chair started getting uncomfortable and my midwife suggested a knee chair to move my baby into an optimal, anterior position for birth…regular office chairs encourage babies into a posterior position–back labor alert!

    This chair is very comfortable and places me in a perfect posture for working hours at a stretch despite the changes in my weight and center of gravity. The height is perfect for me at 5’8″, and I have no pressure on any particular body area thanks to the substantial cushioning.

    Overall, a great chair for moms-to-be!

  3. Lynnae Hensley Says:

    This chair has very nice cushions and is height adjustable, but is too tall for most desks at it’s lowest setting, and I still find myself slouching while using it. I was really wanting a chair that forced me to have good posture. This chair works best for posture at it’s highest setting but then it is too high for using at a desk. I would recommend trying a different brand.

  4. L. Lind Says:

    This chair is very comfortable and well-constructed. Unfortunately, it is way too tall to use at most desks. If it were 3-5 inches shorter, I would be recommending it to everyone, but as it is, it will probably only work for you if you can raise the height of your desk.

  5. Andrew K. Copeland "Sea Dog" Says:

    This is the 2nd of these I have bought. I got one for my Dad who is older and having back issues much worse then mine–he is able to sit and work now with much less pain.

  6. M. Dupre "M. Brody" Says:

    I was interested in buying a kneeling chair, but thought that I’d have to spend a great deal to get a high quality chair with decent foam that wouldn’t cause pain after only 20 min.

    This chair broke that misconception. What follows is a bulleted list of pros:
    + High quality foam – distributes weight well and doesn’t compress all the way, so no pressure points.
    + The finish looks really nice.
    + Easy to put together, includes all the tools necessary for construction.
    + Adjustable angle is really nice.
    + The caster wheels are high quality.

    To give reference, I’m 185lbs and 5’11”, and this is still comfortable for me.

    Overall, a great buy, I’ve recommended this to friends.

  7. LoreBlob Says:

    Loooove this product. I put it together by myself in something like 10 minutes. The foam feels REALLY nice, the materials are solid/good quality for the price.

    I’ve bought some “cheap” things on Amazon that turned out to be total cheap crap, so I was afraid this might be the case with this chair since the price was relatively affordable when it comes to kneeling chairs. But not only was it super easy to put together (don’t you hate wrestling with screws that don’t QUITE go into their pre-drilled holes?), it’s also comfortable as heck!

    The adjustmust options are not much, i’ll give you that. But I only expected the adjustment to be there so that you could feasibly use it for multiple desks in your house, not for wildly varying heights of people.

    For the record, I’m 5’2″ and under 130 lbs. I agree with the reviewers who say it’s not made for everyone, but looks like it’s a good buy for people between 5’0 – 5’10”!

  8. L. Ferber Says:

    This chair would be comfortable it it was the right height, but after several emails back and forth to the company to make sure it would be the correct height for me to use at my computer station, I ordered the chair, took the hour to put it together, and found that it does not lower as I was told it would. Unfortunately it sits at 24″ and can go up from there, but not down as I need it to, so I can not use it.

  9. Joseph Greenawalt Says:

    I’m 6’1″ and weigh approx 175 lbs. There is no position within the range of adjustment for this chair that is even remotely close to comfortable. At full height, the seat is tilted at far too great of an angle for comfortable sitting. At lower heights, the “knee rests” or “shin destroyers” as I’d call them, dig painfully into the shins. I’m not sure who this chair is designed for, but if you’re 6’1″ tall, it’s not for you.

    When I first purchased this item, there were about 30 reviews here, many of which I now suspect were astroturfing from the manufacturer. As of my writing this, most of those reviews have “mysteriously” vanished. I’m not sure that the remaining positive reviews are legit either. If they are, I would like to suggest that the reviewers have a form of stockholm syndrome towards bad product purchases, convincing themselves that the product is good in order to not feel like they’ve been ripped off. This isn’t the first time I’ve been burned by this type of overwhelming positive review on amazon, but hopefully it will be the last.

    As far as the “Kneeling Chair” concept goes, it seems like a good theory, but don’t purchase this piece of junk if you’re interesting in trying one out.

  10. S. Smith "Smith" Says:

    I purchased this chair because I wanted an entry-level kneeling chair. This chair is a good bargain for the price. My one wish is that you could adjust the distance between the seat and the knee pad. If you’re very short or very tall, you may find it uncomfortable. Assembly was EASY (took less than 20 minutes, and I usually have problems). It is comfortable to sit on for about an hour or so. After that you’ll want to move around. The cool thing about this chair is that if you take your knees out and place them in front of you, it mimics the angles “Stooper” chair, which is an expensive ergonomic chair. Don’t expect to be able to take this out of the box and sit on it for an entire workday. But it is great to help relieve back strain. You are also ABLE to hunch in this chair if you try, but you definitely will notice a difference if you sit in it with good posture.

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