Executive high-back chair features active lumbar support and a mesh screen back. Mesh screen back provides increased breathability while adjustable padded lumbar support maintains the natural curve of your spine. Functions include one-touch pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, tilt, tilt tension, tilt lock, and synchronized knee tilt (2-to-1 synchro tilt). Head rest adjusts in height and depth. Arms have soft pads and adjust in height.

Seat size is 21-3/4″ wide x 19-1/2″ deep x 4-1/2″ high. Back size is 20-1/2″ wide x 32-3/4″ high. Distance between arms is 19-1/4″.

High-back chair features a thickly padded contoured mesh seat, heavy-duty metal base, and oversized dual-wheel carpet casters.

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  1. HappyNana "Karen" Says:

    I just received my chair (Office Star Air Grid-Back Mesh Seat Office Chair with Adjustable Head Rest #55403) today (10/24/11), and I’m already loving it! When I am researching a product, I usually tend to pay more attention to the reviews that are from folks who have been using the product for a long time, because it’s not always meaningful to know that someone loved it on day one, and then you never hear from them again to know how it performs over time. As such, I also try to give a product time to shine or fail before posting a review. But there are some elements of this chair that I think warrant an “instant review,” for starters, and then a later follow-up.

    I have been self-employed since ’96 and have gone through many chairs in my home office, as well as many in my earlier office jobs. I am very hard on my desk/typing chairs, as I have a tendency to try and force them to be rocking chairs/recliners, when that is not their function, and I spend long hours (8-15) in them every day. For that reason, I rarely have a chair for more than a year – two years is even more rare. That means I have been through *many* chairs over the years. Given that, I will put a note on my calendar to come back here in 6 months or a year and post an update as to how the chair is holding up. I don’t expect any chair that is designed to be a task chair to withstand the abuse of using it as a rocking chair/recliner, but I will post a follow-up about the overall condition and general performance of the chair at that time.

    Meanwhile, I have noted the pros and cons about this chair from the Amazon reviews as well as elsewhere on the Web. I considered all the pros and cons before making the purchase, and I will definitely be mindful of the issues that one reviewer mentioned about the mesh on the back breaking, possibly due to the back support being too low. The ideal back support position for me is in the lowest setting, so it will be interesting to see if I have the same experience as the other reviewer. Here is my commentary on the basic features of the chair:

    CHAIR BACK – I love the mesh fabric in the back – it gets very hot in my upstairs office in the summer months, so I am hoping that will help me stay cooler. The contour of the back also feels very comfortable for me – soft, airy, but supportive. The vertically adjustable back support is very useful, especially since I have found the (nonadjustable) back support on many of my previous chairs to be too high. I can set this one just right for me.

    CHAIR BACK PLASTIC RIM – One reviewer noted the discomfort of feeling the hard plastic rim around the back of the chair when leaning back. I am not having that experience – I feel nothing when I lean back, and as far as I can see, the plastic rim is not touching my body at all. It could be my shorter (5’5″) female stature than some of the other reviewers, or maybe for taller males, they also have a wider (and perhaps more muscular) frame which would, of course, come in contact with the frame of the chair when leaning back. It might also have to do with the actual alignment of the person in the chair. If I sit completely up against the back of the chair, as flush as I can get, and align my arms perfectly under my shoulders, so that my elbows are resting just off the back of the armrests, my arms will feel the back frame of the chair. But that is not a natural position for me. I’m more inclined to (1) not be so flush up against the back of the chair and (2) bring my arms forward so that my elbows are on the armrest, even while leaning back. Thus, my body never touches the outer frame of the back of the chair, even when leaning back. But the other reviewer clearly has a different posture than me, so you’ll want to think about how you sit as to whether this could be an issue for you.

    CHAIR BACK ADJUSTABILITY – As other reviewers have pointed out, the chair back and seat have limited adjustability as far as tilt/slide/recline. However, my biggest concern was for the ability to recline and rock while I type, because I tend to do that even if the chair is not designed to move, which breaks the chair components over time. I have actually had a chair completely break off, and I went flying back while rocking full force – not good! This chair has an adjustable tension support, and it reclines very easily. It also seems to tolerate my rocking very nicely – at least so far. That’s my main wish, so I am willing to live without the other niceties of a sliding/tilting seat or torque. YMMV.

    HEADREST (height/adjustability) – Several of the reviewers seem to indicate this is a chair best suited for taller people. I am 5’5″ female, with average/balanced proportions (e.g., no long torso/short legs or vice versa; about a 29″ inseam). I have the headrest in the lowest position, both vertically as well as the downward slope, and it seems to hit just slightly above the center back of my neck, to give good support, which for me, is 23-24″ from the base of the seat to the back of my neck. In previous chairs with headrests, I found that the headrest hit the center to upper portion of the back of my head, with nothing touching my neck, and I still ended up with terrible neck pain. I have been looking for a long time for a headrest that will actually hit the back of my neck dead center, and this one comes the closest. Ideally, a 100% perfect headrest, for me, would be about 1 to 2 inches inch lower, but I can tolerate it the way it is, with no discomfort. I suppose, at least for me, what I’m actually looking for is a neckrest rather than a headrest, which seems of little use if it doesn’t support your neck as well. I have yet to find a chair whose designers seem to “get” that. So this one is not perfect, but it’s very close, at least for my needs. The sloping angle of the headrest can also be adjusted, which is helpful.

    HEADREST (jutting forward) – Also, unlike one of the other reviewers who found it uncomfortable, I also happen to like the “forward” position of the headrest when I’m in a “posture-perfect” position, as that encourages me to sit up straight rather than slouch back, like I have a tendency to do. When doing that, I don’t really expect to be able to “rest” my head on anything – again, it serves more as support and a sort of “spine alignment” reminder. But I do note that it does jut forward more than most headrests, so it’s something to be aware of when making your purchasing choice and setting your expectations.

    One thing I would put high on the wish list of the next generation of this chair (or any headrest, for that matter) is to make it adjustable from front to back as well as height-wise, to accommodate the folks on both ends of the spectrum – those who like it jutting forward, and those who don’t. Also, as one reviewer noted, the headrest is removable if it becomes a huge problem.

    SEAT CUSHION – The padded seat cushion is covered in a mesh fabric. I find the padding to be just right so far – it doesn’t feel hard, as some of the cheaper chairs do, and it’s not so deeply cushioned as to make me sink in it, as some of the executive chairs do, which sometimes causes my tailbone to curve too much. It will be interesting to see if the cushioning holds up to long-term use, because I have a very sensitive tailbone. The mesh also makes it feel cooler. What I also like about it is that it doesn’t feel like it’s going to cut off my circulation at the back of my knees (again, I have a 29″ inseam), as I have experienced with some other chairs (even well-cushioned ones). When I’m seated with my back all the way against the back of the chair, in a proper upright posture, I have approximately 2″ to spare from where the chair hits the back of my legs to the center back of my knees. It’s also an ample width, which is good for me, since I’m suffering from a serious case of secretary spread at the moment, which I hope will not be the case long term. Meanwhile, I’m glad to be sitting in comfort. Also noteworthy, not only is the seat wide enough, but the arms are positioned far enough away from the seat to allow for a slight bit of “overage” if your body contours need it. You won’t feel like a sardine, as you would, say, in an airline seat or some other task chairs where you might be squeezed in by the armrests.

    BAR ON THE BOTTOM OF THE CHAIR – At least one reviewer has complained about the bar on the bottom of the chair causing pain in the knees. I have had 100% mesh chairs in the past where I was able to feel this bar on my legs, and it was very painful, so I totally get this concern. I have also had multiple colleagues who have tried out some of the very expensive Herman Miller/Aeron chairs and complained of the same thing, which is another major hesitancy I’ve had in buying one of those high-end chairs. Conventional padded chairs usually do a good job of providing enough padding over the bar to avoid encountering it. This chair is not as heavily padded as a conventional padded chair, but it’s also not 100% mesh, which is a good thing. And, for my hypersensitive knees/legs, even though the bar is exposed under the chair, and I could feel it if I run my hands around the rim of the chair, there seems to be sufficient padding that my knees/legs are not aware of it, and that is very important to me. I’d be curious to know the body proportions of the people who do feel the bar, because that can certainly be a deal-breaker in a chair, no matter how many other great things it has going for it. For my 5’5″ frame and 29″ inseam, I seemed to have been spared the pain of the bar.

    ARMRESTS – I really love the armrests. I’ve had some chairs where the armrests were not vertically adjustable. These armrests have enough of an adjustable range that I am able to find the perfect height to support my arms when I am typing, with the simple push of a button. I also love how the contoured armrests have a light padding that is slightly dipped, so my arms feel cradled. I also like how the armrests are “flat and straight up”, rather than some of those other chair styles that have poorly designed armrests that were all one piece and sloped downward. And lastly, if someone is inclined to not want the armrests, they are very easy to remove (or just not install in the first place).

    ARMRESTS NOT WIDTH-ADJUSTABLE – Although it’s not an issue for me, it is worth noting, as one reviewer lamented, that the armrests cannot be adjusted width-wise. They happen to be the perfect width for me, but I have seen complaints about other chairs with nonadjustable armrests where women who are very short have said they experience a lot of arm pain because the armrests in their chair are too wide. I included the armrest width in the detailed measurements at the end of this review, so you’ll definitely want to take that into account when determining of this chair is right for you.

    At least one reviewer mentioned a problem with the armrests sliding in a more forward position when adjusted higher. I see that it does do that, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue for me.

    CASTERS – This chair rolls very easily on my 3/4″ pile carpet on the casters provided. This will save me from having to buy a chair mat.

    SEAT HEIGHT – I also like the height of the chair. I tend to like my chairs at the maximum height, but some chairs, even at the maximum height, are still not high enough. This one is about 1 – 2 inches higher than most “standard” chairs, and that extra bit of optional height really makes a difference for me.

    SEAT HEIGHT – HIGHEST POSITION – When my 29″- inseam body is seated in the chair while set at the maximum height, I can comfortably rest the balls of my feet on the floor, but I could not put my feet flat on the floor. This may sound like a bad thing, but it is great for me, because I use portable exercise equipment under my desk (still in the experimental stages, trying to come up with the ideal desk configuration for that), and using it at the maximum height setting gives me the extra height I need so that there’s not too much bend and lift in my knees when using the exercise equipment, which, in turn, allows me to keep my keyboard at a comfortable height. This is a much better option than one my previous experiments (there have been many!) of using a chair that was drafting height. I know this extra height is not a concern for everyone, but it’s a huge plus for me. With the chair at the highest setting, it provides me with the ideal ergonomic typing height for my 28.5″ keyboard tray/typing surface (which is slightly lower than the rest of my desk/workstation surface), while being able to use the exercise equipment without my knees jutting up against the bottom of the keyboard surface.

    SEAT HEIGHT – LOWEST POSITION – At my other, more “conventional” desk (sans the portable exerciser – just plain floor underneath), my ideal ergonomic keyboard tray/typing surface height is 24-25″, and with the chair set in the lowest position, it is perfect for this height, with my feet flat on the floor and no pressure on my knees or legs.

    PRICE – As other reviewers have pointed out, this chair is available from several sellers on the Web, and the price range is all over the map. Before purchasing it, I would definitely recommend you do some thorough research and go with the lowest price (and, hopefully, free shipping), provided the seller has a good customer service rating (especially regarding returning merchandise). Definitely check out the seller’s return policy. In hindsight, I wish I had gone with this seller who is offering it for $199 and free shipping. I paid an additional $41 for the chair because I mistakenly thought I was buying it directly from Sears and would thus have the option of picking it up from and returning it to the local store if I didn’t like it or there were any issues with defects (and avoid restocking/shipping charges), kind of like I did for some curtains I bought from JC Penney online last year. I didn’t realize that, even though it was sold on the Sears website, it was actually coming from a third-party seller, who also happens to have mediocre reviews, especially related to product returns. I was a little nervous after I realized that (and had already paid for and ordered the chair). It did take (four days) longer to arrive than stated on the order confirmation, and the communication from the seller could have been a little better. But I have the chair now, and so far all is well.

    The chair is offered by numerous sellers online. I would highly recommend doing your due diligence in making sure the seller is highly rated (especially in terms of customer service) and contact the seller in advance to find out their return policy (if it’s not clearly stated on their site). If it isn’t stated, but they say on the phone that you can return it, ask for an email confirmation, complete with terms (e.g., time window, restocking/shipping fees, etc.). Since the chair seems to be a “love it or hate it” kind of thing for folks, it is definitely worth considering possibly paying a little more for it for the privilege of a no-hassle return, if it comes to that.

    VALUE FOR THE MONEY – I agree with the other reviewers who have said that the chair appears to be well made, notwithstanding the one comment about the mesh tearing (possibly from the back support being set too low) after some time. It feels strong, and as others have said, it looks cool. It’s comfortable to sit in, and while it is not loaded with adjustable features, it has enough for my needs. Sure, it would be nice if it had more features. But I have been buying chairs in this same price range for years, and I can tell you that it’s very hard to find a chair in the $200-$250 price range that is going to completely cover your “best of the best” wish list. Office Star does make similar chairs in this series in a higher price range that have more padding on the seat and more adjustability, if you can afford to splurge a little more. But if you want a very good chair, and you’re on a very tight budget, I think this will fit the bill. But caveat emptor – be sure and read all the pros and cons of each reviewer to see exactly what people love and hate about the chair before deciding if it’s right for you. This is one of those products where the love/hate list is not a matter of quality but a matter, mostly, of measurements and how and where each component of the chair happens to land on your particular body as to whether it will be your new best friend or a torture chamber. I gave it five stars because, for me, it hits the mark on all the things that matter to me, and it far outshines other chairs I’ve bought in a similar price range over the years, so I think that’s a fair rating. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all chair, so the lower ratings sound reasonable to me as well, especially when the manufacturer and/or seller(s) do not provide enough details on their website(s not just here on Amazon – that goes for all of them) for potential buyers to make an informed decision (a pet peeve I have with most sellers of office chairs).

    That being said, price is EVERYTHING when considering the value of a chair. As much as I LOVE this chair and consider it a great bargain for the combined $199 price plus features, given its limitations, I do not think it was EVER worth the list price of $595. As much as I love the chair, if I had paid that much for it, at a $595 price point, my expectations would have been set much higher, and I would be giving it two stars! I think it’s always been a great $200-ish chair, but anything beyond that would be overpriced for what you get. So don’t expect to feel like a king in it – but perhaps one of his high-ranking knights. :)

    In addition to your body measurements (and the chair’s measurements), you should also consider your personal workstation setup, how long you will be using it (hours per day), your personal posture habits, and the type of usage (desk work, typing, playing video games, or just casual Net surfing). I spend 8-15 hours each day typing, transcribing (using keyboard shortcuts only – no foot pedal), and editing, with very little reaching for the mouse except for occasional Net-surfing. I also slouch, recline, and rock while I type (I never sit up straight!), while simultaneously using a portable elliptical machine (I used to use a portable cycle machine, then a stairstepper – currently, it’s an elliptical). This chair is perfectly suited for my needs. But perhaps I would have a different opinion if I sat with perfect posture all day and tried to use the chair the way my typing teacher admonished me to. :)

    PET CONSIDERATIONS – One thing has occurred to me as I was writing this review – you may want to keep a towel or throw or some kind of cover handy if you have a pet, especially a cat. I work from home, parked in my chair all day. My roommate has two cats, and one of them really loves to hang out with me in my office. In addition to loving to sit in my chair when I’m not in it, he also loves to climb up and perch himself on the upper back of my chair (whether or not it has a headrest) while I’m working. He also sometimes likes to climb down from the top and perch himself on the armrests at times and just watch me type (which means he would be climbing down the mesh on the back of the chair). This particular cat is declawed on his front paws, but not his hind paws. That wasn’t an issue with my previous leather/vinyl/fabric chairs. Although I will do my best to remember to cover the seat when I’m not in it, I’m not sure about the practicality of covering the back and the headrest, and it will be interesting to see how long it holds up to his frequent “climbing/perching” visits. It’s a good thing I’m also an excellent seamstress – there may be a new covering in this chair’s future LOL. So, if you have a cat (or a dog that likes to do the same thing), be forewarned!

    MEASUREMENTS – I go bonkers when I try to order stuff like this on the Web and the sellers/manufacturers do not provide detailed measurements, which are just as important as the features of the product, especially with office chairs! So, for those who are wondering, here are some measurements (in inches) that might be useful:

    Seat width: 21.75″
    Seat size: 21.75″ W x 19.5″ D
    Seat depth: 19.5″
    Seat height: 19″ to 23.25″
    Armrest (adjustable) height (distance from top of the arm to the floor): 25.5″ – 30″
    Armrest width (distance from inside right to inside left – not adjustable): approx. 20″
    Back size: 20.5″ W x 32.75″ H
    Headrest measurements are approx. (shape of headrest makes it difficult to give precise measurements)
    Headrest dimensions (approx.): 14″ W X 8″ H)
    Headrest depth(measured from back of chair forward, what I call the “forward jut”): at sides, 3-1/2″; from center, 3″
    Headrest height (measured from base of seat to bottom of headrest) – 23 – 26″
    Headrest height (measured from base of seat to top of headrest) – 30 – 34″
    Manufacturer’s stated weight capacity: 250 pounds

    Again, I will tickler my calendar for 6 months and 1 year from now and post an update on how the chair (and comfort factor) is holding up. Hope this helps!

  2. Barnacle Wes "Where am I, and what am I doing... Says:

    I’m 6′ tall and after reading the other reviews I figured this this would be a good chair for me, since many of them remark that it seems well suited for taller folk. However, most of the taller people also mention they are fairly large, whereas I’m pretty slim, and that may have gotten the best of me.

    The mesh back is indeed great, it’s supportive and cool. The seat nicely firm, if that’s what you are going for. The height was perfect for me, and the vertical seat adjustment is quiet and smooth.

    I personally found the headrest to be unbearable, to the point of causing neck pain. It simply juts too far forwards to be at all comfortable and is not adjustable in any meaningful way on the horizontal plane. I removed mine (which, thankfully, you can do fairly easily).

    The lumbar support has a very limited range of adjustment, something around 6 inches up or down, and it didn’t seem to hold especially well in any position I placed it in, except all the way down. I was not able to find a suitable position for for my tastes, and would have preferred a way to remove it. Unfortunately there is no good way to do this.

    Finally, I personally found the arms to be far too far apart to be comfortable for my slimmer frame, and I missed having them go all the way to the back of the chair, and that the point where I rest my elbows when I’m leaning back. I eventually wound up keeping them in the lowest position just to have them out of the way, and would probably just take them off if I kept the chair.

    After removing or wanting to remove the head rest, lumbar support, and arms, I can’t really justify the additional price of this chair over a cheaper version that didn’t have those things in the first place, and thus can’t give this product more than 2 stars, nor would I recommend it to people who are average to slim.

  3. Jim Schmidt "Jimmbbo" Says:

    I was looking for a high back reclining chair with mesh fabric covering. This chair fills those requirements, and is well made with what appear to be quality materials and thoughtful design.

    I wanted the mesh for ventilation, which it does well, but for the price, the seat “padding” is stiffer than I’d like for lengthy spells at the keyboard, the recline could go a bit farther back. The headrest is well made, but would prefer a fore/aft adjustment, and the lumbar support should adjust a bit farther down, and perhaps be adjustable fore/aft. The padded adjustable arms are comfortable and simple to adjust.

    The chair meets my original “specification”, but would like to see more features at this price point.

  4. Sam Fuller Says:

    I’ve had this chair for a week and I like it much better than most chairs that I’ve tried, especially in this price range. The chair is certainly designed with larger people in mind. I am 6’3″ 185 and I still feel like it is big.

    Two complaints that I have:
    1. The armrests cannot be adjusted in/out or back/forth, only up and down. They come very wide and I wish I could move them in an inch or two.
    2. The headrest cannot be adjusted in/out, only up and down. I feel like the head rest is too far forward and actually “pushes” my head forward of where I would like it to rest. Perhaps this is more of an ergonomic position….”resting” your head while leaning slightly forward?

    Overall, I am happy with my purchase. The materials are top notch and the build is very solid and sturdy.

  5. noway "nowaydown" Says:

    I’m a computer programmer, and I spend around 50 hours a week in this chair. I bought this chair over a year ago in the hopes it would alleviate the back pain I was experiencing at the time. The chair has exceeded my expectations. I also gave consideration to the Leap and Aeron chairs during the time I was looking at this chair. I decided to save a few dollars and take a chance on this chair. I’m glad that I did. For the price, I feel that I got a great value.

    Initially, I found the headrest to be uncomfortable. My previous chair did not have one. Over time, I’ve gotten used to the headrest, and it doesn’t really bother me anymore. It took me about 3 days to settle into the chair to the point where I found it comfortable. I am 5’9 and have a smaller body, so I find the chair roomy, but not uncomfortably so. I haven’t had any back pain issues since the switch to this chair. I do 8+ hours a day easily without any noticeable muscle fatigue.

    I have moved twice with this chair, and it has held up great. The plastic parts are very solid and well built. No damage at all. The mesh and fabric areas don’t show any real signs of wear. The only negative that comes to mind is that this thing collects dust like crazy. I find that I have to wipe it down often to keep it clean.

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