You will be the envy of the company when your co-workers see your new office Chair. The chair features black and cream upholstery that pair together perfectly. Incredibly Gorgeous Style and Design have been implemented to provide you with a chair that is as comfortable as it is fashionable [BT-2922-BK-GG].

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  1. Dr. Geiger Says:

    Originally I ordered “Flash Furniture CH-CX0217M-GG Mid-Back Black and White Leather Executive Swivel Office Chair” but the item was backordered and I didn’t want to wait a full month just to have a place to sit. So I ordered this similar item and it was available with one day shipping via Amazon Prime. Amazon cancelled my first order with no fuss and I got my chair the next day. Excellent service, that is worth at least two stars regardless of the chair itself.

    Packaging left a bit to be desired, the box was beat up, but everything inside seemed to be in good shape. Assembly took little work and within 30 minutes of FedEx knocking on my door I was already sitting in my new chair. That being said, the instructions are very, very basic, so if you’re not the handiest person, I’d suggest getting someone to help.

    The chair is comfortable, more comfortable than no chair at all, but there is not any kind of “wow” about it. It isn’t a bad chair, but it won’t impress anyone either. If you think about any office chair you’ve ever sat in, that’s probably about what you can realistically expect from this one. it is unremarkable, but for roughly $100 that seems to be reasonable.

    Here’s the problem: This chair is described as being “Black/White”, and it certainly looks that way in the picture. But it is **NOT** Black and White. It is more of a “Cookies and Cream”. The black is a near-black brown color and the white is a light brown cream color. This disappointed me, because it looks “dirty” with my other furniture – which is actually black and white.

    For the price, I’ll keep the chair and make good use of it. If a better chair comes along I’ll replace this one, but in the mean time I can’t fault the function. It works as a chair, and if they’d change the name or description to reflect the true colors I’d have given it four stars.

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