Mid-Back Mesh Computer Chair

  • Mesh Back
  • Padded Mesh Seat
  • Black Nylon T-Arms
  • Black Nylon Base
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Dual Wheel Casters

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  • 10 Responses to “Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair”

    1. grbooks Says:

      I was disappointed when I received the chair and started to assmeble it. The build quality is poor. One of the holes to mount the back was misplaced so I had to mount the back with three screws.

      The arms are too low for computer tasks (I a 5’9″) and they are not adjustable.

      I would not recommend it.

    2. J. hembd "J Hembd" Says:

      This chair is extremely uncomfortable. It makes you feel like you are sitting so straight up that you are almost leaning forward. It is also very hard, which I’m sure will relax with time but I can’t sit in it long enough to ever make that happen. It is also quite a small chair. I am not a big person and it feels snug to me. There is very very little room on either side of me, so for anyone that is a bit larger, this chair would be quite uncomfortable. Also, very awkward and uncomfortable armrests. Hands down I would say this chair is awful and not even worth $5!

    3. C. Leonard Says:

      The back of the chair breaths nice, and I got this chair on sale. However I wouldn’t recommend this chair at it’s retail price. It can get uncomfortable, because the seat isn’t padded that well. So if you’re like me and sit at your desk to study, you should find a different chair.

    4. TG Says:

      Limited adjustments (only up/down) but looks good and is quite comfortable. For the price it’s a good deal.

    5. C. Meneley Says:

      This chair is very poor quality. The mounting bracket on the bottom is missing threads for one of the bolts. When completely assembled, the arms are not placed the same on both sides so one is forward of the other. The back of the chair curves slightly to one side as well.

    6. GAZ RIVERA Says:

      Lasted 7 months. I’d say its pretty sturdy. Im 5’10” and 260 lbs.

      Why a 3/5? Well I was “chillaxing” and the back support snapped! but ya know, Im 260lbs (last time I chkd, 2years ago).

      After a while the seat reduces its max padd power.

      Id say its a good buy. But if youre into sleeping or reclining a lot, then dont buy.

      Assembly took 15-25min max. Easy to do.

      I could order another one. Im still debating. Im searching for a Reclining option.


    7. J. Easterbrook Says:

      This chair was total garbage. Right out of the box, the screws never quite fit properly, so the seat always wiggled a bit. The mesh on one side detached within a few weeks, so the back of the chair was totally worthless. While I’m not the smallest guy in the world, I didn’t expect the chair to be so terrible. Never had a problem with any chair in the past, but the back on this one snapped off. Terrible, terrible product. I wish I had spent 30 bucks more for a good chair instead of skimping on this piece of garbage.

    8. Pedro A. Vera Says:

      I bought this chair for my wife’s home office. The seat, back and arms are extremely strong and light, and she is happy with the mesh back.

      That said, this is a light duty chair. It has a very cheap bottom plate, the part that joins the seat with the piston, I wouldn’t recommend this kind of chair for anyone over 200 pounds, or somebody that taps feet a lot because that is going to be enough stress to break that bottom plate prematurely.

    9. Cmon Collapse "Music is my radar" Says:

      Chair is comfy, so far. Took about 15 minutes to put together, instructions were straight forward and easy. Moves up and down with ease, rolls around smoothly.

    10. Shabbir Says:

      This chair is extremely uncomfortable. Putting it together is easy, but you’re at the mercy of how the parts fit. My chair leans forward at an angle that makes it impossible to be comfortable or rest my full weight on it – I am always leaning forward a little. I would not recommend this chair for anyone as there are superior options available at this price.

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