2 paddle spring tilt mechanism which can be locked in any position, 5-inch thick padded seat for comfort, Contoured cushions to improve posture with built-in lumbar support, Pneumatic seat height adjustment with adjustable tilt tension and tilt-lock, Sturdy steel frame with padded armrests, 27-inch brushed metal five star base

Available in commercial grade black micro-fabric with silver frame, 3-inch Heavy duty dual wheel casters

Dimensions: Seat Size: 24-inch W x 21-inch D, Back Size: 25-inch W x 26.5-inch H, Seat height: 19-inch – 22-inch H, Overall Dimensions: 30.5-inch W x 27-inch D x 43-inch – 45.5-inch H

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8 Responses to “Boss Big Person’s Chair Black”

  1. Jenn M Says:

    I ordered this chair for my brother who is a really heavy guy who works from home as a computer guru (meaning he spends a LOT of time in this chair front of the computer). He loves it. It’s sturdy enough that he doesn’t worry about breaking it but it is also very comfortable; in fact, he has fallen asleep in it on more than one occasion!

  2. John Jacobs Says:

    This chair will not deliver the support a big man needs. I purchased this chair in August of 2010 and the pneumatics are letting me down softly. Every time I get up it is necessary to raise the chair from its lowered position. If you enjoy the ups and downs associated with chair collapses this may be your chair. I am disappointed as I bought this chair as a bar to chair failures I’ve experienced in the past. I have paid a lot less for a chair that lasted longer than this one. This chair has not been a good buy.

  3. K. W. Lewis Says:

    6’4” 300LBS and this chair feels like it was molded for my backside.

    I have had problems with office chairs only lasting 1-2 years. Wheels break, backrests warp, seat cushions fail to cushion…

    So far this chair is one of the more comfortable office type chairs I ever sat in. Feels quite sturdy and the design seems appropriate for staying together for awhile.

    Fry’s has the exact same model without tilt-lock for $10 less… the extra $10 and the wait were totally worth the tilt-lock.

  4. Robert Ward "Bob" Says:

    I am 6′ 3″, and weight 315 lbs. I bought this chair about two years ago. It looked very sturdy, was comfortable and wide. Just the chair I had been looking for all my life.

    The hydraulic lift went dead at one year; the wood on the seat broke after about 16 months, tearing completely away from the screws. I tried fixing it myself and it was then I discovered why it broke. The entire platform of the chair, which is the nexus of the unit, holding everything together is MADE FROM CHEAP PARTICLE BOARD with a 1/16″ wood veneer to make it look like solid wood. The only way it can be fixed is to completely replace the bottom. I tried epoxy and solid wood with screws. It all just pulls out of the cheap particle board.

    The really sad part of this is that the metal frame and, in fact all the other parts of this chair are sturdy enough to last 20 years– at least. Using particle board on the most vulnerable part of the chair can not possibly be a simple design flaw. This chair, like all office chairs are designed to break after a year or two of use. More dishonesty by design.

    If someone reading this is an aspiring entrepreneur, please design something that lasts like it should. PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO PAY THE COST UP FRONT. Everyone is tired of buying crap. I would pay $500 for a chair if I knew it was designed to last. Junk like this is frustrating, wasteful, and expensive. I wont be buying Boss again, and I will be telling others to beware.

  5. Matthew VanAndel "Veraxus" Says:

    I was pleased with the chair at first. It was comfortable and large enough. Though I barely weigh less than 290 lbs, the pneumatics has fairled in less than 3 months. I noiw have a chair that if I sit in it, it goes all the way to the floor of the lift. What a disappointment this has been! I could not recommend this chair to any one of ANY weight, let alone the advertised weight. This chair being able to handle half that weight is a sad JOKE!

    UPDATE – I contacted Boss and they do not support, replace or warranty defective parts on their defective chairs beyond 30 days. I was rather rudely told to go to AMAZON to get any help.

    This is a good thing to know if you need a chair you can count on.

    YOU CAN NOT DEPEND ON BOSS FURNITURE! Buyer Beware on this one!

  6. J. Depalo Says:

    Well….where to start.

    I read all these awesome reviews here and decided to go with this chair after weeks of browsing.

    Let me say this first, this chair should be no more than $80. I’ve seen cheap $40 office chairs that were built better than this.

    1) Fabric is extremely cheap. Ripped in a few places while installing without barely any force.

    2) The armrest support holes weren’t even remotely close to where they should be. They were at least an inch off, rendering the entire chair useless. After stumbling with the install for an hour or so, I called over a few people to help me out. After hours of messing with the chair, we all determined that the chair was manufactured incorrectly. There’s just no way that the arm rest can fit into the backside of the chair. Just to get the armrest screw into the hole, I had to pull back the fabric and rip it. Whoever was making this chair clearly wasn’t paying attention.

    All of the people helping me (including myself) are all very technical people, and we do manual installs on appliances/furniture frequently. The quality control at BOSS has got to be some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

    In the end, this product was a complete waste of my time. Now I need to spend my time and money shipping this chair back. I’ve never been so dissatisfied with any product in my life, hands down.

    Even though Amazon has this chair the cheapest on the net, at $169.99; I’ve seen it retailing locally for $260+. Even with this “amazing” savings, it’s not even remotely worth it.

    Please avoid this chair at all costs. It’s not worth the headaches you will get.

  7. BO Says:

    Recieved chair HARD to put togather except arms took 4 hours to assemble. could not complete 6 screws bottom of chair, 7th screw 1/2 in and no eighth screw.


  8. The Mikester "sojourner" Says:

    I’m a hefty dude that tips the scale at the cutoff; 350 lbs (love my pork chops). Yet, I’m short legged. It took me forever to assemble the rascal, I had to keep stopping to change the channel on the TV. I used a phillips hand screwdriver to do the job. The next day I couldn’t grip a thing. I am so surprised at how much back support this rascal gives. I’m sure the military puts these things in Abrams tanks. I’m happy as a clam at high tide with the beast. It is Spartan; no bells nor whistles. If, when you’re assembling the arm and back support unit, you line up the back bolt first thing, you’ll save some time. I put in and tightened the eight securing bolts first and wound up needing to loosen them all about half way out to line up the back bolt. It falls short of five stars because of its industrial look. But, then again, I’m kind of an industrial guy. Don’t go cheap, you’ll end up replacing anything less sturdy, short time.

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