Worksmart professional dual function ergonomic high back eco leather chair with adjustable padded arms

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  1. Not actually retired Says:

    The chair arrived on schedule with box a bit mangled; the contents were complete and intact. Expecting the usual pages of text for assembly, I was shocked this had only a sheet picturing the nuts, bolts, levers, etc. Assembly by my young neighbor was not long. The chair is marvelous! I have lots of natural padding on my body, but the chair has even more providing a level of comfort greater than I expected. The versatility of the positions for the height, back/thighs is accommodating and important. Having the arm rests width and high positions being adjustable (for a full figured person) is an added feature. I am 5 ft 8 in. tall and find that most chairs don’t have the length in the seat to support the thighs, but this one does. The wheels roll around on my office/bedroom shag rug with ease and so far there is nothing with which I have found fault. Glad I opted to go up in price when I was shopping–it was well worth it!

  2. Simon R. Mouer "Professor" Says:

    Really fast delivery for such a large item. I got the burgundy color because it was the only chair left in stock. The chair also comes in black. Either color suits me fine.

    Assembly is really easy. I had it from boxed to sitting in it in less than 15 minutes. There is only one tool needed, which is a Allen wrench, which comes with the chair. Six Allen-head bolts, three knobs, set things in their slots, and your done. be sure to tighten all bolts, even those already in place.

    This office chair is a little different from other office chairs I have owned in that it is almost infinitely adjustable. It starts off at rest with all lock levers released, and the chair tilted forward disconcertingly — both the seatback in relation to the seat, and the seat itself tilting forward. You have to snuggle into this chair butt-first the first time you sit in it, then sit up like you want, and lock the adjustments after you decided on your seating position. The tilted-forward empty chair looks strange at first, but you will soon discover that you will come to love this unique tilt feature – and use it often.

    The seat itself adjusts both vertically (height from floor is controlled by the now standard gas piston and a locking lever))and the seat also tilts forward and backwards with its own separate locking lever. At first it is a little disconcerting to tilt forward on the chair while you are sitting in it. But I soon found this a very desirable feature that allows me to lean over the desk, yet still have the back rest in complete contact with my back, holding my spine in proper alignment. I think no other office chair has this feature. The tilt range on the seat also allows me to sit back in a relaxed position.

    There is a positive spring pressure to return the chair to its forward position, so the chair doesn’t flop around. That spring tension isn’t adjustable, though it appears there may have once been an adjustment knob for spring tension. You can lock the seat tilt at any angle you want by pushing down on the proper lever. I most often leave the seat tilt unlocked, so I can recline forward or backwards often and effortlessly.

    The back rest adjust vertically. and it also relines forward or backward in relation to the seat. So you can adjust the angle the backrest and seat make to your liking — and change it whenever you feel like it by simply pulling the locking lever up to release the lock, and pushing the lever down when you have the angles you like — all without ever getting up. Generally, you will want the backrest snug up to your back, regardless of the seat recline angle. That way you avoid stress on your back from hunching over unsupported.

    Because both the seat and the backrest are independently adjustable for recline angle, you have a greater range of movement to accommodate your personal comfort positions. I like the back rest set at its uppermost height setting, which gives my butt more room to slide backwards on the seat, and in turn the backrest then gives me more support for my lower back. I lock the backrest angle with the seat after I sit in the chair. That way the backrest is snug on my back. When I feel like leaning back with my feet on the desk, I release the back recline lock for an even more comfortable angle.

    The armrests also adjust up and down, and in and out, so you can find the most comfortable height for your forearms. and have them positioned below your shoulder, as your belly may allow. I have them set almost the same level as my desk top, so I can lean back and still easily operate my trackball without any strain. I also like them all the way in, so the arm rests are next to my body.

    The cushions on both the seat and backrest are well contoured, and really thick — enough to take on your body shape without causing pressure points.

    The warranty on this chair is one of the most generous I have ever seen:
    15 years on non-moving parts
    5 years on component parts
    3 years on upholstery fabric and foam
    Just remember to save your purchase receipt where you can find it years from now.

    All in all, it is more than I expected fore a chair in this price range, and I am very happy with it. I would recommend this chair to my friends.

    UPDATE (3 Mar 2012): Now that I have had this chair a month of prolonged (10 hours/day)everyday use, I find all my back pain has disappeared, and that thick seat cushion just as comfortable as when I first sat on it. My wife says the chair is ugly to look at, and certainly there are prettier chairs around that I have tried out in COSTCO and other office furniture stores. But I’ll take comfort over pretty any day — and this remains the most comfortable chair I have yet sat in.

  3. RuYi "" Says:

    The chair arrived as promised in a perfect condition. My husband took about 5 min to assemble and he told me it’s not difficult. LoL, I was worried for nothing.
    The chair’s different color matched with my desk which is in mahogany color. I think I prefer this color more than black. I had this chair for 2 weeks now and it’s performing better than its predecessor which was costing me $1800.

    The tilt function is great and all other function made this chair totally comfortable. I think it’s worth the money and some. All other functions including up down, rocking, and padded arms added to more comfort when sitting in the chair. I usually sit around for hours when playing video games or work on my bills, this chair’s thick padding really helped me with my “behind”. It was kind of hard at the beginning but now it’s great. Love it and will buy again when this one falls apart. For $200, this is totally an awesome chair.

  4. Iris Peters Says:

    I bought this chair in March 2012 after MUCH shopping/thinking/comparing. It looked nice and cushy…and it is! I don’t work at home but am a plus size female and the chair holds up like a champ. It’s comfortable and the only glitch I have found is somehow it got locked into the upright position and I can no longer tilt back. But considering I use it for typing and reading online, I don’t really need that option. Overall the chair is very cushiony, with GREAT back support. I was looking for good ergonomics and found it!

  5. Unbiased buyer Says:

    I love that the chair is very ergonomic and adjustable. Also, I don’t feel the stitching very much as one reviewer mentioned (but it is definitely there so one could probably feel it if they were bare-legged). My problem with this chair is that I find the bottom cushion to be WAY too firm and I get sore sitting on it for even relatively short periods of times. This might not be an issue if you have lots of natural padding on your bottom. However, I have barely any back there and this makes the chair very uncomfortable for me. The foam does feel like it’s slightly better quality than most chairs in this price-range and I would suspect that it won’t go totally flat like other chairs do after a year or so. I’ll know for certain after a while and will update this review then. There is also a squeak when you lean in it at certain angles. But again, for the price, it’s not too bad.

  6. workingathome Says:

    I bought this chair because it was similar to one I had previously purchased called a Raynor Miranda which is a wonderful chair that I have gotten over 10 years of use from. I felt it was time for a new one because the foam was finally beginning to give out. The Office Star was almost the same chair and since Amazon does not carry the Raynor Miranda I went ahead and purchased this one. I believe it is made by the same company under a different name or a copy cat of the Raynor Miranda, it is so similar. Raynor Miranda chairs are highly rated and and designed for intensive use (over 7 hours a day of sitting).

    My problem with this chair is the way the material has been sitched onto to the base of the chair. While it is soft and supple the stitching is very uncomfortable and if you sit for long periods of time it can leave a groove on the back of your legs. It is like sitting on pieces of rope imbedded into the stitching. There are 2 side seams and a straight front seam. Also the leather is not pulled tight and will pucker in the front causing discomfort at the back of the knees. For some this is not a problem nor even noticeable but I work long hours and while I love the ergonomics the chair itself is unbearable to sit in. I solved the problem by buying a microfiber bathmat and placing that over the chair seat so the seams would not be felt but it bothers me to pay $200.00 for a chair and not be able to sit comfortably plus having to put additional padding on the seat so as not to feel the seams. If only they had not stitched the seat and pulled the material tight it would be heaven because it is very soft material with ample padding. The Miranda chair has seams are tight and concealed therefore not felt.

    I realize some people would not even notice this and if it is not the sort of thing that bothers you it is indeed a wonderful chair.

  7. Petras Swissler Says:

    Extremely comfortable and configurable chair. I especially love being able to adjust the arm height, as it makes typing much easier on the wrists. My only request would be for some manner of spring back on the back. As is, you set it to a position, and that’s more or less where it stays, but, in my opinion, there’s something to be said for being able to lean back in your chair and have it lean back with you.

  8. D. Cambridge Says:

    No frills with all the basic controls. Back tilt, seat tilt, pneumatic height adjust, and arm rest height adjust. The leather upholstery is supple.

  9. J. Follick Says:

    I’ve had 2 of these Office Star EL43003 chairs (Black Eco-Leather) for a couple of years now. Eco-Leather is a leatherlike plastic. They have held up well under heavy use. The foam padding on the seat, back and arms has also held up well.

    The chairs are very adjustable and it took some fiddling to get them just the way I want them. The armrest height and width are adjustable. The 3 levers you see in the picture control the seat height, the angle of the seat and the angle of the back to the seat. The latter two can also be left unlocked to rock or recline. The chair also swivels around.

    I’ve been happy with these and if I ever need to replace them I would choose the same model again.

  10. Cynthia M. Galvin "cgalvin" Says:

    I didn’t want to spend several hundreds of dollars for an office chair but still wanted comfort and quality. I’m very happy with the Office Star WorkSmart Professional Dual Function Leather Chair. The heigth, arms, seat, and back are adjustable, and it’s very comfortable. It was easy to assemble using only the Allen wrench that was included in the package, and is very well-built. On another website this chair is rated to handle up to 250 lbs. I couldn’t be happier with the chair or the price I paid for it here.

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