Professional Deluxe Matrex Back Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Mesh Seat

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5 Responses to “Office Star Space Professional Deluxe Matrex Back Chair with Adjustable Headrest and Mesh Seat”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I am 5’9″, 150 and believe that this chair would not be a good fit for anyone under 5’5″ (unless you have your own extra seat cushion as a booster ;)). I have the lumber at the lowest setting and the head rest about an inch from the lowest setting, as it is most comfortable at the neck level.

    The armrests are not padded and worthless IMO. They just get in the way, so I have removed them.

    The chair off gas’ many noxious odors the first week, but that dissipates over time.

    THe back and seat material is not pleasant against the skin.

    Everything else is great and it’s much more comfortable than other chairs I’ve had! The chair is fairly well curved to my body, so the support is good. Can adjust the tension to lean back very far (45 degrees and more) or not. The seat is well padded. Easily stays at the angle you want it, so you can rock back and forth it returns to your most comfortable angle.

    I’ve added some hand cut old memory foam pieces to the back and encased it with a shirt to make it more comfortable.

    PS. In response to another review, The casters went in without any problems

  2. Software Engineer Says:

    I got this chair after my old one’s cushion got flat, and i wanted something to be comfortable to sit on for a long time and especially with my back problem and this chair does it all and gives a great support sitting straight and leaning back. I had back surgery a week before i got the chair and I was very comfortable sitting on this chair most of the day working or watching TV.

    In conclusion, if you’re waving seconds thoughts I encourage you to get it since it will be a great purchase.

  3. Michael S. "Mike" Says:

    My new chair arrived in my office promptly after I placed my order. It was easy to assemble and is quite comfortable!

  4. AmazYn Says:

    First time buying a computer chair and was really nervous about buying one online because I would not be able to try it out without buying it first. Decided to get this chair after doing extensive research on the internet. Building the chair was fairly simple and took around 15-20 minutes. When I first sat on the chair I knew I would be satisfied with my purchase. I’m 6’0″ and its a great fit. The seat is really nice and the head support is a nice addition. The chair feels sturdy and I don’t feel uncomfortable while sitting on it. I would really recommend this chair to anyone who is looking for a good chair and is willing to spend some money but does not want to spend too much.

  5. James S. "Puke" Says:

    Feels great on the back, adjusts as advertised, no complaints with the chair.

    I did have one problem with the assembly though – can anybody tell me how to get the casters to snap in place? They’re just resting in their sockets right now, I tried everything i could think of to get them to snap in but without success (including a hammer and a 2×4). Would much appreciate some tips there.

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