Professional Matrex Back Chair with 2-to-1 Synchro Tilt and Italian Leather Seat

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10 Responses to “Office Star Space Matrex Back Managers Chair with Leather Seat”

  1. k Sand Says:

    I am 5’6″ and this chair is simply too tall. It does not lower as far as my previous chair. After just a few minutes, my neck and shoulder are in significant pain. I have to figure out how to raise not only my monitor but also the keyboard. I am opting for the cost and hassle of trying to adjust the other parts of my set up over the hassle and expense of trying to return the chair after putting it together.
    My desk is standard size but the keyboard tray is not adjustable. The arms of the chair won’t go under the tray and even stacked on books the keyboard just isn’t right. So after investing in an adjustable keyboard tray, removing the wooden one that comes with the desk and installing a new one, I hope to get a set up that works for me. Not happy.

  2. PD Says:

    Short and sweet: I’m pretty stocky, over 300lbs, and I’ve worn out chairs left and right including a Sealy that cost the same price. I found this chair sitting unused at work last year and started using it, and it is still solid as a rock, comfortable and supportive. So, I bought one for my home office. Couldn’t be happier! The base is heavy metal, not cheap plastic, and the seat deck is real leather and wide enough for even me, lol. The lumbar and the arm rests are adjustable in height also. Well built, well done. I shopped around for several days, and Amazon came in the lowest with free shippping, can’t be beat!

  3. Woody1 Says:

    I have an older Office Star Products chair that has lasted me at least 10 years now. I ordered this one for my brother. It required some assembly but it was easy and fast to put together. There were 3 kinds of fasteners all used the same (supplied) allen wrench. The fasteners were in a blister pack, clearly marked as to what they were for. It probably took me only 30 minutes to put together and that includes 2 trips carrying pieces upstairs to where my brothers computer is. This chair is meant to last a long time.

  4. Hippie from Irvine Says:

    We purchased two of these chairs for office personnel that are in the 250lb range and it supports them very well. The bottom cushion is similar in size to a “C” sized Aeron chair. After using an Aeron chair for several years, mine broke at the bottom. I am going to replace it with one of these. If I get a few years I will be happy. It’s well made and worth the extra $$ I think vs. some of the cheapies.

  5. J. K. Md "indigo24" Says:

    After looking at what seemed like 100 reviews for various chairs, I settled on this one mostly because of the reviews. I really hate buying furniture online and true to form, the chair was defective (the cylinder did not move up and down). The company sent me a replacement about a week later. After a great struggle I was unable to remove the original cylinder which necessitated replacement of another part ( and another week wait) in order to reattach the cylinder. Finally got it to work, but at this point felt it the whole thing was more trouble than it was worth.

    The reason for the purchase in the first place is a weak lower back. The seat is comfortable, but he back is not adjustable, and does not provide enough support for me.

    The overall design is rather clumsy, not exactly sleek. The back feels oversized, and the arms superfluous. I guess you get what you pay for.

  6. J. Oglesby Says:

    I needed to replace my home office chairs, but it seems like every chair I test in the store feels good. How do you evaluate an all-day chair in just a few minutes? Well, I got a new job,and my office chair was a Space Matrex. I use it 8+ hours each day, and I never feel uncomfortable. In fact, I don’t notice the chair at all – which is the point. I bought two from Amazon. They arrived earlier than the original estimate (by nearly a week!), were easy to assemble, and they work great for my wife and me.

    This chair is simpler than some of the Aeron copies. The chair has adjustments for raising and lowering (they don’t lower quite as much as my wife would like – she has her desk at 25 inches. She can’t cross her legs under the desk at the lowest seat height), tilt, and arm rests that raise or lower. The arm rests are contoured and covered in high density foam. I find them to be comfortable.

    Overall, I find this to be a very good desk chair. Our office is filled with them, and they are holding up well.

  7. moviephile Says:

    This chair is unlike many inexpensive chairs (like the one I replaced) that give a false sense of comfort. It is supportive and goes unnoticed by the end of a day. My previous chair was leaving me in great pain by day’s end. As for it being real leather; there is far better. If it endures for years to come will be the important part.

  8. Jeffrey J. Broker Says:

    My wife wanted a new chair for her office and the local office supply store suggested this chair. My wife purchased the chair from the local guy at about $70 more than Amazon – albeit it was assembled when she got it. We liked it so well, that we purchased one for home office. I am sitting on it as I type this.

  9. J. Camp Says:

    I am 5’4″. This chair on it’s lowest setting barely lets my feet touch the ground. On it’s highest setting. I got this, hoping it would help my carpal tunnel issues however; it seems that it us not usable for me and I cannot send it back without taking it all apart! If you are a tall person with a tall desk this chair should be fine. It seems to be well made and comfortable. I am extremely disappointed and feel like I wasted a lot of money.

    7/17/12 UPDATE: I am upgrading my rating. I’ve used the chair for a couple of months now and it has adjusted just fine. I really like it!

  10. R. E. Cox Says:

    Excellent office chair for my home computer usage. Comfortable; great back and lumbar support. A very good chair for the price.

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