Seat:Leather, Back:Air Grid, Finish:Gunmetal Big Mans Professional Double Air Grid Back Knee Tilt Chair with 2 Way Adjustable Arms Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment – Quick and easy adjustment regulates height of chair relative to floor. 360 Swivel – Chair rotates a full 360 in either direction for ease of motion. Standard on every executive and task chair. Mid-Range Knee Tilt – Pivot point located slightly ahead of center of gravity (white dot indicates pivot point). Allows user to recline at a slightly more relaxed angle than conventional center tilt. Tilt Tension – Controls rate and ease with which chair reclines to different weight and strengths of users. Tilt Lock – Locks out tilt function when chair is in upright position.

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5 Responses to “Office Star SPACE Big and Tall Double Air Grid Leather and Mesh Managers Chair, Black”

  1. Jennifer Lautenschlager "travel enthusiast" Says:

    I’ve had this chair for about two years now and I absolutely love it! I spend hours in front of a computer at work, and then come home and spend hours more in front of a computer for school. I used to use cheapie chairs but I finally decided to invest a hunk and went with this model.

    No regrets. It’s very sturdy, and feels nice and solid. The lumbar support works well for me. Rolls easily. It was pretty easy to assemble out of the box, and this from someone who’s not especially handle at do-it-yourself furniture. For me, it works well both as a seat at the computer desk, and also as a place to rest my laptop while I’m sitting on the couch, kind of a mini-table on wheels.

    So, anyone who’s big enough to make the average sized office chair not quite fit right, I definitely recommend this chair. Your back will thank you.

  2. Pete K. Says:

    When I first got the chair I was a little put off by how low the arm rests seemed to be, but after just about a day I got over it. This chair is very solid and comfortable. It rolls smoothly with it’s beefed up wheels, and feels extremely comfortable on my back and seat. I’m a tall guy and a heavy weight, and I have absolutely no worries that this chair will fail. If you’re looking for a solid load bearer, this is your chair…..oh and I don’t know why they don’t mention this more often in descriptions of this chair, but the base where the wheels are attached is made of solid metal….that’s a great thing to know;)

  3. not satisfied Says:

    I’ve been through a few chairs – this one although not being the most comfortable is a sturdy chair. Great buy!!!

  4. Large Pro Says:

    I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair in my office at work, and while I love it, I didn’t want to spend as much on a chair for my new home office. I was struck by the deep discount for this chair on AMZN and figured I would check it out. Here’s my initial reaction after using it for several hours.


    First, it’s very easy to set up. The directions are very clear and user-friendly. After struggling with cryptic instructions for all sorts of goods over the years (Ikea’s are particularly notorious in this regard) it was refreshing to be able to work from guidelines that were detailed, easy-to-read, and straightforward. Assembly must have taken me all of 20 minutes. It’s an idiot-proof process that is stress-free.

    Second, it’s made of quality material for the most part. Feels sturdy. I’m 6’2″, 260 lbs and it’s up to the task of handling girth and length.


    This chair fails the ergonomic test. The seat has too much padding! It’s like sitting in your grandfather’s 1985 Grand Marquis. The Aero chair from Herman Miller is like sitting in a BMW sport seat by comparison. I miss the rigidity and technological sophistication. While the seat has way too much padding, the arm rests are lacking in such. The seat back also feels generic. This is not a chair I would feel comfortable sitting in for long periods of time.


    Ultimately, while this chair is offered at a serious discount relative to something at the higher end of the market, I still feel like I was gypped. Even though it’s going to be a hassle, I have to return this chair. It’s not enough of a “bargain” to overcome my sense of buyer’s remorse.

  5. V'ger "Greg" Says:

    Was slightly more difficult to assemble, but end result is a great chair that is holding up to my 345 lb frame.

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