Ergonomically designed knee chair with 5 star base casters.

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6 Responses to “Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair with 5-Star Base Casters”

  1. S Williams Says:

    Like others, as soon as you sit on it the seat drops all the way to the bottom. My wife only ways 120lbs and as soon as she sat on it it dropped all the way to the bottom. Very difficult to use sitting so low to the ground. Very cheap hydraulic used for this knee chair. In addition the weld job on the attachment bar for the knee pad was off. The padding sat more to the right of the center so the left knee touched only a little of the padding. I attempted to re-center it but it only has so much play. If the company would only improve the hydraulic canister this would be a much better product. The padding is very nice and comfortable.

  2. Leah NYC Says:

    Just received this item (definitely purchase from Amazon because of the high rate of product defects) and putting it together was relatively straightforward. It’s very comfortable–it’s my first kneeling chair though, so I don’t have much to compare it with, but I did do considerable research before purchasing. Many other reviews had issues with the seat height adjustment not working properly, but my issue is that it doesn’t work at all. Unlike reviewers who said the chair sank to the bottom after they sat on it, the mechanism is completely broken on mine and does not adjust at all. I called customer support–they answered quickly and were very nice. The new cylinder part is on backorder for 12 weeks (apparently this is a very common issue) and so they are recommending anyone who needs it simply exchange it for a whole new item. I just returned mine and will update once I get the replacement from Amazon. Other than the height adjustment issue, the chair is fine–it’s very comfortable, rolls well and is sturdy. Would recommend (especially at this price) if the replacement height adjustment works.

    UPDATE: I got the second chair, and this one would raise and lower, but as soon as anyone sat on it, it would sink to the floor. (the person who put it together weighs less than 150lbs and it still sank to the floor immediately for them). Not worth the hassle to replace again – this one’s going back for good and I’m downgrading to 3 stars. If anyone finds a reasonably priced kneeling chair they like, please reply to my review-thanks!

  3. Eileen "" Says:

    The chair I received was just like the other person said. Put together and it sinks to the very bottom. Useless. I am well within weight limits. It took several days to get a reply to my email. I thought it was the center bellows that was defective and if they sent a new one it would work. Well, got the new one today, same thing. Sinks completely to the bottom. This may be made for a small child but it is a defective product and they better pay for return postage. I am so frustrated and now I have to mess around with waiting for them to reply to my email, getting postage as it is righteously defective and then packing it up and sending it back and getting a refund.

    I will not buy from CSN store again. Their prices are low cause they are selling junk.

  4. Arthur Aaronson "dadart" Says:

    Put the chair together, sat down, and had it sink to the bottom. Got up, and it rose to the top. One of the parts was defective. Customer service was excellent and they sent a replacement part, but still, I have to take apart the chair to get the new part in. Quite annoying. This chair will be perfect when it works.

  5. SS180Girl Says:

    It took me about 10 minutes to put this chair together, and had one long bolt missing, but customer service responded within 24 hours and had a new one sent to me within a week. The chair worked fine w/out it while I waited.

    I only wish this chair were another 4″ higher… I’m 5’8″ tall and feel like I’m a kid at the grown up table… while typing this review, my elbows have no choice but to lay on my desk (unless I raise them up to the sides, which is silly) so I’d be more comfortable with an extra 4″ height on the chair overall, which would give me the option to use the “lower” function if necessary.

    After I got the replacement parts, I also realized that I did NOT have to use the black plastic 1″ washers that go underneath the knee pad, which helped give me a little extra room in the sitting position. However, since they sent all the bolts, I was able to use the extra short ones, so I don’t feel them in my shins, whereas the long ones will poke through the memory foam.

    Speaking of which, the memory foam is super comfortable and personally, I prefer the 5-caster design, as I rest my feet on the legs and can turn around just using my feet w/little effort.

    Using a kneeling chair might take a little time to get used to for some people, and I’ve used them for years, thus my ten-cents is that after a long day sitting at a desk, you’ll notice the difference in how your back feels and it’s worth the effort. Another bonus is that it easily tucks under your desk… in case that matters.

  6. Troy Klukewich Says:

    I needed an affordable ergonomic chair for a rented home office to alleviate mounting back pain, but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a high end chair for a temporary house rental. The Office Star Knee Chair fit the bill: low cost, thick padding for comfort, gas shock for easy height adjustments, and 5-star casters for stability and floor movement.

    The chair is a bit of a puzzle to put together, but I finally figured it out following the diagrams. I deducted one star as there are some cosmetic imperfections in the fabric of this particular chair, fortunately hidden on the bottom of the cushion where they can’t usually be seen (say, when you aren’t putting the chair together). Otherwise, the chair would be perfect. It’s good enough for the price and I’m not sending it back. I read one review where someone complained about the 5-star base getting in the way of feet, but I have found that I actually like to rest the tops of my feet against the backs of two struts so I can easily fine-tune my lateral position while sitting. In any case, you can move the base around to where it is most comfortable for the feet.

    If you haven’t used a knee chair before, experts say it can take a week or two to build the new support muscles needed to actively hold your body erect in the chair. I found I only needed a couple of days before I felt fully settled in and could use the chair for long stretches. My back immediately felt relief. It’s still a good idea to change position from time to time (there are a number of positions you can assume with a knee chair), and to get up and move around every hour or so, which holds as good advice for any office chair.

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