Contemporary styling combined with durable Air Grid® mesh delivers office seating that is comfortable yet stylish. Breathable Air Grid® mesh offers strong support for seated tasks. Soft polyurethane padded arms for enhanced comfort. 2-to-1 Synchro-Tilt

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10 Responses to “Office Star 5500 Space Air Grid Mid-Back Swivel Chair, Black, 20-1/2w x 19-1/2d x 42h”

  1. Janet Rath "Picky shopper" Says:

    This is a great chair. It has enough adjustments to make it really comfortable. If you like a nice wide seat, this is it. All in all, a great chair.

  2. I. Peters Says:

    The good:
    Good price, large cushion, good height adjustment, “air grid” back means it keeps you cooler

    The bad:
    For extensive work at the keyboard I prefer chairs that can tilt slightly forward. This chair does not move forward, in fact it’s forward-most position is ever so slightly reclined. Furthermore, the lumbar support provides insufficient.
    As a another reviewer stated, after a while (4+ hours) the back cramps up and you find yourself shifting around the chair. For me this means pain in the middle to upper back regions.

  3. A. Montano "GreenBeaner" Says:

    I have always wanted an Air Grid Chair, so I decided to replace my worn out office chair with this unit. Assembly was simple, the chair looks great, but it lacks lower back support. I find myself squirming after a short time in the chair which leads me to recommend purchasing a different chair.

  4. Karen Says:

    I am a tall woman (5’10”) with a big arse and this is a really comfortable chair. It was easy to put together and rolls smoothly on carpet. I like its stiff back support and ability to change not only its seat height but the arms’ heights.

  5. Jeanne Says:

    I’m 5’4″ with short legs, and I had to give this to my husband. I loved the chair, but couldn’t get the seat low enough for my feet to touch the floor. I have this problem with most office chairs. So when is someone going to make one of these in a petite model. Their are petite executives you know!

  6. Barry H. Watd "Barry Ward" Says:

    This is a great chair for the money. It is comfortable, the only negative is that the arms don’t adjust out and in, only up and down.

  7. liz Says:

    I’ve been sitting on this chair for a year now and my back has never felt worse. I bought a Mckensie D lumbar roll to compensate for the lack of back support, but with the way this chair is designed, no back support will EVER stay comfortably in place as the lower part of the back is not as wide as the top and slants down at an angle. I am 5′ 11” and overweight and the butt “cushion” portion of this sad excuse for a chair is not long enough which results in my legs going numb.

  8. Bonnie Zouras "Benia" Says:

    I’ve been using this chair for about five years now and it’s fairly comfortable. I removed the arms for greater mobility in my home office, and to avoid bumping into the desk drawers and such, since I have limited space. The back adjuster is a nice way to make sure the chair conforms to my posture, and the back breathes, which is important in the summer or in an extra warm room (the one with the computer stuff in it). There is a lever on the side that allows me to recline or lock the back upright. I frequently, accidentally, push it in and inadvertently lock it upright, but I can easily reach back over to the right, under the seat, and pull it back out again. (I prefer a tight reclining option.)

    The only reason I can’t give this chair a full 5 star rating is that it is at it’s lowest possible height and I have short legs and wish it would just go a teeny bit lower. I’m 5’4.5″ tall and have a long torso, which gives me short legs. My feet are flat on the floor as I sit in it, but I would prefer just a smidgen more slack under my thighs. (I have several health problems, among them Fibromyalgia, so I’m more sensitive to these kinds of things than most.) If this were a workplace chair, I’d be fine because I’d be in some shoes, which would give me the foot height I need. However, since I’m at home in my thin slippers, or barefoot, I frequently move my legs around or bend them under the chair to compensate.

    Overall, it’s a good swivel chair with plenty of customization, for the price.

  9. Joe Stevensen Says:

    Good chair for the price. I couldn’t find a better one. We bought a few of these at my last job so I got to try it out first.
    Good ventilation for the back.
    Adequate adjustments for a normally proportioned person without significant ergonomic needs.
    Good build quality.
    Made in Taiwan.

  10. Beth Says:

    This chair far exceeded our expectations. It was a great price, it is extremely comfortable, and it’s got a nice style to it.

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