Comfortable, soft PU leather upholstery with ample padding, oil and water resistence. Comfortable arm rests .

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10 Responses to “New High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Computer Task Chair w/Metal Base O6”

  1. Shopping Queen "pamrose" Says:

    This leather chair is just perfect for my home office. It was easy to put together (except for the arms. you’ll need someone very strong)took around 60 minutes with the help of my 17 year old son. It looks and feels like real leather but I don’t know if it is since the price is so amazing. Very sleek looking and will fit in with many different decors.

  2. Gene Lynch Says:

    A few points…the chair I received said maximum weight 300 lbs., so if you’re around the 250 level, I think you’re ok…I’m far from mechanically inclined and had it put together in a half hour…some of the pieces are tight fits but I think it’s designed that way for the stability…chair is VERY nice; firm without rigidity. If you’re thinking about buying a more expensive chair, I would save the money and go with this. Great quality and even more so at this price point.

  3. Louis Says:

    Very comfortable, high-quality, and super easy to assemble. The arms do take a slight amount of bending to get them to align properly, but it is in no way that much of a hassle. Lastly, the reviewer below who claims it is “Mediocre at Best” must have been reviewing the wrong chair here. I am 6 foot and 220 lbs (athletic build) and I am in NO WAY uncomfortable in this chair. I have sat in many chairs and NONE do I like as much as this one. I guess that is why the majority of folks gave it high ratings. I almost didnt buy it because of that review so that review ticks me off a bit since it has no accuracy to it in the least in all honesty.

  4. MAA Says:

    The shipping was incredibly fast, it took me 10 mins to assemble it. It is great and very comfortable. It looks and feels like a $400 chair, the height is adjustable and it has a little room to lean back which I love! I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a comfortable desk chair with an awesome price!

  5. Dave Says:

    The chair is better than I dared hope and I would rate it about 4 stars. The seat is comfortably padded, the pleather upholstery doesn’t look or feel cheap, and the seat is adjustable enough for it to accommodate people of various heights. This chair looks and feels like it costs $500 or more and is a steal for the asking price. Not only that, the assembly was incredibly easy, intuitive, and dare I say it almost kind of fun in a jigsaw puzzle way. Even the tools required for assembly are included in the box.

    So why only a 3 star rating and not 4? Because I had this thing 95% assembled when I got to the last bolt of the second arm and it just would not go in! I spent literally an hour and a half, maybe two hours, trying to angle the final connecting bolt but it just would not fit. I hasten to add, this was not for a lack of physical strength as I am a 250 lb. former bodybuilder and VERY strong. Since the other arm was assembled easy as can be, I decided to detach the first arm and try switching them around in case there was supposed to be a left and right arm and I got it backwards. Once again I completely assembled the left arm but the right just would not align with the groove for the bolt properly. Eventually I resorted to literally bending the steel bar of the arm with my bare hands (yes, I am the bastard son of the Incredible Hulk) and got it 80% of the way in. Now it is locked up tight and effectively assembled and doesn’t rattle in the least. But heavens! What a daunting task it was to complete the assembly. It is possible I just received a defective copy and it is also possible you need two or more people to assemble it (one to brace it just so, and one to do the screwing of bolts). It is even possible I am just a complete dullard who was too feeble to align the arm properly but this seems doubtful given the ease of assembling, disassembling, and re-assembling the first arm.

  6. Brian Says:

    Amaaaaaziiiinng Chair!!!!!

    I am 6’5″ tall and about 240 lbs!!! As a tall man with back issues, i struggled a long time to find a solid chair with true high back support!! I had to return a couple of chairs because it was either not solid enough, or looked too bulky, or was not offering enough head/neck support.

    I finally found the one, Attractive modern design, solid leather fabric (i believe it is leather),True high back with excellent lower back and neck support, at an amazing price…. I can spend longer hours behind my desk without experiencing back pain. What a relief!!!! It is also easy to assemble (only took me about 30mn). I had to write a review , i am so thankful!!

    Great job to the manufacturer!! And thank you Amazon for great for easy sale’s process. I would recommend to anyone!!

    Again, Thank you

    Brian (Los Angeles,Ca)

  7. Aldakoopa Says:

    As one reviewer said, the left armrest did not line up properly and I had to place it on the floor and bare my weight down on it to bend it. I thought I had done it too much but it was the perfect amount and lined up perfectly after that. Other than that one issue, this is still a great chair for the price. It’s very comfy and looks good too.

  8. Travis Says:

    This chair is truly great…

    I have had many office chairs that claimed to be “high back” but they always fell short in giving me real neck and head support. I am 6’1 and this chair’s back is high enough for me to rest my head on. The material doesn’t feel cheap at all and it is very comfortable to sit in for long hours at a time. It was very easy to assemble by myself as well. However if you don’t have a lot of experience assembling furniture or aren’t that strong I can see how this could be difficult to assemble alone. So if you fall into those categories it would be a good idea to have someone help you with the assembly. As far as looks go this chair is very sleek, professional and looks great in a home office. It is also very easy to roll around in.

    I would recommend this chair to anyone who is on a budget and looking for a comfortable “high back” chair.

  9. Arvind Murthy Says:

    What a steal for the price! This is a great looking and comfortable chair. Relatively easy to put together, cushioned, height adjusts, comfortable (for a 6′ 160lb dude).

  10. Jianfang Says:

    This ergonomic chair works great! This is just the chair i want. In addition to that, the Assembling is easy, delivery is fast, customer service from the seller is also five star!!!

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