Give yourself the best comfort and support with this Ergonmic lumbar back support – black mesh 4.4MM chair backrest. This Ergonimic lumbar back support system is created with your comfort in mind allowing you to keep good posture at home, work and in your vehicle. The breathable black mesh matches any car interior or chair and allows cool airflow for comfort and ease. This chair back support attaches to any seat size with an adjustable plastic clasp strap. You may adjust both up and down for a perfect fit. There is also an adjustable tension strap for personal comfort. The 4.4MM thick metal ring provides support to light and heavy weight.

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10 Responses to “Mesh Back Lumbar Support For Your Car Seat, Chair”

  1. Louise Says:

    I have one in my car and one at my desk. This gives excellent lumbar support & doesn’t make your back sweaty. I first saw this at an orthopedic surgery waiting room so I knew it had to be good. I would give it 25 stars if I could.

  2. Vicki L. Dangerfield Says:

    Using in my chair at work and love it. No more back pain. Good value too. Came quickly too. I bought and use one at work also

  3. mc Says:

    bought this for my boyfriend to help him with his bad posture because he sits down for hours programming. he said it helped a little. when i sit in his chair i find it to be a lot more comfortable. not expensive and ok quality so i think its worth the purchase

  4. Generic Cog "I have more combat equipment nig... Says:

    I bought this to use in my car while driving. It provides the support I am looking for however, it requires constant adjustment. That said, I did not use the elastic retaining straps to secure out to my seat. I weigh 190lbs, stand 6′, and am in excellent health. My car is an older model Honda Civic and the seat is not as firm as it once was.

  5. Kevin A. Barlow Says:

    I found this product to be good but I was looking for a little bit more support. But for the time being it will work.

  6. Dennis Leandro Chacon Says:

    It is a nice item, helps me to keep my back in a good position. I use it in my car and it reliefs my back

  7. tylerwhofishes Says:

    Product has huge logo on the front, which was not pictured at the time of purchase. Additionally mine came with parts missing so it could not be properly adjusted. The support works, however it falls off the chair constantly. I will be looking for replacement product.

  8. pisgahhiker Says:

    were it not for the very low price and fast, shipping (both a credit to the seller) i’d have given it a score of one. this lumbar support is virtually useless. it’s very clumsy to properly locate behind you and bends easily if you sit on it when it shifts out of place.. don’t bother. i hope this doesnt reflect poorly on the seller as the price was beyond great and the shipping was very fast.

  9. Wanda M. Woodward "Author and Psychotherapist" Says:

    I ordered this $8 item and am very satisfied with it. It provides the back support that I was needing. It is difficult to say if the strength of the webbing will decline over time and, thus, defeat the purpose of the support. But, for now, I found this a good, helpful value item. I was trying to avoid paying $150.00 for a luxury back support item. We’ll see how this less expensive item is working in about a year.

  10. Vince Says:

    I just got similiar one at dollar store for yes $1!!! Also, saw at Target for $1!!! Thought I would try the Good Karma thing and pass it along!!!

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