You will feel like the CEO in this fabulous, executive chair. This chair has everything! It swivels in a complete 360 degree circle. It is equipped with a pneumatic gas lift, so you can raise and lower the chair with a simple pull of a lever. It tilts back, but also has a tilt lock, so you can keep the chair upright if you like. It also has a tilt tension control, so you can make the tilt as stiff or flexible as you like. The chair is mounted on a “5 star” set of rolling casters. The heavy-duty double wheels are extra sturdy, and hooded for your safety. Some assembly is required. In addition to a great range of adjustment, this chair was ergonomically crafted to keep you comfortable in an office setting. The chair features extra padding in the seat to support the weight of your thighs. Seating is constructed of duraskin PVC for extra strength to resist tears if you back up into a cabinet or corner. The molded armrests are specifically angled to allow the most comfortable position when typing at a computer — very few office chairs feature these angled armrests.

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  1. Susan Says:

    July 26, 2012
    I was contacted the Shaun from The Green Group to rectify the situation described below. He sent me a new chair, free of charge. The chair I received was in much better shape than the first one, however, I still had to do some cleaning, as there was a film of oil (not gooey and dusty like the last one) on some parts of the chair, like the back of the back cushion. As far as comfort, it seems just fine for a basic chair. I’m happy that concern for customer satisfaction is alive and well at The Green Group, even though the product leaves something to be desired.

    July 11, 2012:
    I opened this package about ten minutes ago–it’s already back in the box, ready to be returned. The base was scuffed and covered in some sort of dusty, greasy film and the column cover was misshapen and also covered with that same greasy dust (not the mention the actual quality of this plastic cover–extremely low).

  2. Lil_warrior Says:

    I opened it and put it together within 10 minutes (including screwing the parts together , lol )

    As far as the other review that states a film or dust or a goo, the dust and film feeling is from sitting in a package of plastic wrap in a warehouse. its typical for it to happen.. and if you mess with the elevation bar before anything else, your going to get the grease on your hands and get it all over the place. lol ( oops, my mistake, haha) and it does state on it that it is greased!! hahaa ( that’s what i get for not reading! lol)

    The only down fall for this chair,

    it is not very cushy. lol i use a pillow on it so its much softer. so if you like a firm seat…….. its the right one for you!! The back piece does not go up to your head!! it goes to the top of your back (depending on height of person i guess) I’m 5’7 and it goes to my shoulders.

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