Welcome to a new era in functional comfort. The Edge office chair combines old time charm with cutting edge ergonomics to deliver one comprehensive seating experience. Every feature imaginable in a chair is available as soon as you sit down. This is a chair that you can conform to behave exactly how you need it.

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  1. Nhat Le "web developer" Says:

    I’ve been using this chair for almost 3 months and I love it. The seat is cushy and comfortable. The mesh back is great and perfect for lumbar support. I lock the back to a fixed position so it doesn’t go all the way to the back to stop my from slouching. What I really love are the 2 armrests. They can be lifted up, and in fact I’ve been using the chair mostly without the armrests so that I can freely move around when I work.

    I’m working for a well-funded startup in the bay area and at the office we’ve got pretty good (and much more expensive) chairs in the office. But compared to this chair, I’d say it’s probable more comfortable and more ergonomic as well. The construction is very sturdy, and took me about 15 minutes to put assemble the chair. It’s a great buy and I’d consider buying another one if my current chair doesn’t work any more. Highly recommended!

  2. Joshua Garcia "jgarcia916" Says:

    I looked at a lot of different chairs and I am very happy with my choice. The video review that was on here really sold me. Very easy to assemble in under 15 min. Sturdy and comfortable. This chair has tilt and height adjustment. The arms can tilt up and out of the way. This is the best office chair I have eve had, all for a great price.

  3. David A. Tiangco Says:

    Solid design, high quality materials, great looking, and cost effective. Very easy to put together. Just line up the parts, screw in 8 allen bolts, pop in the wheels, and insert main shaft into base. Tool and hardware included. Right lever for height. Left lever for tilt. Front knob for tension, which is a bit hard to turn and doesn’t seem to do much for me. The padded flippy arms increase versatility. Flip down for more support working the mouse and keyboard. Flip up to get closer to the desk, to kick back and play guitar, or to get in and out of the chair easier. I have medium pile carpet and the wheels roll fairly well. My room tends to get cold, so the mesh back is not too insulative, but the padded seat and arms with soft leatherette covers are good in that regard. Very stable and comfortable. I find the lumbar contour to be very supportive.

  4. M. Carnohan Says:

    I am writing this from this chair right now. It is true that there are only 8 bolts involved in assembling this chair, but due to the heavy weight of the chair’s parts, I would rate it as a moderately involved task to assemble. Ideally have another person help you. It’s not that it’s hard–it just requires lining up heavy (duty) parts and threading bolts into the holes that match up, which is simply easier handled by two people. If you’re like me and bought this chair because you have a bad back, you don’t want to further strain it by tackling this project alone. Aside from that (which is not meant as a negative as much as an FIY), the chair is very well constructed, good looking, and very comfortable. It adjusts in two ways (up and down with one lever, and forward / backward tilt “lock” with another). The materials used are high quality. The ergonomics of the chair are great, and the mesh back conforms to your back and provides adequate lumbar support (due to its curved shape). The casters are smooth rolling (even on low-pile carpet like I have in my home office), and the adjustable arms are a great feature that I never knew I’d use so often (out of the way for typing most of the time, down when on calls and reading for extra support). The only ding I’d give the chair is that the seat cushioning could be a little thicker to make the chair more comfortable–but that’s nit picking really. The seat cushion is made of comfortable material, and does provide decent cushioning, but given the state of my back, I will likely be adding a small pillow in the mix most days. I shopped around for a good “Herman Miller”-like chair for a while before deciding to take a shot on this one on Amazon, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. This chair feels as solid and comfortable as any of the chairs I came across in my search, but is priced about 1/4 – 1/8 of what many of those other chairs cost. Amazing deal on a great office chair!

  5. ZAK Says:

    A few things about the packaging and assembly – I gave this chair a 5 star rating despite the difficulty in assembling the chair. The box wasn’t huge but it was very heavy and difficult to carry. Unpackaging was easy enough, but assembling was very very difficult – definitely a two person job. The directions weren’t all that clear, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out – it was just the angles in which you need to screw things on that were difficult, and why a second pair of hands was helpful.

    After the assembly, the chair is very comfortable and offers excellent back support. The mesh back is also very breathable, nice for long sitting periods. The bottom is a little hard, but I got used to it after using it after just a few days. The back lean adjusts, the height adjusts, and both are swivel up and down. I feel that the chair is definitely worth the price at $150 and much better than any alternatives I found.

  6. Heitor Franco Werneck Says:

    I was really impressed how simple it was to assemble all pieces and have the chair ready to go in a few minutes with a very skimpy set of tools.
    What draw my attention to this model in the first place was the fact that arms can fold independently. With this feature, I can easily transition from working on my computer to play my guitar which would be a little bit clumsy in a armed chair otherwise.

  7. Scott Says:

    For something that appears to have been made in China this is a well built product. Nowhere does it indicate the country of manufacture, but the packaging and instructions look like exactly like anything else I’ve purchased made in China.

    The materials are not cheap and the assembly is fairy easy. However it might be easier to assemble with two people. The instructions are simply sketches that don’t really explain much. If you’re not mechanically or manually inclined, get help from someone who is. No tools are needed as the alan key needed to tighten the bolts is included.

    In the end it’s a good/very good product… much better that cheapo chairs I’ve seen in Wlamart, Target, etc… also, shipping is free which is great on a 42lb product.

    Only 4 stars given due to the lack of adequate instructions and lack of country of origin. Otherwise 5.

    ************UPDATE: One arm of the chair is crooked/warped. It doesn’t effect the function of the chair but to spend $150 on a chair it better be good quality. It’s noticeable when the arms are positioned up. More crap from China – ugh. The seat cover is some faux leather which is actually cheap plastic. Just a little rubbing against my desk and has nearly worn a hole in the covering. In addition, the chair had issues being properly centered on the base and would make weird noises at times. BUY SOMETHING ELSE.

  8. NSM in NC Says:

    The moment I sat in the Focus chair, I immediately said “Ahhhhhhh” – and again every time after that – the entire evening after I put it together. I rarely feel that kind of comfort in an office chair, even though I am used to sitting in very expensive commercial office chairs at work. This is definitely a great value for an office chair. Not only is it sturdy, good looking and well-constructed, it is extremely functional, versatile and amazingly comfortable. Kudos to Lexington Modern for delivering such a great chair at an affordable price!

    I ordered the Focus office chair with the leatherette seat because I loved the arms that flip completely up and out of the way and because the curve of the back seemed as if it would provide more support. I AM NOT DISSAPPOINTED! I absolutely love this Focus chair – waaaaay more than another ergonomic chair that I had previously ordered and that cost $100 more! The Focus chair is very good looking, very comfortable, has excellent back support and the arms work perfectly in allowing me to scoot up to the desk with no problem. Yet, when I want to sit back and read, I pull the arms down and they are at a perfect height and angle for me. (I am female, 5’4″, average build. However, I find that chairs that are comfortable for me are also comfortable for my husband, who is 6’3″.) I should tell you that I am an interior designer who has frequently evaluated ergonomic office chairs for commercial clients. So, I am very aware of what an ergonomic chair should feel like and how it should function. This one does. While it does not offer all of the adjustments and other bells and whistles that a high-end commercial office chair would have, it does offer exactly what I need in an office chair: lumbar support; seat comfort with firm support and a waterfall front to take pressure off the back of the legs; flexible arms; and, NOT least importantly to me, it is a very good looking chair! This chair is much better looking than most every other task chair that I have seen in local office stores. I ordered the leatherette seat rather than the mesh seat because it had a higher rating, by other reviewers, than the same chair with a mesh seat so I assumed the construction of the leatherette seat must be more comfortable. While I am not usually a fan of “leatherette” materials, this material feels soft and looks very much like real leather so it is a non-issue for me. The contrasting top stitching around the seat is very handsome and suits the look of the chair, a nice added detail. Also of note, this chair glides relatively easily across my office carpeting, which has a pile height of average residential carpet, so I will not have to use a chair mat (which I hate).

    As I previously stated, this is the 2nd ergonomic mesh back office chair that I have ordered. The first ergonomic chair, made by another manufacturer and not ordered from Amazon, had an average rating of 4.6 stars (out of 5 stars possible) by 132 reviewers so I figured I could not go wrong. Everyone raved about the chair’s comfort. For $250 (which was supposedly a deep discount of the chair’s original cost), I received a very average looking chair that did not fit me, did not provide any lumbar support, would not slide into the knee space of my desk because the arms were too wide, and was very difficult to move across my office carpet. Even though the first chair had many more adjustment options than the Focus chair, it was not nearly as comfortable at any adjustment setting. I am returning it, even though disassembling the chair is a real pain.

  9. Vin Chawla Says:

    Really good quality product. Easy to put together. Love the retractable arms. Great for playing guitar when taking a break from work.

  10. bpr Says:

    After doing a lot of research I bought this chair.
    I was confused between Mesh fabric seat vs Leatherette seat and finally settled for Leatherette seat.(both are same price)
    I bought this for my Home use , for sitting long hours in front my PC.
    It came very well packaged and I am happy to receive it without any damage. I had previously had a bad experience while I bought some table desk online.
    I assembled it myself under 2 hours.It comes with its own screw system which is bad.but in the brighter side you don’t need any extra tool kit to assemble the chair. Every thing is supplied.
    It comes with basic 1 page instruction page but I don’t think you need more than that.
    I am around 5ft 11 inches and 190 lbs and I am already using this for last 10 days and really happy about my purchase.
    Amazing Lumber support. It really works. Whether I am sitting straight or leaning back the lumber support is always their.
    Chair is made of good quality material, rugged and stable.
    It comes with Height adjustment and have adjusted mine to suit my needs.
    Hand rest has cushion and is very nice to use. It has Flip-up arms which is good feature but I don’t really use it.
    back seat tilt works as expected I kept it as free flowing.

    All in all very nice chair I will recommend it to anybody looking for chair under $150

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