Your Back will Love our Most Economical Kneeling Chair. Kneeling Chairs Encourage a Healthy Upright Posture- For Use at Work or Home The Jobri Standard Economical Kneeling Chair is a Great Introduction to the Benefits of Kneeling Posture Chairs

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  1. Ruby Sinreich "activist geek mom" Says:

    I am 40 yrs old and about 6 months ago developed lower back pain out of nowhere. I’ve been trying everything. I went to a friends house and they had a kneeling chair and I used it for an hour and loved it. So when I got home I looked on Amazon and this is the closest thing I could find, even though it was not an exact match. Arrived quickly, was easy to assemble. The material looks very cheap for office furniture. Within an hour my hips hurt. I tried adjusting it every which way over a several day period but could not find anything that was comfortable. I am 6’0′ and 150 lbs. I wish there was a way to try before you buy but hopefully this review helps you if you match my profile.

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