Jobri’s newest kneeling chair features all the benefits of SOLACE PLUS, the Visco Elastic memory foam, with an added choice of color. This chair also features a stylish polished aluminum frame, and a back rest is included as well.This simple chair helps you to sit up straight by easing the hips forward, aligning the back, shoulder and neck, and easing discomfort and pain

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  1. Bryan Says:

    The chair is easy to assemble, sturdy, well balanced. My concerns are that I am not sure if I received the exact chair I ordered from these people. The knee support is smaller and a different shape from the one in the ad, and different from the one on the box cover. It’s small and somewhat uncomfortable – my knees keep slipping off of it. The “memory foam” cushioning is pretty soft, but compresses easily, and does not seem as robust as typical memory foam products. Also, the chair seat is supposed to go to 27″ high. It only goes to just under 26″ at it’s highest point, and then loses another 2″ as soon as you sit on it because the hydraulic spring compresses very easily. This may not be an issue for some people, but I have a a very high desk surface and needed every bit of that 27″. Not I’m sitting 3″ low.

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