Leather Executive Chair is ergonomically office chair with height adjustment

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4 Responses to “Innovex Leather Executive Chair, Black”

  1. Robin Says:

    Disappointed that legs on chair broke after a few months of use. Bit the bullet and invested in a better quality chair. Recommend Blue OFM 24 Hour Computer High Back Task Chair in lieu of this chair.

  2. jewelbell Says:

    even measuring my big old computer chair to make sure i order a new one with a nice wide seat with good depth for a comfy fit–STILL DID NO GOOD! for this chair was TINY–a micro copy of all previous office chairs i’ve ever had–it looked riduculous! and felt even worse! certainly was not a solidly made chair–it broke within two days—i simply bent over to pick something up from the floor–and!!!! there went one of the fake steel leggie things leaving a very unbalanced clown chair–it was not even worth my effort to send it back as it was still under warranty…over a hundred dollar mistake counting the expensive shipping-and i just wanted to forget about this bad purchase choice!!-the leather is c’mon people–vinyl at its best–certainly not “leather” and certainly nothing “executive” about this chair–lest your job title is: the company flunkie–bottom line–do NOT buy this chair– plastic milk crates and concrete cinder blocks would make a better chair–not only would that be MUCH STURDIER but ALSO EVEN MORE COMFORTABLE!!!

  3. David Taylor Says:

    I sat my butt in a $350 leather chair for 21 years running a multimillion dollar retail company. I can’t tell the difference between this chair and the $350 chair.

  4. Corindiano Says:

    Bought one of these in January. Both arms broke near one of the screws, it seems like it is slowly by slowly going to give up and fall anytime… Don’t waste your time/money on this, look for something more reliable elsewhere. That’s what I’m going to do, Innovex never more!

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