60324 Features: -High Back Chair.-Mesh.-20-7/8”x23-1/4”x34-3/8×42-7/8”.-Black.

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4 Responses to “High-Back Mesh Office Chair with Arms”

  1. William Buser Says:

    This only had one review and the review was good. The manufacture had lots of really good reviews on a similar model so I thought this one would probably be good too and it has more features.

    I love this chair, I didn’t even think I was going to use the headrest but I use it a lot. Everything about it is configurable. The mesh netting is really nice. I don’t write reviews often but I figured this chair is awesome to me so it could use a second one.

  2. Dan Hilbert Says:

    I’ve had chairs for my home office that cost a few hundred dollars or less. Most were decent, but nothing like the mesh Herman Miller chair I used to have at the big company I worked as an executive. This was mid-priced. The quality feels excellent. There’s numerous adjustments to find comfortable sitting positions. If correct upright posture is important to you, this chair is superb. If you like to slump down, this is likely not the chair for you. In my opinion, this is a very high quality product at a very reasonable price. I’d buy it again without thinking of other chairs.

  3. milpool Says:

    There were 2 reviews for this chair – both 5 out of 5s. So I have to admit, I thought this would be the chair. Now I am thinking – they must work for Lorell.
    I was looking at the Lorell model with the non-mesh seat and wanted all mesh as my previous desk chair had the cushion part like the red seas leaving me sitting on wood for weeks until I decided to get a new chair. I work 50+ hours out of my home office, so I needed a chair that is built for 8 hours a day usage.

    The mesh seating is so bad, it leaves you sitting directly on the metal underneath the mesh – at the front and the sides, but most painfully noticeable at the front of the seat.
    My legs and other regions are so sore after just 3 hours on this chair – no idea how I will ever make it to 8-10 hours – painful!!!

    I am just so irritated at this poor product and want to warn other potential buyers.
    I may be seeking a full refund as I could sit on a stack of milk crates and achieve the same if not a better comfort level.

    Maybe after I try another round of adjustments my opinion may change, but at this rate – I highly doubt it. There is just no way to avoid the hard metal under the mesh at the front and sides of the chair – this will cut off circulation fast.

    Extremely disappointed – very poor product

  4. Marc Bate Says:

    This chair is comfortable enough for my home office where I work from, and love how you can lean back, and can adjust the height much higher than other chairs I’ve had in the past. For $250, I’m completely satisfied.

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