Attractive, supportive, breathable Black mesh back and mesh fabric seat

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5 Responses to “High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Chair O11”

  1. A. Girl Says:

    Great chair…great price…so happy with decision to purchase it. The only drawback was the instructions. Seriously need to be reviewed and part of it rewritten (CORRECTLY). I was able to work my way through it and ended up with a great chair & with only one small hang-up.

  2. Tanya beth Meronk Says:

    We bought two of these. Not sure about the other chairs at this price-range, but I expected it to be built a little better. We got a bagful of odd screws that looked only slightly like they were pictured in the instructions. So what ends up happening is you have to decide where you want to use the strong long screws and where to put the short weak ones. The short weak ones ended up “securing” the arm-rests. Now, just about every week the armrest screws fall out. FALL OUT onto the floor and we end up losing them. Other than that, comfy sit.

  3. joechip Says:

    I was looking into a premier product with swivel and tilt. the chair itself is built for a small person, Im 5’7 and 170 lbs i found it very narrow and tight. worst part is it does nt have the tilt or swing back and forth like i expected for most of the ergonomic chairs. There is no sturdy feel to it, and the back feels like as if it is bending. I would suggest buying branded even if you have to pay high.

  4. Satisfied customer Says:

    The chair was easy to put together, it’s comfortable, it seems like a very expensive chair yet we paid little for it.

  5. Z Io Says:

    I got a broken one i think, but the chair i recieved was all mesh and no leather. The chair itself was funky to put together and i mostly just guessed at what screw to put where, and after getting it right, the chair felt like it was leaning forward the whole time, no matter how much i adjusted the knob underneath… not to mention the lumbar pad just popped out after 1 sit. :/

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