Comfortable, soft PU leather upholstery with ample padding, oil and water resistence. Comfortable arm rests

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10 Responses to “High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair w/Heavy Duty Metal Base O9”

  1. KShop Says:

    We bought this as a birthday gift for our son. Very sturdy, good quality. The price was very reasonable compared to the box stores I shopped at. He has back issues and this chair is very comfortable for him. Recommend!!

  2. Mike P Says:

    The assembly of this chair was easy but when you screw the arm rest in the holes are slightly off but its still no problem and a very easy one to solve it probably took me 5-10 mins to put together and it’s very comfortable because when I sit in it, it forms to the shape of my back.

  3. Lisa Vaughn Says:

    First, this chair is NOT leather, it is vinyl. I thought it would be leather from the description in the title. Still, I am happy with the chair…very comfortable (and I have disc problems in my back). I love the ergo design and lumbar support. The seat is very comfortable. I am 5’5″, medium build and it is a perfect fit for me. It leans slightly forward so you are not “plopping down” into it. Again, the ergo design. We use it at the receptionist’s desk in our office and it looks very nice, very professional. It seems very sturdy. Took the boss about 35 mins to assemble. I definitely recommend.

  4. Tee Says:

    I was replacing my old worn home office chair which I loved but had to put her down. This chair is a great value for its price. It was an easy quick assembly that is until i got to attaching the last arm to the back of the chair, it took a lil muscle and loosening the screws a bit more than I had them initially but it was a relative breeze. (20 minutes). Its is very comfortable, although the seat isn’t as long or deep as my retired chair, however, I am sure It can be broken in as to get just as cozy as my last one turned out to be after years of long hours sitting, spinning and leaning. I really love the brass colored accents also a great change from boring basic all over black.

  5. Pingupenguins Says:

    So I spent about $108 shipped on this chair and it’s great. This is my first REAL chair so nothing to really compare it to other than those samples you see at Office Depot or Best Buy.

    I have a few concerns in terms of durability. The chair is CLEARLY not Leather. I knew this going in, but I still think the title should be changed in order to better convey the true nature of the item to the average customer. Back to durability, the Pleather isn’t the highest quality, but its a decent attempt. I’d kinda expect a little more for $70, but I’m not sure how the market is. My MAIN concern however is the arm rest design. The arm rests hold the back of the chair to the seat, so if one of the PLASTIC arm rests go, your chair is rendered useless. I wish they were made of higher grade plastic or maybe even cheap metal, but that’s a wish…

    Anyway, I’m sure there are better chairs for the money, but I don’t have time to pick and choose, so this one works for me and we will see how long its lasts with the plastic design.

  6. km Says:

    The chair is a poor design, and doesn’t fit together well at all. It’s made of pretty cheap material… but it is cheap. It is pretty comfortable once you get it together.

  7. Perfect Says:

    The chair is perfect and the best price on the internet for such a good quality chair. Easy to assemble and very, very comfortable. I LOVE IT! Purchased it for my office and it fits great!

  8. lawpage17 Says:

    I recently was on the hunt for a new computer chair. I figured that amazon was my best bet so I searched and found this chair. At first I was in doubt but after getting it all together(40 mins) I was happy. The chair looks great feels great for a 23 yo and the price fits the bill. The down fall was that the screws never stop turning and were not exactly lining up at first. But with it all together it feels sturdy and is a good deal for the budget buyer. Thanks for reading and hope it was helpful.****

  9. 5271 Says:

    This chair was easy to assemble, will no directions given.Lucky for me i am mechanical enough to figure it out.I think i paid twice as much as the price posted on Amazon though..

  10. Chairless Says:

    Bought this chair Aug 22. it is now broken. The right arm’s padding was coming up so someone used drywall screws to keep the arm pad down. Noted it came like this new. The arm holes didn’t quite line up correctly, but with extreme force was able to line up the holes. After a month the chair started to lean excessively to the right. After four months the chair is now broken. It’s a good looking chair, just don’t sit in it.

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