Comfortable, soft PU leather upholstery with ample padding, oil and water resistence. Comfortable arm rests .

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3 Responses to “High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair w/ Metal Base O16”

  1. Mike Says:

    The base of the chair is metal, all parts included(even though the arm parts and seat back parts were mislabeled). And there the good ends.

    The bad is a list.

    Arms are plastic despite looking metal in the picture.
    Parts as I was putting it together were superficially damaged(Scuffs on the plastic of the arm. A small gouge in the plastic of the arm. Bottom of the seat’s fabric cut in small places)
    The completed feel is rickety and leans to the right.

    And the worst. Upon sitting on the chair and gingerly leaning back after completion I was greeted by a loud series of cracks and snaps of the plywood they use in the seat were the bolts go into the chair. It did not break, but nor did it inspire confidence for long term use.

  2. l337m4n Says:

    I used to have this kind of chair, Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair – H8021-GG , but with this type of chair the arms/back area will crack and the pneumatic bar gives out with no way of replacing it even if the chair is in good condition, but this is probably an issue with every kind of chair.

    With these chairs i get 3 things i was looking for, better padding in the seat and back that hits the upper back/shoulder area very well, arm rest padding needed for extended periods of sitting, and a head rest tall enough for good posture for a movie or to just relax your neck.

    I got 2 of these and i’m glad i did. I don’t think you can get a chair like this at staples or other office supply stores for under $150. The quality is definitely better than the other chair i mentioned above. I can’t believe how inexpensive they were i don’t know how many they can sell at this price. Out of all the office chairs i have had these are the cheapest ones i ever bought and most comfortable i have had too.

  3. Augustine Says:

    I’ve had to suffer with a mid-back chair for a while. I needed a high back chair for as low a price as I could. This chair hit the spot perfectly. It’s easier to assemble if you have someone help you. Sure, are the arms plastic? Yes. Is the chair made cheaply overall? Yes. But it’s very, very comfortable.

    This chair is worth it. I made sure to wait for at least two weeks before reviewing and I don’t regret it. Neither will you. Only two of the written instructions were mislabeled for me and it was obvious which screws were to really go there, since the pictures were still accurate, so it didn’t even matter. If it creaks a little when you lean all the way, that’ll stop over time. I thought it was cool how I can push the lever in to keep it from leaning all the way back.

    It’s a really good chair. It’s cozy and the seat, arm rests, and back are all comfortable. It’s worth it.

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