Comfortable, soft PU leather upholstery with ample padding, oil and water resistence. Comfortable arm rests .

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3 Responses to “High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair O8”

  1. Kaylene S. Says:

    Please invest a little more if you’re not super handy or if you’ll be using this for more than an hour a day. One of the two I bought went together beautifully, the other was a nightmare. I’m pretty handy, but one of te side screws just would NOT go in straight, I tried starting over, adjusting all of the screws to help this one along, and finally after stripping and breaking the heads off of three screws I had one that worked. FOR A MONTH. then with frequent wear (at the family computer) it broke. Not such an awesome deal after all!

  2. J. S. Gaviota Says:

    For under $100 bucks it’s a pretty good value but nevertheless this isn’t a heavy duty chair, it’s just perfect for a medium size built person in a small office or home chair, also, it’s quite easy to set up and just needs a bit torque on some of the bolts.

  3. dave Says:

    I’m sitting in it right now. It is not super soft, but it is certainly a good chair for the price. It swivels well and tilts back and has good lumbar support. I’d say a very good value

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