Regain your body’s natural posture with this ergonomic kneeling chair with included back. The mesh back allows air circulation for comfort when sitting for long periods of time. Kneeling chairs sit you in a position to allow your diaphragm to move efficiently and promote better breathing and blood circulation. Use as your permanent office chair or to take a break from your conventional chair. [WL-3425-GG].

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5 Responses to “Flash Furniture WL-3425-GG Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Task Chair with Black Curved Mesh Back and Fabric Seat”

  1. Ian M. Tepoot "Ian T." Says:

    I would have given this item a much higher rating, however, there are two main issues, both involve quality.

    1. The directions are absolutely terrible. We literally have posted these directions in the office on our wall of “laugh at how horrible this is”. These are so bad, it’s an automatic star deduction.

    2. I had to bend some of the metal myself to make some of the connections fit. Had the built this in a factory with more quality control (hint, USA) this wouldn’t be an issue. Automatic minus two stars for having to manually bend the metal with my own tools.

    The chair itself if comfortable, but not worth the price due to total lack of quality. My back pain started going away one day after using the chair, and anyone with back pain knows this could make this worth it.

  2. velocityg4 Says:

    I’ve owned this chair for four months. In that time I have replaced the height adjusting cylinder twice. It will work fine for a couple of days then not support you any more. At which point it just starts to quickly sink down. Now it doesn’t hold any pressure. When you get up it rises immediately and sinks back down when sat upon. The weld holding the back support has also broken recently.

    The kneeling pad is also too far forward and not adjustable. I am 6’1″ and my back barely reaches the back support when sitting upright.

    Save your money and buy a better built chair.

  3. Snowy Day Reader Says:

    I have frequent lower back pain and purchased this chair for my home office. It is absolutely amazing and incredibly comfortable. True, it was not the easiest to assemble, but the relief from back strain cannot be overstated.

  4. christina nones Says:

    The chair is pretty simple to assemble and quite comfortable. The wheel base makes movement easy and fun. I found this model to be much nicer than other ones and the design of the backrest is great. A nice value.

  5. J. Sclafani "student" Says:

    I gave this chair an AVERAGE grade because chair like this should be made adjustable at least to some degree.

    I got this chair on BizChair . com

    I am 5’5″ and this chair is made for much bigger person than me.

    Over all it was a decent chair for it’s price. Assembly was not that hard to figure out, but drawings should be bigger and more detailed.
    Padding should be made from “memory foam” because after 10 min my legs below the knees were hurting a lot.

    I am sure some could find this chair comfortable but for me siting on this thing was a torture. My back pain got worse, and I was exhausted after just 10min of sitting on it.
    To all fairness not every back is the same.
    So, try it before you buy it.

    Delivery was prompt but the box was beat up and everything inside was mixed up. I was surprised nothing fell out or got damaged.

    I had to return it because it did not fit me and was uncomfortable (one size does not fit all).
    To return it to Biz Chair I had to make few calls to get the Return Authorization Number. Once I got that number I had to figure out how to ship it back. Fedex was too expensive, UPS wanted $80 to get it from NY to Georgia (they wouldn’t ship it in original box and wanted to re-pack it into a bigger one). Finally good old USPS shipped it for $21.70 + $2.30 insurance and $.80 confirmation.

    I still had to stay on top of it with my e-mails but in the and I was happy because 2 weeks after the chair was shipped back to BizChair I got most of my money back (they took some for original delivery).

    Returning was not hassle free, but the BizChair representative was doing her job and I got most of my money back.

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