Reduce lower back strain and regain your body’s natural posture with this ergonomic kneeling chair. Kneeling chairs sit you in a position to allow your diaphragm to move efficiently and promote better breathing and blood circulation. This chair can be used as a permanent office chair or used in conjunction with a conventional task or executive office chair. [WL-1429-GG].

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    The chair arrived on time and was easy to assemble I really like it much better than the other ergonomic chair. It’s much more sturdy and it’s much easier for me to move with a bad back. And I really like the memory foam compared to my old one it’s much better and feels like it’s can last much longer.

  2. Mark T Tomczak Says:

    Alright, WL-1429-GG. I’m going to do what we call a “compliment sandwich.” This is where I tell you two things I like about your performance to-date, and I sandwich them between something you can improve upon.

    Let’s see… First of all, you’re extremely tall. I like that! I haven’t sat in a chair that lifted the soles of my feet off the ground since I was in third grade, and that’s a nice feeling! You’ve made all my other office supplies rise to the bar that you’ve set; I know that Desk, in particular, is considerably jealous. He had grown quite used to keeping Armchair down, but since you keep my knees tucked delightfully underneath me at a smooth angle, he can’t keep you down, can he?

    Now, room for improvement, hmm…. well, let’s talk about your assembly instructions. I know that we’ve been pushing frugality in this department, and I appreciate your aggressiveness, but… Let’s be frank, one single-sided page is just not enough to clearly describe where your ten pieces go. You didn’t even bother to label all of them in box (1), just trusting that the tiny, tiny pictures would indicate to your assembler which was which. I have to be honest with you, that’s considered a little rude. In addition, screws B and C have identical pictures in your parts listing, but they’re different lengths—not that you could guesstimate length from these pictographs. I think I see where you’re going with this, but let’s go ahead and pull in a graphics artist to help you out a bit. Maybe one of those nice kids from IKEA would be willing to temp for you.

    Wrapping up. You’re very comfortable. We’ve heard lots of praise for you from people who want to sit upright! Granted, they’ve also mentioned that their abs and back aren’t used to this posture, but they predict that with a bit of effort, it should be no problem to get accustomed to it. And, they feel more alert and awake than ever at their computer stations!

    So, that pretty much covers it. Good work this quarter, and I think we both know what you can work on to improve. Do you have any questions for me?

  3. Fishyfish Says:

    As far as kneeling chairs go, this might be the best budget one around.
    As far as chairs go, it’s not great.

    You’re probably looking for a kneeling chair because it can be better on your back, if you’re disciplined enough something like this can work but it’s not exactly going to be as comfortable as that armchair you’re in now. The frame itself is quite sturdy and would probably far outlast those wooden ones I’ve seen. It can help with your posture if you sit in it how it’s supposed to. The material on the 2 pads aren’t exactly quality chair material, it’s good enough to not bother a bare leg that much. The cushions are a little flat and could use more thick padding.

    All in all, it’s designed for back support, not comfort, so don’t go throwing out your old chair just yet.(Though this is coming from someone who sits in an armchair 10 different ways in 2 hours, I could just be unsatisfiable)

  4. Linda Says:

    best for the price. works well. got it quickly. helps my back.Every little bit helps when you’re on a computer or at a desk all day.

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