Regain your body’s natural posture with this ergonomic kneeling chair. The open angled position encourages a healthier positioning for your body which relieves your spine of the compression when sitting in a office chair. Kneeling chairs sit you in a position to allow your diaphragm to move efficiently and promote better breathing and blood circulation. Use as your permanent office chair or to take a break from your conventional chair. [WL-SB-101-GG]Height Adjustment FrameWooden Kneeling ChairLength 24Width 18Assembly Required YESFinish Light WoodMaterial WoodHeight 20 – 26Color Gray

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  1. Dianne "45 and fit" Says:

    I have been using kneeling chairs for a long time – they are the only type of chair I can sit in at my desk for long periods of time without destroying my lower back. However, many people do not like kneeling chairs. If you are one of those people then you will not like this chair either. If you do like kneeling chairs, this one has some advantages. First is the price – most kneeling chairs are very expensive – $300 and up. In fact, this is the only one I have ever found anywhere near this price. It is adjustable, although in a much more primitive way (wooden pegs) than the expensive ones. Still, it works very well for me. On the second setting it is absolutely perfect for me at 5’6″, but that would be a subjective judgement and may not fit people who are very tall or short. I also love the light wood with the grey cloth seat – it matches my office perfectly. Unfortunately that is the only color scheme they offer, so it may not match yours. The chair is solid, good quality and durable, although you will have to be careful with the cloth seat not to get it dirty (as with any cloth seat). I keep mine covered with a small towel to minimize dirt accumulation.

  2. CCS Says:

    I was a little apprehensive after reading about some reported problems with assembly – notably the hole alignment. However, in the unit I received, the holes were perfectly aligned, and all the screws were easily firmed up by hand.

    I find it to be quite comfortable, and the ability to collapse the chair and store it away is a definite plus.

    My one and only complaint is the grey cushions – I would have preferred navy blue.

    Highly recommend!

  3. A. VonBehren Says:

    Didn’t see it anywhere in the product description before I bought it… must be in the fine print… but on the chair it says “This chair can support maximum weight 200 lbs”. Since I weigh 215 it would have been nice to know that I shouldn’t buy this chair! Using it now and it seems ok, but guess it only a matter of time before it breaks as I’ve seen in other reviews.

  4. S. Kittinger Says:

    This chair is great for me. Materials are decent quality. Seems like the padding in the seat might move or wear down after lots of sitting, but for me this isn’t much of a problem because I can reupholster it. That is the only reason why I give it a 4. I love that it is adjustable. The price is great.

    I will also say that I am a 105lb, 5’1″ woman, and this chair fits me perfectly. My 190lb, 5’11” husband…not so much. The weight limit says 200lb, but my guess is if you are over 150lb or really tall, you might not find this chair very comfortable or easy to sit in. Again, I love this chair, but I really think that it is only designed for people on the smaller side.

  5. smiley mau Says:

    I have an office job where I sit in front of a computer 80% of the time and I started having upper back & shoulder pain. I wanted to try a kneeling chair and chose this one because it was cheaper than the others, looked portable, and looked comfortable.

    It is portable- it collapses so that it’s only a few inches high. The design is kind of fun, too, and that’s what makes it collapsible. But because of the design, the chair is somewhat limited. It has three notches available, but you can’t adjust the seat or knee pad heights or tilts independently of each other. I don’t know if that most kneeling chairs allow you to do that, but I think they should.

    That said, you can probably use a little blanket or cushion to customize the chair fit. I’m 5’8″, 120 lb and can comfortably use this chair on the top and middle settings. The seat is just big enough for me. If I were more than a few inches taller, my legs and knees would stick out front so much that the knee pad would probably not be comfortable at its current tilt and height.

    Bottom line: the chair is acceptable but I might try a more adjustable one in the future. It did help with my back pain, so I’m satisfied. The quality of the chair parts was fine, seller was fine, shipping was fine, etc.

    Also, there are things you’d have to get used to with any knee chair- having pressure on your shins or knees is one. Having your legs somewhat folded is another (my upper calves don’t like being squished!). I will probably alternate between my regular chair and this one a few times every day.

  6. L. Howe Says:

    All I can say is I love this chair.
    Especially due to the design of the adjustable seat which not only adjusts the height of the seat but it adjusts the pitch / tilt of the seat which adjusts your posture (higher up and pitched forward = straighter more forward sitting & posture = proper body alignment = comfortable to me)… this was the main selling point for me over other chairs..
    I have looked for quite some time for a chair with this feature.. it makes all the difference to me.. but I do prefer to sit straight up, unsupported by a back rest w/ my core engaged all day, if you do as well, this is a great chair!
    P.S. – I own and use the Gaiam Balance Ball chair which is about $100 as well as having very well designed ergonmic executive chair that retails over $500.. compared to both I prefer this little kneeling chair and use it comfortably upwards of 5 hours daily.

  7. Stephen M. Loan "campymom" Says:

    I have really bad back problems & I’m a writer…so not sitting isn’t an option for me. I researched kneeling chairs & was shocked at the high price of such items! Holy cow, for thirteen hundred smackers I could take a four day trip to Vegas & dine on steak every night! So, after much digging I settled on this piece.
    It took a little bit of time to get used to it. I had to mess with the height adjustments to find a setting that worked for my back & my knees. Now I use it regularly. it allows me to write for six hours a day with little to no discomfort–which feels like a miracle.
    If you are considering a chair like this, I wouldn’t hesitate to try this one. The price is right, it has sturdy construction, it folds–what more could you want?

  8. Richard L. Wagner Says:

    Not a good choice for a man of any size or bulk. Limited adjustments and a tiny note saying limited to 200 Lbs. I wish that I could have tested it before I bought it for my next yard sale!

  9. Christabelle Says:

    I like the look and sturdiness of this chair. It also rolls nicely. What I do not like is the lack of thick cushioning. This is a chair that should probably only be used for short periods of time. I cannot see anyone not having discomfort in their knees and behind if they’re on it for too long. Also, it’s important to note that as you raise the seat, the whole angle of the chair changes, so by changing the height to suit your needs, you may also be changing the angle to one that is uncomfortable for you. If your body happens to fit one of the three pre-sets, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, prepare to be a bit uncomfortable.

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