Reduce lower back strain and regain your body’s natural posture with this ergonomic kneeling chair. Kneeling chairs sit you in a position to allow your diaphragm to move efficiently and promote better breathing and blood circulation. This chair can be used as a permanent office chair or used in conjunction with a conventional task or executive office chair. [WL-1420-GG].

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5 Responses to “Flash Furniture Mobile Ergonomic Kneeling Chair in Black Fabric”

  1. K. Baronciani Says:

    I work at a counter top high desk for long periods of time , and have always used a kneeling chair. I needed a new one, and this one is great. It adjusts to fit my legs, and wheels around while you are still sitting. And the price is a bargain. The only thing that would make it better is removable covers, as I am a clean freak.

  2. The Poet Says:

    The chair is nice for the money, but the distance between the seat and kneeler can’t be changed.

  3. abigail Says:

    So I bought this chair because I have one that LOOKS exactly like it at work and I wanted one for home. Well when I got it they do look identical except this one is about twice as big! And as such it is totally uncomfortable for me. I had no idea these come in different sizes and there is no indication on this ad to order different sizes or it current dimensions. A bit disappointed and it currently sits unused in the guest bedroom.

  4. mechPE Says:

    I bought this chair to relieve the stress on my lower back from sitting most of the day. I have a ruptured disk that causes great pain in my leg.
    Pros: The quality of the chair is not bad. The pads are generous and sturdy although after several hours of sitting they eventually do start to hold the shape. I weight 165 lbs for reference. The design of the chair helps with my posture. I sit up straight and feel more active and engaged in what I’m doing. The posture makes me use my lower back muscles to stay straight.

    Cons: After a few hours my back starts to get tired from holding such a straight posture. I’m hoping that my back strength will improve after a few weeks. Adjusting the height of the chair tilts the wheels so that they don’t pivot. For normal wheels that would not be a problem but these are casters. This is not necessarily a show stopper. The chair will still move around. I happen to be 5′-10″ and I’ve got the chair adjusted just a little above the middle. I’d like to go higher but I’ve kept it lower so I can reach my desk and to keep the wheels turning. I definitely think there is a better design out there (take a look at the kneelsit chair) but for the price it is not a bad option. If the kneelsit chairs were a little more affordable I think I’d buy one of those.

  5. RadiantDreamer "RadiantDreamer" Says:

    Ordered the chair pictured but the chair in the box was a different model! ??
    Tried out the chair and it was fine, so I opted to keep it
    rather than go thru the hassle of a return. How did that happen??

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