Sporting a contemporary look and ergonomic design, this mesh covered office chair from Flash Furniture is perfect for any office setting, but is economically priced to be affordable for most home office users. Featuring an open mesh back with passive lumbar support, a thickly padded mesh covered seat, and a chrome finished base, this chair is sure to be an attractive and comfortable addition to any setting.

CA117 Fire Retardant Foam Padded Mesh Upholstered Seat Mid-Back Mesh Swivel Chair Chrome Finished Base Dual Wheel Casters Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob Length 27 Width 25.25

Assembly Required YES

Finish Chrome

Height 42.25

Color White

Material Steel

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10 Responses to “Flash Furniture Mid-Back White Mesh Office Chair with Chrome Finished Base”

  1. Michael Hopwood Says:

    This office chair appears extremely sturdy and I find the burgundy, black, and chrome version looks appealing in a quiet modern decor.

    The chair’s pieces were packed loosely in a single-wall box, but they suffered no damage. The materials the chair is made of, steel, strong plastic, and foam, will survive a ton of abuse in shipping without damage, as long as the box doesn’t come apart and the pieces fall out.

    The assembly instructions were only pictures but were fairly easy to follow. All the parts were included.

    I had two issues assembling the chair. The back butts against the lever assembly under the chair, and the lever assembly prevented the back from reaching the predrilled holes. There are two plastic end pieces that are part of the back that I needed to remove to reduce the clearance between the two pieces so the back could be attached. Also, the lever in the assembly under the chair must be rotated to vertical before inserting the base. This isn’t indicated anywhere, and I had to pull the base off, reorient the lever, and reattach the base.

    The chair is quite comfortable for my smaller frame: I’m 5′ 9″ and 150+ lbs. I had to loosen the adjustment knob quite a bit before I could lean back, which indicates to me that the lean mechanism could handle a much heavier person.The seat’s foam is only moderately dense. I find I feel the hard plastic side of the back if I lean back at an angle. Someone with a larger frame might hit these edges often. The arms have no padding and are not adjustable, which seems to be the weakest ergonomic point in the chair. I find them comfortable but others may not.

    I’m happy with this chair and the price.

  2. Stacy S. Laughlin Says:

    I just assembled my Black Mesh Executive Office Chair, and am sitting in it as I type this review. For the price, this is an attractive and comfortable piece of furniture. It was considerably less expensive than comparable chairs that I researched. The back support is excellent. (I often have pain in my lower back.) Assembly was pretty easy, and all parts were included. Instructions are in pictures rather than text, but are fairly easy to decipher. It’s nice that they gave a number code to each bolt size, etc. It’s handy to have an extra person around at the beginning of assembly to help hold/align parts while you screw pieces together, but not essential. All the pieces use an included allen wrench for assembly.

    It would have been nice if they had included instructions for adjusting the chair, rather than an incomprehensible sketch on the handle, but my husband was able to figure it out quickly. You have to be sitting in the chair and then tug up on the handle to raise the chair, or lower it. It doesn’t seem to work if you try to adjust the height of the chair when you’re not sitting in it.

    My husband happens to have an Aeron chair in the same office, and while this one is of course not of that quality, I feel like it doesn’t have to be ashamed to be in the same room. They look pretty nice together since they both have mesh backs.

    The cushion is comfortable, but does have a slightly scratchy cover if you’re wearing shorts/an above-the-knee skirt.

  3. D. Davis Says:

    My Lord! This is probably the first product that I have bought from amazon that I have given a 5-star rating! After just two days of using this chair, I felt I had to rush on to review it. It is super, super comfortable. I love the mesh back support, it provides optimal comfort and the padded seating is also very comfortable. This chair allows me to sit down at my desk and study hours on end! Something other chairs just weren’t comfortable enough to do. After sitting in a similar chair in a college library I knew I needed to buy a chair just like that — which is why I wasn’t worried about the other reviewers who didn’t like it very much — and this was exactly what I was looking for! I highly recommend it for its decent price, easy installation and relaxing comfort!

  4. JP Says:

    There is nothing spectacular about this chair but it is not bad for the $80 or so that it costs. Not worth any more than that. It has a nice back support but the seat could have just a little more padding. I work from home full time and use this chair 8+ hrs a day. This is your typical made in China chair.

  5. Patrick Sharp Says:

    This chair is solid. It has a metal base – something hard to find these days. And it’s very reasonably priced.

  6. JacobS Says:

    I think it is a very solid and sturdy chair for the price easy to assemble, only thing there is no padding on the armrests and my wife thinks it sits a bit high but she is only 5ft tall. Quality product and quality price.

  7. Missy C. Says:

    I bought this chair hoping it would be comfortable. It was a beautiful chair, and it went well with my room decor. It was very easy to put together, and I was very satisfied with it at first. But after using it for about one to two hours, my back really started to hurt. It’s too firm, and the seat is a bit rough. The first time I used it, I had to put a towel down so it wouldn’t scratch up my legs. Although I used the chair briefly yesterday, I still feel it in my back today. If you’re a student who needs to sit in one spot for several hours, this isn’t the chair for you.

  8. Juan Mendez Says:

    I was very happy with the price , and when i open the box for the first time , i was so impress with the materials quality . I put it toghether in no time. great chair/quality materials.

  9. Mark James Says:

    Ordered the chair when our previous one broke one weekend. It arrived on-time, price for the chair beat all local outlets. Chair is sturdy, was easy to put together and its comfortable.

  10. Stan Says:

    I bought this chair on a whim to replace the wood plank I had endured for too long. When searching for a chair I wanted something that had arms, wasn’t too bulky, and was under $100. This chair had all the requirements and I have been very happy with it since I bought it a few weeks ago. The chair is easy to assemble and feel sturdy and solid. Incase you are wondering it does lean back!

    I would have given this chair 5 stars if:

    -the arms had some padding, they are just plastic
    -the cushion was a little thicker, I can push down on the cushion with my hand and feel the underlying plastic

    Overall, this is still a great chair for the price. Highly recommend.

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