This value priced mesh office task chair will accommodate your essential needs for your home or office. Chair features a breathable mesh back with a comfortably padded leather seat. Chair is height adjustable to conform to several desk sizes. [LF-W95-LEA-BK-GG].

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10 Responses to “Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Office Chair with Mesh Back and Italian Leather Seat”

  1. G. R. Johnson "Visualverbs" Says:

    When I got the box and saw how poorly it was packaged I was a little dismayed. I pulled out all the parts (because, of course it had to be assembled)and was more dismayed…it seemed real cheap. Assembly was easy enough, a couple of glances at the assmebly instructions-one-pager. After getting assembled I thought it looked cheap and cheesy, however…

    I have to admit I really like the chair. It’s as comfortable as the $299.00 chair I bought in 1998 (but I have to say I don’t think it will last as long), after getting used to it a little. You cannot sit in it for hours on end (but, that really is a GOOD thing) but I would recommend it. The cat likes it, too, which means it has be vacuumed ever week. :-)

  2. Bob Scofield Says:

    This chair really keeps your back cooler than any traditional chair.It is well constructed and sturdy.

  3. R. Salas "Sal" Says:

    I bought it in Jan And it broke today , Backrest plastic broke i weigh 140 lbs was just leaning back like chair should and snap , spend money elsewhere

  4. Brandon Watkins Says:

    This chair is cheap through and through. Very flimsy, spartan, uncomfortable. Broke in a month. Would not recommend this chair to my worst enemy.

  5. B. Ruppert Says:

    This chair is just ok. I can’t put my finger on it but it just isn’t as comfortable as similarly priced chairs from Office Depot. But it does the job intended.

  6. K. Russo Says:

    If you have a tile floor with grout, this is not the chair for you. After several months, the grout under and around the chair was stained black. After cleaning the grout, I discovered that apparently the wheels de-laminate. I cleaned off all of the wheels. The paper towel was covered with black. All was OK for a few weeks, then the black plastic or whatever it is, started to de-laminate again and turn my white grout to black. No matter how much one cleans the wheels, it always starts again. I am having to purchase a new chair after only one year. Also, the seat does not have enough padding.

  7. cachoi Says:

    Purchased a Month ago, Review during a month!

    Since I got to do lots of work sitting in front of my PC, I wanted to buy comfortable chair to keep my posture ok and protect my back from the long time work.

    It looks very good on the picture, in real,too. However, it is not comfortable after 10 mins or so.
    FYI, I’m 5.5″ and 110 pound. The cushion is a bit hard and the rollers are moving too well, if I lean, it moves…(oh I might have to try to put it on a rug) Anyway, on wood floor it might be because of those, doesn’t make my back comfortable. The mash back is 90 degree, not functionally flexible but stiff.

    It looks good with metal foot when you put it in your desk.
    so gave two stars.

  8. Dr.MightySnake Says:

    Once I got the chair I started assembling it. Finished within a short time(the guide was very helpful + they’ve added extra screws)
    Back Comfort : 5/5
    Chair Rotating: 5/5
    Height : 5/5
    Over All Comfort : 5/5
    Customizable : 4/5

    The only con that Arm rest are not customizable.

    Final Rating 4.5/5

  9. Evan White "Evan" Says:

    I ordered two of these chairs. They are sturdy, fairly comfortable and adjust easily. Cushion padding is slightly thinner than what I expected. Assembly was average with no difficulties.

  10. BradDincau Says:

    This chair has a very modern look to it which is why I purchased it from amazon. But, once I received the chair and sat in it the hydraulic mechanism which adjusts the height of the chair broke and the chair would go down to the shortest setting as soon as you sat in it. I was then sent a replacement and had the chair for a couple of days and I ran into the same problem for the second time. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

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