Very appealing mid-back office chair will highlight any office or home setting. Plush leather upholstery provides comfort with the extra thick padded seat and back. Built-in lumbar support will provide comfort when working for long hours. Chair features a silver nylon base with black caps that prevent feet from slipping. For your next office chair, look no further than this extremely comfortable and stylish leather office chair [GO-931H-MID-BK-GG].

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6 Responses to “Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Leather Office Task Chair”

  1. Adam Jensen Says:

    I just bought this chair, that free deilvary is great; taking this only 2-1 business day’s to arrive. It was fairly easy to install everything. The chair comes with a couple screws and an allan key which is all you really need to install everything. The only thing I had trouble putting together was the arms of the chair considering that when you tighten and put on one screw the other one is slowly wedging itself out of place away from the hole. But, when you get everything together the chair is very comfortable and enjoyable. I practically sit on it at least 12 hours + a day and haven’t found a problem yet, the lumbar support is very comfortable too.

  2. Eddie. "Eddie" Says:

    This chair is very comfortable, great back support!
    I am somewhat over weight, and still have plenty of room on the chair.
    You may want to have another person help attaching the seat to the back, other than that it’s a piece of cake!!!!

  3. OBillwonKenobie Says:

    I looked pretty thoroughly for the chair that would provide back support, comfort, and be easy to put together. I searched on-line which tells you that I DO read these reviews. After receiving the chair and putting it together, I just had to leave a review. After an EASY assembly (the directions are a snap and everything is perfectly packaged for ease of distinction) I found this chair to be the PERFECT blend between firm – and soft. The leather is smooth with nice stitching for durable reinforcement. I have only had this for a couple of days, but I already notice that I DON’T notice any discomfort. I bought it for work, which requires that I sit in it for 6-7 hours daily. And you know how most chairs you notice after a while that you are sitting in ‘something’? After sitting in this chair it doesn’t even cross my mind that I’m sitting. Sounds corny, but it’s true. About the shipping, it came within the time frame they said, and the box was small enough to fit in the back seat of my friends car. I am VERY pleased with this and the price closed the deal for me. Many thanks!!!

  4. orcatrainer Says:

    Just got it and sitting on it right now, and all I can say is that’s exactly what I was looking for !

    Good padding and comfort. Arm-rest are as extra padded as expected too, so I don’t had any more pain in my elbows when I rest them there for a long time while using the mouse…etc

    The chair is not too big though, so if you are over weight, you may want to consider something else. No head rest either, but I don’t needed them to begin with anyway. So yes, for me, it’s perfect.

    Instruction where clear and all part where there too. Really EASY to assemble too ! A must have !

  5. jaycmw18 Says:

    I bought this at the end of January and it just now broke. It doesn’t sit square on the legs, leans to the left.

    The weld piece that attaches the metal bracket to the chair itself broke, I’m not a big guy. 6 foot, 165lbs. All I do is sit in it, i’m not doing chair olympics down the hallway or anything.

    While it looks appealing, and other people seem happy with it – STAY AWAY! This is why I always wait to write a review. Right out of the box it was great, comfortable, looked real nice….but now it’s just another broke cheap chair

  6. R. Phillips Says:

    I bought the mid back version of this chair. This is one of the few times I didn’t buy from Amazon, even though I’m a “Prime” member. Another site had it for considerably less and I’m a sucker for a deal.

    I used to try and stay in the under $100.00 range. My chairs kept getting smaller and falling apart faster every time I bought one, so I decided to spend a bit more this time. My last chair from Target had amost zero padding in the seat and started self-destructing in just a few months.

    I’m pretty happy with this. I put it together in about 15 minutes and gave all the bolts another tightening after about a week of use. This got rid of all the creaks that were starting to develop and the chair seems solid now. The construction does look a bit better than on the chairs I’ve been buying.

    The padding could be a bit thicker or higher density, particularly in the seat and arms where it’s already starting to look a bit flattened out. But, it’s reasonably comfortable and the back support is very nice for me. I work full-time in it with no major complaints. It’s a pretty sharp looking chair. The base seems a bit wider and heavier duty than average and it seems to help the chair roll more easily too. The chair is definitely a bit roomier than the cheaper chairs and I’m liking that.

    I am a bit concerned that the hydraulic unit slides all the way through the hole in the base and comes within about an inch of hitting the floor. It seems like maybe I got a substitute part or something. I keep the chair at almost it’s maximum height and I’m not tall at 5’8″. This chair may not be great for a taller person if they’re shipping them all as I received mine. I hope the hydraulic unit doesn’t keep sliding further through the hole over time until it hits the floor. I had that happen with one chair I bought. So far, that doesn’t seem to be happening though.

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