On the market for something different or to add a little color to your home or office? This is the perfect chair with its uniquely designed seat that is surprisingly comfortable. This chair won’t take up a lot of area if space is an issue. Chair can be used for a variety of reasons other than just at a desk [LF-214-WHITE-GG].

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10 Responses to “Flash Furniture LF-214-WHITE-GG Vibrant White and Chrome Computer Task Chair with Tractor Seat”

  1. NuttyMom Says:

    I just bought this for $20 at a red big box store. It comes with extra bolts and an allen wrench. It took all of 5 minutes to assemble. I would give it 5 stars if I hadn’t had to super glue the back of the chair onto the metal prongs to prevent it from being pulled off every time I pulled the chair away from the desk. The hydraulic action is that of a much higher end chair. It is metal, but does not weigh a ton. I was able to carry it up a flight of stIrs in one hand, but it is not cheap, or plastic.

  2. Matt Sherman Says:

    Chair arrived on scheduled, and once I got put together it looked pretty good. A week after it arrived I leaned back to adjust the height of the chair and the plastic pieces that held 2 of the 3 screws that secure the back rest completely shattered and broke away from the chair. In the process I was dumped into the floor and cut by the hard plastic. I’m typing this review from a camping chair I use for tailgating, which will be my computer chair until I find something better. I’m about 6 ft. 150 lbs. Wouldn’t recommend for anyone my size or larger.

  3. Laura Wheeler Says:

    Bought this chair to work at my drafting table … I needed an adjustable chair that could go from desk to drafting table – which menat it had to go higher than a normal desk chair. This certainly does go high, it could be used as a chair at a kitchen counter. Easy to put together and made with strong materials. It moves aroound easily and looks great!

  4. fivetigers "Kids Fashion Maven" Says:

    Exactly what we were looking for at a good price – perfect for a young student – super easy assembly in a few minutes and seat height is adjustable. Love it.

  5. Cassandra M. Alls Says:

    I received the chair a day ago and put it together in five minutes. It’s very comfortable to sit in for many hours (and I’m not light-weight!) I especially like the fact that I can raise it to a good level so I can prevent straining my back and wrists when typing. The casters are very smooth and quiet on my wood floor. I never sit back but the seat back is comfortable when I tried it out. And what can I say about the apple green color except that I LOVE IT!!!

  6. C. Sanders Says:

    Not worth 35 bucks, maybe 19.99 at most. Pay attention to the back size. It is ultra tiny which makes this chair really only suitable for small children or women. It feels as if I apply any pressure to the back that it will break completely off which makes you lean forward and feel really awkward while using this chair. I would return it but I think it would be more hassle than its worth. Spend the extra money and get a real chair unless this is for a small child.

  7. Kathleen M. O'Neill "Nashville songwriter & i... Says:

    I should contextualize this by saying that before I bought these chairs, I had purchased a very similar chair at Target for about $10 less. But the Target chair, although shown on the packaging as orange, turned out to be too tomato red for our orange office, so seeing this one on Amazon for not much more, it seemed worth a shot. We were pleased that the orange color on these chairs matched our office, but that was only the beginning of the improvements for a mere $10 upgrade:

    * These chairs lift up several inches higher than the ones from Target, so if you have longer legs, they’re much more suited.

    * The back, while small and certainly not sufficient to provide all-day support, is higher on this model than the one from Target, so it actually hits the seated person somewhere near the small of his or her back, whereas the one from Target was too low to be of any use at all.

    * The stem and legs are a nice polished chrome look, whereas the one from Target is a faux brushed metal look that’s actually plastic. That alone is worth the $10 upgrade, aesthetically.

    * The molded plastic seat and back feel like they’re a bit thicker and sturdier than the one from Target. I have more confidence that they’re not going to break at any moment.

    In short, this is a great relatively cheap chair for office decor. Don’t get me wrong: I would not recommend this chair as your primary desk chair. Get a very good chair if you work at a desk all day. But if you’re looking for attractive accent chairs that serve as additional seating when needed for a quick pull-up meeting or chat, these are perfect.

  8. techrockstar "the techrockstar" Says:

    This chair looks great, was easy to put together, and is of good quality. If you are worried because of bad reviews, dont be.

  9. alarmallama Says:

    I got this chair this week and I really like it. Putting it together took about 5 minutes. It looks really good and is comfortable. Although it feels like it could easily break if you lean on the back for long. It might be a lot stronger than it feels and looks but if you are overweight this is definetly not the chair for you. Im pretty thin and constantly afraid it might break.

  10. scoobydoo "I like Gadgets a litte bit too much" Says:

    I was looking for an inexpensive chair, on the taller side. I picked this because its less intrusive than a traditional bulky chair. The butt and back supports are thick plastic, the remaining parts are chrome plated metal(i’m guessing steel) that feels quite sturdy. when you lift the handle to raise the chair it goes high enough for my legs to be lifted off the ground. I’m 5’10”. Could see this doubling as a cool bar stool also.

    The only reason i took one star off, is because the directions show 8 screws are included and required, but in fact only 5 are included and required. So you basically have to guess that you’re doing it correctly because the picture says otherwise.

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