This is a very attractive high back office chair that displays contemporary flair. Plush microfiber upholstery provides comfort with the extra thick padded seat and back. Built-in lumbar support will provide comfort when working for long hours. Thickly padded armrests will provide extra comfort. Chair features a titanium nylon base with black caps that prevent feet from slipping. For your next office chair, look no further than this extremely comfortable and stylish microfiber office chair [GO-725-BK-GG].

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9 Responses to “Flash Furniture High Back Black Microfiber Upholstered Contemporary Office Chair”

  1. Skytraveler Says:

    Good Value for the price. Shipped quickly. Assembled easily. Comfy – nice lumbar support.
    However, I am 6′-1″, and I like to sit fairly high. This chair does not raise up as high as I’d like, and by ergonomic standards that say your thighs should be parallel to the floor, the hieght on this chair doesn’t quite cut it. Also, the seat is a bit short as well. The front edge doesn’t reach the inside of my knees, and the raised cushion area in the front of the seat would be great support except its too far back on my thighs and hence a bit uncomfortable.
    Overall, I’d say this is a great chair for anyone up to 5′-10″.

  2. bwb "ibwilliam" Says:

    Just a short and simple review….the chair was easy to assemble, its very comfortable, well priced, looks good, and it is nice and strong. We will see if it last a good 20 years or so, but for now it is great.

  3. Cheri J. Says:

    I was a bit skeptical when choosing to order this based on the previous feedback, however, the shipping was fast, it was well packaged, easy to assemble and VERY comfortable. I am very short and petite, so finding a chair that “fits” has been a difficult task in the past. This chair fits me perfect and has very comfortable lumbar support. The microfiber is soft, it has a height lift and can rock back and forth. I give this chair 5 stars…just wish I had one as nice at work.

  4. D. Jackson Says:

    I really don’t like this chair. It claims to be over stuffed. But the seat is hard and not comfortable at all. Not worth the hassle to ship it back though. It did ship within a reasonable time, and was packed well.

  5. P. Malantonio Says:

    I got it fast!If you can work out to get free shipping do it!Because it is a little pricey.It took 20-30 min to put together.Very cozy chair!Has nice back support.I throw my old chair out the front door asap!It is easy to put together.It comes with a tool and each set of screws are on one cardboard sheet and separated for each part of the chair.A 10 year old could put it together.

  6. koikaze Says:

    This chair has a lot of support, the best I’d say is the lumbar, but its also the worst part..functionally its great, but because the lumbar comes out a bit on the seating area, it takes away estate for your butt, so a lot of your thigh would stick out. Also when people say its comfortable, I think they just mean support. It’s not plushy, if that’s what you want. This chair is firm, and very firm at it. Overall I wish it could be more plushy and a little more area on the seat itself, but I’ll stick with it. But do shop around cause I think for the price there’s something better, and if you do go with this chair, ordering from bizchair’s website directly can give you free shipping.

    After about 3 weeks, I noticed the padding on the center of the seating is completely worn thin. Don’t waste your money on this chair. I’d return it, but for me to through the hassle, and pay return shipping, which is near $50. I’d just give it away or throw it out. Not worth it. The cushioning just doesn’t bounce back to shape and stays flat, Its also beginning to show on the armrest as well.

    The tilt function is really bad. Yes it does tilt, but you have to give yourself leverage with your legs to push back to tilt or it won’t stay tilted, even on the softest spring setting.

    Overall I use it about 3-4 hours a day and I weigh about 135 lbs, so I’ll say its just poor quality on the chair.

  7. trish Says:

    This chair is really comfortable and at the same time has perfect back support. I’m not sure what the fabric is but it is really soft and if you have to sit behind a desk all day I would definitely recommend this chair.

  8. High Back Says:

    As the photo’s show this chair is very contemporary as it does add to my tv/stereo, office room. all in all i am pleased with it. I did take off two stars because the padding inside the seat has flattened out in two weeks. This is way below average in this area. It seems that my ass is sitting on a flat board with very little cushion. But keep in mind this is a 100 dollar chair roughly. So i am going to buy a another cushion from wal mart or something that will fix that. Again it is a pretty well built chair besides the seat cushion, other chairs with better cushions would normally cost in the range of 300 to 400 dollars. The manufactures could improve in this area but then again the price would have to go up as well.

  9. M. Ruiz "Lost Inner Space" Says:

    The chair I received contained a defective screw-hole underneath the seat where the back-piece attaches. Funny but it was the last screw to attach. At first it would not screw in and got stuck so instead of forcing it I gently unscrewed it back out. I then tried to screw it back in while holding it in place because it seemed to want to go in at a slight angle at first. As I held it in place it began to screw in all the way to the bottom but then it kept turning in place. Finally I called Bizchair and explained the problem. They informed me that a replacement chair was on the way. I will update this review when I get the replacement.

    Bizchair customer service was cordial and friendly. They sent me a replacement seat (just what I needed) within 2 days! The chair is built and in use. It does have good back support and the seat is angled slightly so that it really does feel more comfortable. The fabric is smooth like velour. Nice looking chair, too. I hope the upholstering holds up. Thanks Bizchair.

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