Whether you’re looking for an office chair that is functional, or one that is comfortable, or a chair that just looks great, this Black Leather Executive Office Chair from Flash Furniture will complete all needs. Consisting of a well-padded seat and back along with a standard spring tilt mechanism, padded loop arms and black leather upholstery, this leather office chair will be a fine addition to any office setting.

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One Response to “Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Overstuffed Executive Office Chair”

  1. A. Eberts Says:

    I just got this chair today. In fact, I’m sitting on it right now. Before, I spent a number of years sitting in a wooden rocking chair, but I thought it was time to get something different…. something more comfortable. To avoid writing a 10 paragraph review, I’ll try to be short and sweet:
    1. The chair came with picture & number instructions… straight forward, not confusing at all. 2. Putting it together had it’s challenges, but it was easy overall. I had to put a little muscle into it to position the parts over the screw holes when screwing things in place. 3. There’s a faint smell, but not overpowering which I’m sure will fade over time. 4. I’m 5’9″… when I’m on the lowest setting, my feet are flat on the floor. When I’m on the highest setting( 19 1/2 inches from floor to seat), my feet can still touch the floor but it puts more strain on the bottoms of my legs. 5. I have a 27″ desk from the floor to where I keep my keyboard. The lowest setting on the chair is 15 1/2 inches from the floor to the seat…fits perfectly. 6. The cushions are soft and flexible but not entirely… maybe like mid range. The back of my chair comes up to the top of my neck and where my head starts… if I put my head back, I can rest it on the top cushion while looking up at the ceiling. 7. The chair tilts back around an inch and a half, not very far, but I like that because if it were anymore it would feel like I was falling backward.

    PROS: The chair is overall more comfortable than what I had before, I can sit back now and type or do anything on my computer without having to lean forward. The arm pads are so nice. :)The chair is also great for low sitting desks. Easy to put together, affordable.

    CONS: (reason for the 4 stars instead of 5) I also bought a car seat cushion just in case the chair was too hard. Pilot Automotive SC-276B Black Soft Seat Cushion http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003P7IUMA/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00. Turns out I’m just not used to the chair yet? I don’t know… I can imagine it’s just like getting new shoes, it needs to be broken in a little and softened up. I’ve only had this chair for 9 hours today, been sitting in it off and on. I started feeling aching in my lower back where the lumbar support is, my butt and thighs ached a bit too so I put on the car cushion (it has straps.) It worked quite nicely. It took some pressure off of the lumbar region. It feels better now. :)

    ****UPDATE**** Two weeks later the chair has become quite comfortable with the help of the cushions. I’m not sure I would use it without them. But I can sit in the chair for extended hours and not experience any back or leg pain which I was having with the previous chair. So I would say if you don’t mind buying cushions for it (if you have to), it’s actually quite worth the money. Overall I’m happy with it.

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