Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work from home? To be able to sit in the comfort of your own living room recliner, kicked back in a plush comfortable setting, relaxed and ready to work? Can you picture it? This overstuffed executive office chair from Flash Furniture helps to provide that very experience in the office. Providing the pillow-top comfort of a home recliner with the look and functionality of a great office chair, you can easily achieve a perfect combination of comfort and productivity. Featuring black leather upholstery, loads of soft padding, underlying foam support, a silver nylon base with black caps that prevent your feet from slipping and an ergonomic design, this executive office chair enables one of the most comfortable sitting experiences you will ever have. [GO-958-BK-GG].

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One Response to “Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Over Stuffed Executive Office Chair”

  1. jjbobb Says:

    This is a flat out lie in their product description. There is no way this thing is anyway shape or form near pillow top stuffed or even over stuffed as it says. It is hard and a pain in your behind literally. The cushions on the butt spread apart when you sit causing discomfort and pain and you can not sit in it for more than 30mins. Not long for something that is supposed to be an office chair.

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