Very affordable computer chair that will provide you with the right amount of comfort needed for browsing the internet and completing work related tasks. Chair provides passive ergonomic seating with built-in lumbar support.

[H8021-GG]Executive Office Chair

Black Glove Vinyl Upholstery

CA117 Fire Retardant Foam

Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

Heavy Duty Nylon Base

Tilt Tension Control

Length 26Width 25

Assembly Required YES

Fabric Vinyl

Height 41.25 – 45

Color Black

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10 Responses to “Flash Furniture High Back Black Glove Vinyl Executive Office Chair [H8021-GG]”

  1. SpearOfHeaven Says:

    i’ve had really bad back pain for 2 months now from studying in a bad position. this chair totally hits the spot and my pain is almost all gone!

    it took about 30minutes to put together(alone) but was not hard to do at all.

    i shopped around for a long time for an office chair and i am so glad i found this one! shipped SUPER fast too! comfortable for desk work and for watching tv

  2. schellax Says:

    I weight 165 lbs, and the chair sheared in half at the metal base from normal use. Only had for about 4 months. This chair is NOT STRONG, do NOT BUY

  3. W. Taylor Says:

    There is no way this chair is ergonomic. It is economic, or perhaps more accurately, cheap, but certainly not ergonomic. The only adjustable part is the height. The seat and back padding is thin, and after only a couple of years I could feel components in the middle of the seat. I have gotten a seat pad to protect my behind.

    The tilt mechanism can be set to tilt or not. No ajdustment of the force to lean back is available.

    Even at this price, I can’t recommend it. It get’s two stars because it is not completely uncomfortable, I have had to use less comfortable chairs than this.

  4. John D. Coffey Says:

    I purchased this chair. I weigh 250 lbs and I like to lean back in the chair. It is almost all plastic and the plastic arms snapped at the points where it is screwed to the seat. I tried epoxy glue – that failed. I tried re-drilling the plastic to the seat base – that failed too. I used huge plastic tie-strips to fix the broken arm (about 6 of them). The side that wasn’t broken held (also with 6 tie strips and duct tape), so I recommend that if to buy this chair, get wire or tie-strips and duct tape and maybe a drill to brace the cheap plastic arm supports that hold this chair together, and do that on both sides. It will look really ugly but it should work. By the way, the chair did quite well for about a 2 weeks.

  5. Andrew Warren Says:

    This chair is exceedingly comfortable. The ability to tilt back is very nice. I loved this chair up until one of the arms broke like so much old lumber. I figured it was just a problem with the arm, but not a month later the same arm, by now replaced at the maker’s cost, broke again. Taking a closer look, I realized that the design of the chair puts pressure on the arms when you lean back, and too much pressure over time will make the arms snap. If you don’t plan to lean back in it, a good buy.

  6. Sherri Harney "grandmaSherr" Says:

    I ordered this for a friend. I sat it in several times and wish I had the money to get one myself. I loved it. Every time I see my friend I ask if he still likes it and he says…Best chair he ever had and loves the backward tilt he can put it in while playing his PS2. He has had it several months and no problems.

  7. Travis Says:

    It’s not the most comfortable chair in the world, but for the price, it’s pretty damn good.
    I just wish the padding was a little thicker/firmer, but I guess that is just me.

  8. JB Says:

    The seat cushion lasted literally for about 3 weeks before it went flat and made the chair uncomfortable to sit on. I’m not even that big of a guy weighing about 170Lbs. I do sit in the chair for about 10 hours a day working from home but come on!

  9. Peter Susi Says:

    This chair worked well for a few months, until (like a number of other posters) I leaned back and the arms snapped, ruining the chair.

    The chair is designed to recline, but the back is fixed, so the whole seat rotates backwards. Alone, this is not a bad thing if you’re looking for an office chair and not a Lazy-boy. However, the chair’s backrest is attached via the two arms, and NOTHING ELSE. There is no direct support or connection between the base and the back, despite the fact that they do not move. This key design fault means that ALL of the weight against the chair’s backrest is born by the arms, and they will be stressed every time you lean backwards.

    The chairs arms are a stiff plastic that will fatigue, fracture, and eventually fail. Usually, they will snap in half right next to the bolts. Because the arms are the only support for the back, this means that when the arm snaps, the entire chair is ruined.

    If you rarely use your office, or you don’t want to recline/lean bac, or you’re a 14 year old who weighs less than 140 pounds, this chair could work for you. If you are an adult who sits down every day at your desk, look elsewhere.

  10. Justin M. Berman "Photographer and Food Cybarite" Says:

    If you want a chair, but don’t want to lean back in the chair, this one should suit your needs well. I managed to break mine in a scant 2 weeks of use because I leaned back in the chair per its design! The plastic arms snapped, first one, then about 5 days afterward the second one. Unacceptable.

    The chair does assemble easily and is cheap (relatively speaking) so there are some positives. Not recommended.

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