For a contemporary and stylish mesh computer chair for your home or office there’s no need to look any further. This ergonomic task chair with mesh back from Flash Furniture will provide a comfortable and functional addition to any setting. Featuring a cool mesh back, leather seat, and a designer base, this computer chair will provide all the necessities for a home or office desk chair with a few extra features. [CP-B176A01-GREEN-GG].

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5 Responses to “Flash Furniture CP-B176A01-GREEN-GG Mid-Back Green Mesh Computer Chair with Black Leather Seat”

  1. canon shooter Says:

    very comfortable chair for small desk. good air flow for longer sitting. might be not the best for heavier person.

  2. Matthew Says:

    The green is actually a totally flourescent yellow/green, and not the light green in the picture. Think crossing guard/hunter vest green…

  3. jackattack Says:

    My son LOVED this chair when it arrived. Seems to be stable and sturdy but after a couple months of use, the orange mesh fabric is not holding up well. :(

  4. drpsp Says:

    Looked around for a really good chair on wheels to use at the dining table. Like Goldilocks, I tried first one chair and then another. Some broke easily. A couple I stashed in my storage room. Gave away a few. Process of elimination. THIS chair is WONDERFUL. I asked a carpenter friend to assemble it for me: I stopped assembling my own furniture at the end of my salad days. Took him less than an hour. Actually, we’re talking about two chairs, same model, same color. They look really good in the dining room; they swivel easily but not dangerously for my elderly parent; they’re comfortable as all get-out; and they support a lot of weight. Bought a third one, different color, to use at a separate table I sometimes work at for typing. I heartily recommend them.

  5. LilSorceress Says:

    Bought 2 chairs to try in the office. After a week, this is what they said:

    Pros :
    Mesh back kept my back cool
    Felt sturdy while being light weight
    rolls very easily, even on the carpet
    the normal sitting position promoted good posture (if you happen to sit like that!)
    Stylish coloring

    Cons :
    Too narrow for me to sit comfortably
    chair padding wholy insufficient – was almost nonexistant
    hard plastic arms are uncomfortable on elbows
    my feet kept falling asleep while crossed under (while not unexpected, it happened quicker due to the lack of padding)
    caster legs arch up too high, and get in the way when putting my feet back under the chair

    While I came out even on the Pro’s and Con’s above, the gravity of the cons makes me want to keep looking, while most of the Pro’s can be found in nearly any chair. I took a brief run around of the folks in the office and noone was willing to use it for a week; Everyone sat down, give it a quick adjustment or two and got back up grabbing for their old chair. As it sits, noone is using it right now.

    We were hoping to get new chairs (as ours are 12-20 years old and a variety of styles, colors, and textures) through the whole office. Have to keep looking.

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