EUROTECH Ergohuman Mesh Chairs feature eight ergonomic adjustments for maximum comfort all day. Breathable mesh seat and back promote air circulation and offer increased support. Adjustability includes: tilt tension control, tilt lock, back angle, back height, synchro tilt, seat height, seat depth, and arm height. Chrome/polypropylene base with nylon casters. Choose either a mid-back chair or high-back chair with supportive headrest. Both chairs are made of 97% recyclable components. Greenguard indoor air quality certified. Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA standards.

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10 Responses to “EUROTECH Ergohuman Mesh Chairs – Gray”

  1. Omni Says:

    This chair is a good chair. It has many adjustable parts.
    It’s very comfortable when you adjust everything correctly.

    Good height adjustment
    Good arm height adjustment
    Good back height adjustment
    Good seat adjustment
    Good headrest.
    Good leaning back.

    The head adjustment should have more of a height adjustment for tall people although it’s good for average size people.
    The arms should rotate more inwards and outwards as well. Also there should be an adjustment to bring the arms in closer to the body.
    The lower back part is good when you sit straight but if you lean either left or right while watching a movie or something it’s not as comfortable.
    The seat, I feel needs more length space like about 2 or 3 inches and it’ll be perfect with seat adjustment especially people with long legs.

    Overall it is an excellent chair. Very nice chair for doing lots of computer work for a long time or other kinds of work.
    Thank you for the product!

  2. Eugenio Barroso Says:

    I have had this chair for over 4 years now.
    I have worked on it many, many 16 hour workdays and only once have I needed to stand up and walk around.

    The only con is after 4 years of heavy use, the headrest has broken and one of the wheels has begun peeling.

    I strongly recommend this chair for the office.

  3. S. Antony "amazon lover" Says:

    I love this chair. The best I have sat on so far. It is not perfect (none is), but for this price, you get that feeling of sitting on one of those expensive chairs. I suffer from neck pains. This chair’s head support comfortably aligns right at the neck just below the head (it is adjustable up/down, but I hoped it could be adjustable horizontally towards the head). Overall an excellent chair for the money they are asking for.

  4. xmalice Says:

    I have tried several different chairs including the Herman Miller Aeron chair and out of them all this is by far the most comfortable one I have used. I have a ruptured disc between L4-L5 and this is the only office chair that I have found so far that allows me to work a full 8 hour day without having back pain. I don’t like to spend this sort of money on a chair but in the end I’m very glad that I did. If you have lower back problems I highly recommend this chair.

  5. D. Lee "Help Me, Help You!" Says:

    A chair is a VERY BIG DEAL. I feel very strongly that this chair deserves a 5 star rating.
    I’m 6′ tall and app 200 lbs. I’ve been using this chair for about 3 years now.

    The mesh stays firm and after 3 years there’s not single tear in it.

    I researched for about 3 months before I settled with this one. (for about $600 you better believe it)

    I needed a chair with head rest, mesh so my ass stays cool in the summer. Most importantly
    the ergo must be a no compromise. This chair has met and exceeded all of the above.

    Kudos to the designers for the superb ergo, the chemical engineers who made the mesh both incredibly strong
    yet gentle enough on the buttocks. Forget paying $$$ for the “designer” chair. This one is winner!

  6. Savvy Lamb Says:

    This chair is made from sturdy polished aluminum, mesh and plastic parts. It’s definitely going to last awhile. Even if it doesn’t, there’s a lifetime warranty on everything but the upholstery and foam. For those, the warranty is 5 years.

    The ‘ergo’ features of this chair were a disappointment for me, however:

    1. The headrest can move up and down or tilt vertically, but it can’t be moved forward for those times when you just want to sit back and watch a video or listen to music but still want to see your monitor instead of the ceiling.

    2. The seat can be moved backward and forward, but can’t be tilted up or down. Because of this, I’m unable to move pressure from my tailbone to my thighs and that results in soreness after awhile.

    3. The mesh is strong and sturdy, but that prevents it from forming to my shape very well. As a result, it begins to feel hard and uncomfortable after only a short time.

    4. The lumbar support appears to be separately adjustable from the pictures, but it’s not. It is actually integrated with the backrest. The entire unit can be moved up and down, but you can’t set the lumbar height independently.

    There are some things the chair does well:

    1. All of the adjustment controls are easy to reach and to use.

    2. Height adjustment is smooth and doesn’t seem to sink over time.

    3. The arm rests are comfortable and adjust up, down, or horizontally.

    4. The casters are well-made and move smoothly over carpeting.

    If you’re sensitive to odors, please note that this chair gives off a strong chemical smell when it is new. You may want to unpack and assemble it where there is plenty of ventilation. After nearly two months, the chemical smell is still noticeable in my chair.

    Overall, after spending over $600, I had hoped to be far more comfortable in this chair. I give the ME7ERG 5 stars for construction and 3 stars for comfort.

  7. F. Campbell Says:

    After years of getting by with make-do chairs in my home office — chairs that did nothing to alleviate my chronic back-pain (and probably exacerbated it) — I decided that it was time to get off the fence and purchase a good quality, ergonomic office chair. I chose the Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG – High Back with Headrest and Mesh.

    This chair was a huge disappointment. I obviously did not do enough research before purchasing. What I had read seemed to indicate that this chair would be comfortable for a 6’3″, 225# man. It is not. The backrest does move up and down but the lumbar support is not independently adjustable. I had expected an adjustable lumbar support. I didn’t get it. To score more than a “barely adequate” rating, a lumbar support must be adjustable up and down independent of the backrest. The second requirement is an adjustable firmness, a forward and back adjustment. The only purpose this lumbar support seems to serve is that of a decoration. A hinge and corrugated spring-like support bar promise more functionality than they deliver.

    As for the headrest, I would have done better to buy one of the models that did not have one. With the backrest at its highest setting and the headrest at its furthest extension, it does nothing but annoy me by poking my shoulder when I lean back. It WILL support my head if I am interested in staring at the ceiling. If the company sold an extension arm, to raise the headrest another 3 or 4 inches, I would probably buy one.

    Now we come to the actual seat of the chair. The seat has a feature that seemed attractive at the time. It can be moved forward and back to better support the legs of people with different thigh lengths. This would be a very useful feature if the actual seating area were deeper. When I move the seat forward to support my legs, my butt is sitting on the metal and plastic rear edge. It’s like sitting on the metal bar at the top of a chain-link fence (but with well supported thighs.)

    All in all, I will try it for a few weeks but I suspect I will be giving it away to someone else soon. Perhaps one of my teen-age kids will like it.

  8. Hau Says:

    I love this chair. It took me a few days to adjust the right setting. Once you do, its a great chair to lounge in front of your computer or properly sit while being on the computer. Only reason why I deduct one star is the price… but you get what you pay for!

  9. Abdulrahman Says:

    Wow …. Yah :)
    To be honest with you, I was confused whether I get this chair or I get the Mirra basic one.
    I’m glad I got this chair. It feels all made of solid and plastic parts, and I do like it.
    The only thing that hurt me is its price :(
    The most thing I like about this chair is I can sleep on it and the arms is something unbelievable, they would make you comfortable and it doesn’t matter how tall you are.
    I am just a student and I had been saving for it for three months before I bought it, and I hope I have made the right choice getting it though.
    The first time I sat on it I didn’t get up for almost four hours and when I got up I couldn’t wait coming back to set on it again. I have a bad back that causes me a lot of pain, also my nick affected my right arm which sometimes I feel pain in my nick and my right elbow too. That’s why I have chose this chair since i supports my back very well and my head too.
    I only took about TEN MINUTES putting this chair all together, it’s so simple and easy and I bet that even a child could do it too. I am 6 feet height and about 260 lbs weight.
    So, what I can say so far about this chair is, it is so comfy and you are not gonna believe your self setting on it. You would feel like you own the world. I would probably come after awhile to update my review to see if there is any thing came up, as well as to see if my back and my nick got any improvements.
    I hope that I didn’t paid $600 for a chair that couldn’t make me happy.

    Thank you.

  10. kellyb Says:

    And worth EVERY cent!

    I’ve beat my body up pretty badly over the years, and this is by far the most comfortable office chair I have ever had the pleasure to sit in.

    Near-infinite adjustability, and the mesh makes it so I never get warm, even in a spare-bedroom-sized room, with three computers on non-stop.

    Now that it’s aging, there are a few minor issues, but I expect Raynor to honor their lifetime warranty. The pneumatic cylinder allows the chair to drop if I start to sit in it at the wrong angle-of-attack, and the swivel motion creaks loudly. Like I said, both are minor issues given the chair has several hundred hours, nigh, *thousands* of butt-hours, and it’s now 6 years old.

    There are a few folks who do not like the fact the armrests stay fixed in relation to the seat & back when reclining. Actually, I like it better this way, but it’s a matter of preference.

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