Thick Padded Black Fabric Seat, Back and Knee Rest.

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  1. Chris of the Swamp Says:

    I love kneeling chairs. I’m short, so usually in order to reach the keyboard, my feet are dangling, and with this I can have my legs tucked up under me, just peachy.

    The BIGGEST problem is that the back of the chair has no adjustment capabilities, and forces you to hunch over pretty far. I bought the chair because it looked more versatile- I could sit back normally, or use the kneel pad. But, with the back on, the chair is completely useless.

    So, I took it apart, and put it back together WITHOUT the back. Now it’s just fine!

  2. Del Lausa Says:

    I just bought this to replace a similar kneeling chair that I have used and loved for years. I bought this specifically for the back rest, which my last chair did not have. Overall, I love this chair, and it is a real back-saver for me. FYI: I am female/5’4″/120 lbs., and have long legs for my height. I’d say this chair would probably work for a small to average sized person.


    1. The back rest does provide relief and support, even though I mostly just barely touch it. I find it helps prevent the “slump” often associated with kneeling chairs. It also allows you to lean back and stretch occasionally, which is also very good for the back.

    2. The seat/knee angle is comfortable, and remains constant at different heights. (Most adjustable kneeling chairs adjust the seat/knee angle as a function of adjusting the height.)

    3. I like having the wheels.

    4. Height adjustment is essential for a good ergonomic fit with your desk set-up, and this has a nice smooth lever for up and down.


    1. As mentioned by another reviewer, the back rest does tend to pitch the sitter forward too far. However, this is easily remedied by removing the spring and inner sleeve from the back rest adjustment assembly. Then you can just set it at the angle that suites you best.

    2. While the back rest tension is adjustable with the fix described above, it still requires twisting a handle, which is a bit awkward.

  3. Cathryn L. Martin "Cat" Says:

    In the 70s I purchased the original, bent-wood kneeling chair. It took a little bit of adjustment in how to get up and sit down properly, but have ALWAYS loved the way the tilted seat and knee pads allowed my spine to seem supported without a backrest. I am currently in the process of purchasing a 5-leg/caster kneeling chair because the ability to move around while in this position is a big plus. For those who feel it pitches them forward, IT DOES!!! That’s not in error!!! Give the chair an honest chance, sit in it for awhile and be aware of how it feels – how your spine is straight, how your knees feel, and how your body overall feels as you sit and work. I highly recommend kneeling chairs to anyone concerned about their sitting posture.

  4. P Mack "zealous-shopR" Says:

    This chair pitches you forward in an unnatural position. Its not comfortable to sit on. There was no other way to adjust it, when we were putting it together, to make it more usable. Its solidly made, and not too expensive, but the plan is all wrong.

  5. Researcher "Gene Pooler" Says:

    I have not purchased this chair, but I like the concept. Unfortunately, it is hard to know how well the chair will work for a specific application without knowing the range in height of the seat.

  6. Tonya K. Hoyle Says:

    I bought this over a year ago. It has really been a great bargain for the price. It has drastically reduced the number of times I have to see a chiropractor. The screws on the shin rest have to be tightened about once a month or so. Otherwise it has been a very good product. It was a little confusing putting it together and I had to take it apart and start over at one point. However, after that it went fairly smoothly. I am thinking about ordering another one for my house.

  7. SuiteSymphony Says:

    I really like my chair, but it did not come the way I now use it. It was difficult to assemble, and when completed, I thought I was going to hate it. The back rest was horribly uncomfortable; I think it was designed for a shorter person than I, and it was not at all adjustable. I thought about sending it back, but instead I removed the back. The chair works well now, and it is easier to get on and off it without the back. The wheels are really nice, and eliminate one other problem of some other posture chairs (turning to other tasks).

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