Eurotech Ergohuman collection high back mesh ergonomic chair is designed to be the ultimate in comfort. Specifically intended for users who are in their chair for five or more hours per day, Ergohuman features exclusive flex zones that ensure constant back and lumbar support.With a wide range of ergonomic adjustments, the Ergohuman high back chair can be easily customized to fit virtually any user. Instant lift seat adjustment is controlled by a lever located beneath the right front of the seatpan, and positions seat height from 17”21”. The mesh backrest is adjustable in both height and angle. To adjust back height, simply reach behind chair and pull the chrome buttons, then lift backrest to desired location. Synchrotilt seat mechanism with adjustable tension control allows back angle to adjust freely, and it can be locked into three different positions. To help the Ergohuman accommodate users of different heights, the depth of the seat pan can be adjusted. Simply pull back on lever below lower rear of right side of seat to release seat depth lock, and the seat can slide freely forward and back.  Adjustable armrests help you keep your elbows at the proper 90 degree position while providing additional comfort and support. Height can be adjusted by pressing button on side of arm and lifting arm into any of ten different positions. Angle of armrests can be pivoted into three different positions with a total range of 16 degrees. Chair is made from 97 recyclable parts. All Eurotech products have been certified by Greenguard as meeting the Indoor Air Quality pollutant guidelines and standards. Greenguard is an independent, nonprofit organization that certifies indoor products based on strict chemical emissions criteria. Greenguard certification provides thirdparty assurance that products have been tested for potentially harmful chemical emissions and found to meet allowable levels established by public health authorities. Ships ready to assemble.

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3 Responses to “Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic Chair Black Mesh/Chrome Frame”

  1. LondonLover Says:

    It was with some trepidation that I set out to find a new office chair for my little home office in the basement. The fake mesh Aeron chair that I purchased from one of the local office supply chains, for which I paid $190, had served me for almost 3 years. Alas, last week I leaned back after writing a proposal the chair back gave way, abruptly snapping and sending me tumbling to the floor. Inspection revealed that joint where the chair back screwed into the chair base was made of plastic.

    After much research, I still wanted the mesh Aeron chair effect, without the $900 price tag. After reading the reviews, I decided to try this Ergohuman Mesh. I must say I’ve never spent $600 on an office chair before, so my expectations were pretty high. I have an Aeron chair at work and love it.

    After only 2 days of use, I must say I like this chair, I like it a great deal. Easy to assemble, only 6 screws, and the design is remarkably similar to my cheap Aeron rip-off chair. I’m a big guy at 6-2 and weighing a little more than I should. The chair is comfortable with surprisingly efficient lower back support. The back can be locked so it doesn’t tilt (for me, a must) and I find I can sit and move around in it with ease. I am also happy to report that the joint where the back meets the seat, is metal on metal. These are early days, but I’m hopeful this chair will last me for some time to come.

    Buy without hesitation.

  2. Yo John Says:

    This is the perfect office chair. It is amazing how much time one spends in an office chair. That chair better be the best. This one is.

  3. fishmomma Says:

    This chair is wonderful! It is great looking and is very comfortable.
    I ordred this chair for my husband because he complained about how uncomfortable his old office chair was. No complaints with this one. Definitely worth the money.

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