Ergonomic open mesh back designed to provide exceptional back support. Open mesh seat, ergonomically designed. Adjustable height and width armrests. 3 paddle multi-function tilting mechanism, which allows the seat and back to be independantly adjusted and locked in any position. Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment. Adjustable tilt tension control. Large 27″ nylon base. Hooded double wheel casters.

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9 Responses to “Boss Office Products B6018, Boss Multi Function Mesh Chair”

  1. Rachel Webster Says:

    The chair arrived damaged – 2 of the tilt levers were in pieces. I put the chair together anyway while I waited for replacement parts. The levers that were still attached were very difficult to manipulate. Chair was not as comfortable as the office depot model I was hoping it would be like. And getting the return information from the company was extremely difficult and took almost a week.

  2. Global Villager Says:

    My office is frequently open to the outside, so it can get quite warm in the summer. I had a standard leather chair that could get quite hot and needed an aerated, cool chair for hot days. This chair does the trick. It has mesh both on the seat and on the back support. It has plenty of adjustability as well. Exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Mickey Tomar Says:

    The chair was easy to assemble, and I love the ventilated mesh feel to the chair. However, I was expecting a chair similar to the one I had at work where the chair adjusts automatically when you lean back. This does not give much lean support, so keep that in mind when deciding. If you’re looking for a great budget mesh chair, this one is it!

  4. Seeker "Seeker" Says:

    I’m very happy with this chair. I got one for myself a while back and bought this one for my partner as a birthday/Christmas present. The chair is fairly easy (and pretty foolproof) to set up and operate, although the main piece is a bit heavy and you have to pay attention to the directions. But I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Evilgoo Says:

    I needed a cool ventilated chair so I found this one for a decent price.

    Pros: Very ergonomic, with a tilt, back and height adjustment. the arms are adjustable too so its a nice feature. It very comfortable. I live in CA so it gets really hot in the summer.

    Cons: The mesh material seems a little bit cheap, it could get sticky if you were to sit for too long.

    Overall its a decent chair for a decent price.

  6. Horseshy Says:

    Somewhat wobbly construction. Did not lean back far enough for me and the arm rests seemed awkward. I would not buy this chair again. The price was much better than others out there, but I got what I paid for.

  7. Ken in Atlanta Says:

    I just received 3 of these chairs for my office. The company says that they should be adjustable up to 21.5 inches seat height. Unfortunately mine don’t raise beyond 18″. That 3 inches makes a world of difference to anyone that’s tried them. I did just see some other reviews of these chairs on other websites that have the same problem.

    I contacted Boss Chairs and was told that they can’t (or are unwilling to) do anything about it. They said I would need to contact for any issues. Needless to say I’m returning these chairs.

  8. Harry Barber Says:

    I had high hopes for this chair and planned on buying a dozen for our office. Unfortunately it was not very comfortable to sit in and has no lower back support. It also does not raise high enough for shorter people to sit at a desk properly.

  9. Hypnotoad Says:

    This is a decent office chair — after assembly, the chair feels quite sturdy (except perhaps for the armrests, which are a bit wobbly). The chair also seems to have a sufficient number of adjustments to accommodate the needs of most body types and sizes.

    This chair is not as comfortable as my Aeron chair at work, and I believe this is due to the mesh netting not being as “squishy” as that found on Aeron chairs. Nevertheless, this is a true mesh chair inasmuch as both the back and the seat are covered with the mesh material (on many so-called “mesh” chairs, only the back of the chair is actually covered with the mesh material, while the seat uses a traditional foam cushion).

    At one-third the cost of an Aeron chair, this is a decent choice for anyone who wants a full-mesh office chair.

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