Mid-back styling with firm lumbar support. Elegantly upholstered in microfiber. Hardwood arms with fabric-upholstered padding. Hardwood caps, on 27-inch steel leg base, for greater stability. Hooded double wheel casters. Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment. Adjustable tilt tension control. Available in multiple fabrics and finishes.

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  1. Mary A Murphy Says:

    Took some time to put together as the screw holes did not line up perfectly and the screws would only go in so far. Once put together, it worked great for a couple of weeks. One afternoon, the height could no longer be adjusted. While it can be raised to the highest position, once any pressure is put on it, it drops to the lowest position. Not worth it!!!

  2. J. Beck Says:

    I started looking for a new chair today, because my old chair just gave out. I purchased this chair from Lowe’s almost 11 years ago. My roommate got one as well. Over the years, the wooden leg covers fell off and I managed to rip the cloth of one armrest. About two years ago, the latch that adjusts the height stopped working. Last year, something broke inside where the leg meets the bottom of the chair, and the whole chair wobbled around when I sat. Today, it finally wore a hole through the wooden base, and poked up into the upholstery.

    My roommate had his armrest fall off after 5 years or so (he habitually leans on the right armrest), so he wrote the company and they mailed him a free armrest.

    You’ll get many, many years out of this chair. It’s lasted me through 7 years of college, a year of gradschool, 8 moves, and two professional jobs. I abused this chair a great deal, and it took it and kept going. I lost an old friend today.

  3. T. Webb Says:

    I bought this chair 7 months ago to replace a larger, armed computer chair with a full back because it was wearing out.

    This chair’s seat is *very* uncomfortable, and has been from day one. The center of the seat–aka, where your rear is–has such a thin layer of cushioning, it feels like you’re sitting on a completely flat surface, yet the outer edges–aka, where NOTHING is–are well-padded. I have tried “pushing” the cushioning into the center, but it seems impossible.

    The back is cushioned nicely. At first, it got me wondering if I had swapped the seat with the back during assembly, but that’s not possible. I would recommend a cheap, generic office chair over this. My boss purchased one from [national office supply chain] for $40 and it’s far more comfortable.

    It wobbles a little even when the back is locked, and it has taken to creaking, sometimes loudly.

    Bottom line: this chair is less comfortable on the rear than a twenty-year-old thrift store kitchen chair, at least to me. Everyone’s bottom is different. Regardless, this is the last chair I’ll be ordering without a chance to try out in person. Seriously, who wants to pack and return a piece of furniture?

  4. Celestial Badger Says:

    It’s a nice comfortable chair and easy to put together. The wooden pieces look good. Note that all the screws are screwed into the base of the chair initially, not in a separate bag. To put it together you need to unscrew them first.

  5. Kitten "gymmouse1" Says:

    The first thing I noticed was the color – it was nothing like the color pictured on my monitor (which appeared to be something of a golden saddle tan shade). My husband described it as “chocolate green”. I guess it’s dark brown, but in low lighting can also appear to be rather olive green. The seat is firm, but comfortable, and the wood looks very nice. The casters roll very well on the carpeted floor. It was my fault, but I failed to notice that there was no way to adjust the depth of the back. I’m short (5′ 3″) and the back is a bit deep for me, but I can adapt. I did not install the arms, and, as noted in other reviews, they are optional and do not affect the performance of the chair. It would be very simple to install at a later date, if desired (or remove later, also). I’m not sure how well the chair would hold up under heavy use – it feels firm and solid, but the single lever for height adjustment feels kind of flimsy. In any case, I only use for about an hour daily. It was packaged very well, with the wood finish protected, and was definitely easy to assemble – only took me about 30 minutes or less.

  6. Lena Says:

    Update 1 year later: The chair continues to be comfortable and looks nearly new. I would purchase this again.

    I’ve been using this chair in my home office for about five weeks.

    = Cost
    I ordered it from Amazon for $106.99 with free Prime shipping. The low price is one of the reasons that I gave this chair a five star rating. However, Amazon does not offer the cappuccino fabric at this time. I feel that this chair would be a good value at a cost of price + shipping up to $135.00.
    = Ease of assembly
    I used a cordless drill motor to remove the screws and install them as instructed. I’m sure it would have taken much longer with a screw driver, but would not have been much more difficult. It took about thirty minutes from packing removal to sitting at my desk.
    = Materials
    This is a suede finish microfiber that should be durable. The real wood on the chair arms and legs has an attractive matte varnish.
    = Seat lifter
    The gas seat lifter works smoothly and has a wide adjustment range. It was extremely easy to assemble.
    = Comfort
    I am a 5’4″ tall woman with a 29″ inseam. I have a high-end ergonomic chair at work. This is not quite as comfortable, but it cost nearly $700 less. I have spent hours at my computer sitting in this chair, and I routinely get up without a sore rear or aching shoulders. My friend who is nearly 6′ tall also feels that this is a comfortable chair to use while working at his computer.

    = The instructions
    About half of the time it took to put the Boss chair together was spent trying to understand some of the instructions. They aren’t impossible to follow, but they are poorly written, particularly for the final stage of putting the chair body onto the riser and foot assembly.

    Conclusion? This seems like a sturdy, comfortable chair that I will be able to use in my home office for a long time.

  7. Rose B. Klein "DAYS fan" Says:

    I am extremely pleased with this purchase. In fact, I purchased two of the chairs, one for my husband and one for myself. The chairs were easy to assemble, and the microfiber fabric feels like suede. The chair is very comfortable to sit in, and looks great in our home office.

  8. Tamara Rudolph "capitalina" Says:

    I like this chair: comfortable and not too big. I like color of this chair, as well.

  9. fiddlesticks Says:

    At first we thought o-my it is very stiff but after a week or two we found that our lower back pain we had with our other softer chair was gone and that the new chair offers good support for the hips and lower back and now we find it is very comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time, it also has great appearance, workmanship, and ease of assembly.

  10. Robert Friedman Says:

    I bought this chair for my elderly dad…..after spinning around a bit, he found it to be so comfortable that it is now his regular chair for reading and tv watching! Quality components, easy assembly, and very attractive.

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