Beautifully upholstered in Black CaressoftPlus. Pillow top cushions for added comfort. Padded arm rests. Adjustable tile tension control. Pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment. Large 27″ nylon base with black caps. Hooded double wheel casters.

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  1. M. Finn "megs2219" Says:

    I’ll preface this with saying I haven’t bought a lot of office chairs, I had a cheapo one in college and was shocked to find out how much you can spend. I think this is a good value for the money, especially for those of us that do not want to pay more than $150 for an office chair. This chair feels very well built and sturdy. It’s arms are fixed which I can see being a problem for someone but they fit me perfectly so it’s not an issue. The padding on here feels very luxurious and more expensive than you paid. It leans back which is important to me and it does that easily. I also like to sit indian-style or crosslegged in my chair and when I do that it turns on me, even if i have my feet just gently resting on the floor it does this. Every once in a while I can get it so it want to rotate facing the computer but uusally it wants to face 90 degrees away. I’m not sure if this is the chair or possibly my floor is uneven, but it is kind of annoying and my old cheapo chair didn’t do that. But it doesn’t always do it so I don’t think its worth returning over. If you sit like a normal person this probably isn’t an issue but its the only issue i’ve found so I thought I’d mention it.

  2. J. Martin "Voyager" Says:

    1/7/10 I received this chair about a week ago and I couldn’t be happier with it. It is super soft and comfortable with good lumbar and head support (for when you want to lean back and relax.

    Assembly is simple but requires a lot of unscrewing (to get the screws)and then rescrewing. Specs don’t mention that the chair holds up to 250 lbs. and it is recommended that you purchase “soft” wheels unless you are using it on carpet.

    5/6/12 Well, I’ve had this chair about 1 1/2 years now and today it sort of fell apart. Several of the screws holding the left arm rest just stripped out and could not be put back in. Without them the back is not attached on that side so the chair is unusable. To be fair I’ve used it a lot and for most of that time I weighed about 230 lbs so it’s had a lot of wear and tear. For the price, I would probably buy it again. Just ordered another Boss chair but mid back instead of high back.Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

  3. Bill Justesen "Computer Geek" Says:

    Installation was fairly easy, but like other reviewers stated, the screws were a bit of a challenge to insert and get working properly. Sometimes they would catch fibers from the chair and would prevent the screw from going in further, other times they would misalign and would go in about 1/5 of the way before stopping. I only had this problem multiple times with 2 screws; after that I was a bit more careful and the installation process was much smoother.

    Sitting in the chair is a pleasant experience. The rollers are smooth and it leans back at a comfortable angle. I am extremely pleased.

  4. B.Eddy Says:

    My very first review. I’m sooo pleased with this chair. It was easy to assemble, very sturdy, extremely comfortable (I especially like the padded arms and built in lumbar support) and spins smoothly. I love the flat black color; and the tufted seat and back, along with the silverish/grey base, give it pizzazz. A bargain price and was delivered 2-3 days before expected.

  5. Spitfire Says:

    This chair is so comfortable that I just don’t see it being associated with office work or stress! Unless you’re trying to fall asleep at the office. I love it as much as a recliner chair. It is perfect for my studio sessions when you may be sitting for some time. This is the best chair out there for this price, and especially for this category. Save your back a whole lot of misery by purchasing this chair. And if you do get one for the office, try not to look too comfortable when the boss comes around! Good luck with that one!

  6. smr "smr" Says:

    I purchased this chair in April, buy June it was listing to one side so badly I couldn’t sit in it. My husband looked at it, and he said all the screws were tight, it’s just broken on one side. I’m an average size person, so it’s not like it was subjected to a huge weight. I called Amazon to return it, they said I had to contact the seller, I did that, and they refuse to take their chair back. Apparently, they only take returns up to 30 days. So if you have a lot of money, and you want a disposable chair, get this one, if you don’t and you want something that might actually last longer than two months, I’d skip this. I would have given it less than one star if I could, not only was the chair bad, the customer service was horrible.

  7. Anthony Says:

    Its been very difficult to find a good office chair these days for a good price, but I think this chair actually gets it done. Its not a thickly cushioned chair like some others, but it’s still very comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. It has 3 levels of height which work very well, but I like the lowest setting because I like a chair lower to the ground. Another thing worth noting is the chairs general appearance. It’s very attractive and classy looking. The materiel is also very soft and feels very nice on skin, such as bare arms when you rest them on the arm rests. I had a little trouble in assembling. The screw holes are set into sockets and you cannot hand tighten them to get it started. When you can’t get it started by hand tightening… then you cant “feel” the actual connection between the screw and the bolt, so Its just tough to make sure your not cross threading when getting it started with a screwdriver. So it was a little tough to assemble the arms to the seat and back, but once I was done I was very happy with the result. I would say that the overall design might have a durability flaw. The back is only held by two arm screws on each side, but unless I start behaving zany manner, like putting my feet up on a desk, or really bearing my weight into the back of it it will probably last for years. Very pleased with the chair so far. I think it’s an overall good value and nice chair.

  8. Lead Singer "Lead Singer" Says:

    I’m fairly new at the review thing – Hopefully this will be helpful to someone.

    First – The chair arrived in quick time. I ordered it on Thursday and got it on Monday (today).
    It arrives in a large box that’s packed well and isn’t extremely heavy.

    I want to stress – This item was SUPER EASY to assemble. It only requires a Phillips head screwdriver and comes together with 12 screws.
    Can’t find the screws? That’s because they’re already screwed in. The company ships the product with the screws in place to make sure they’re all there upon shipping. By the way, I called Norstar Office Products (Boss Chair People) to find the screws and they were really quick with the answers. Quick service with real people that answered the phone. Of course I felt pretty dumb after they told me they were screwed in, but they said it happens all the time. Just remove the screws, and get ready to assemble.

    I am not much of a handy man, and it only took me about 25-30 minutes to assemble the chair after unpacking the box and checking all the parts.
    It’s really just a matter of lining up the screws with the holes in the arm rests. After some really good hand tightening the chair feels VERY solid. There’s definitely a lumbar lift(?) in the back which feels great and causes me to sit upright instead of slouching forward. I’m 5’7 and the size works for me, though I can also see how someone a bit taller would find the lumbar even more comfortable just slightly lower down the back.
    The Vinyl feels like high quality material. Better than I expected. Soft to the touch, yet durable.
    I’m a bit of a ‘flat’ bottomed guy, and the cushioning on this chair is more than adequate for me. I had to put pillows and such on my prior chair for extended seating. I don’t imagine I’ll have that issue with this one… at least so far.

    The chair rocks/reclines great and the gas lift works as you would expect.
    I wasn’t sure if the seat went up high enough at first, but once I pulled it up to my desk I found myself actually lowering the chair a bit.

    The arm rests are at the proper height. Though not adjustable, it seems like they’re in the ideal place for me, so not a concern there. Very comfortable and padded, and actually at just the right height for me to type while relaxed.

    At this price, you can’t beat it. I would be pleased with the quality of this chair even if I had paid more for it (but I’m glad I didn’t)
    I was very skeptical buying a chair online. No need to worry with this one!

    As I’ve only been using it for about an hour, I’ll try to do a follow up after a week or so…

  9. Mike Says:

    Couldn’t be happier with this chair. It’s very comfy and the back support is great. It was also very easy to put together.

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