Beautifully upholstered in black LeatherPlus. Passive ergonomic seating with built in lumbar support. Upright locking position. Pneumatic seat height adjustment. Adjustable tilt tension control. Large 27-inch nylon base for greater stability. Hooded double wheel casters. Dimensions: Arm Height 25-28-inch H, Seat Size: 20-inch W x 19-inch D, Seat Height: 18-inch -21.5-inch, Overall Size: 25.5-inch W x 27-inch D x 40.5-44-inch H.

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10 Responses to “Boss B8106 Executive Chair, Black”

  1. Justin Philip Says:

    This is what Iv been waiting 4. This is a cheap chair that delivers the best comfort for your back. I put it together in about an hour and the hardest part is connecting the two heavy cushions. Once you put it together, you are going be happy and confident with yourself like I am. Don’t buy this chair if you have a cat because it will scratch the hell out of it.

  2. Ant Farmer Says:

    I bought this chair to replace a cheap office chair that I used for 12 years without complaint until it finally broke. I thought I was getting something better this time after reading the favorable reviews. But I really can’t stand this chair and I am going to immediately start looking for a replacement.
    The chair was easy to assemble, the fit and finish were okay, the fake leather was about as good as you would expect from fake leather, and it looks nicer than my old broken chair. But I absolutely hate this chair.
    Complete idiots designed this chair. The seat is angled to pitch you forward, so your rear end is elevated and your thighs slope down, like it was designed as a playground slide.
    You can’t lean back even a little. You are stuck pitched forward.
    The tension adjust thing doesn’t seem to do anything. Rotate it all the way clockwise, all the way counter clockwise, it feels just the same.
    The seat, which appears in the photo to look well padded, feels like sitting on a concrete block covered with a quarter inch of foam rubber. It is unforgivably badly designed by a sadist.
    I might be able to adapt to this bit of junk if there was some way to adjust the angle, but there isn’t. You can only adjust the height, and you can play with a so-called tension knob that doesn’t seem to do anything useful.
    In addition to all these fatal design flaws, there is the annoying slop in the way the seat attaches to the vertical post. It wobbles around several degrees before coming to an abrupt stop, which is disconcerting and give the impression of extremely bad machining and design. You would expect it to feel solid and have increasing resistance up to some point, but in use it just wobbles around freely for a couple of degrees and then has no give after that point. It just feels cheap and worrisome.
    I will never buy another office chair online without checking one out in person. If I had sat in this thing in a store for 5 seconds I would have immediately ruled it out as a purchase choice.
    Also, remember that this has a 250 LB limit, so I’m guessing this thing will be toast if anyone sits on your lap for a second.
    I have just completed my first 90 minutes of sitting in this chair and already my back hurts from sitting pitched forward. I never had that problem with my old cheap generic chair from an office supply chain.

  3. AltoRosio13 Says:

    This chair was definitely the most unpleasant purchase I’ve made from Amazon. I have exchanged it three times and each one was defective. Eventually Amazon told me I wasn’t allowed to exchange it anymore and they would issue me a refund instead.

    First chair I was sent had a leaking piston. I would raise the chair to the highest height, then it would be lowered to the ground after two minutes. I am a 160lbs male, so I am not over the weight limit.

    Second chair: The piston would not activate at all. I would lift myself from the chair and pull up the lever, yet it would do nothing. I looked underneath, to see what was going on, and the lever was pushing on the top of the piston, as it was supposed to, yet the piston would not rise. My best guess is there was no gas charge in it.

    Third exchange: The holes to attach the main bracket to the underside of the seat did not line up. I had three of the screws in just enough to hold the bracket in place, yet still provide enough wiggle room to align properly, but the last stud was too far off from the hole to fit in. I will submit a customer picture of this.

    Also, the chairs I was sent were obviously returns. All three of the chairs I received showed scuff and dirt marks on the nylon base and wheels; the bags containing the pieces were ripped opened and tied in a knot; and the boxes were crushed, torn, and/or re-taped.

    I do want to mention that Amazon has an amazingly easy return system. Simply make a couple clicks on your computer. The exchange arrived the next day, with no charge to me. They scheduled UPS to pick up the defective chair at my home the next day and provide the shipping label during pickup. Only effort I had to do was pack everything back up, tape the box, and leave it on my porch. After three exchanges, they stopped letting me exchange and made me accept a refund. This was upsetting because I REALLY wanted a working chair, but I understand that Amazon was losing money by shipping me exchanges every other day.

    Overall, the chair was very comfortable and the best in it’s price rage, however the craftsmanship is well below acceptable. It pains me to know that I will not be owning this chair, because it is so comfortable. Amazon and/or Boss should definitely quality check or assemble these chairs before shipping them out. The manufacturer never knows if the holes line up correctly or the pistons work properly because they never pre-assemble and test the chairs.

  4. Kalle Mais Says:

    The product specifications state the chair is “leather”. The product has no leather. Description from listing is below:

    Brand Name: BOSS
    Model number: B8106
    Color: BLACK/BLACK
    Material Type: Leather
    Number of Items: 1
    Manufacturer Part Number: B8106

  5. Craig Says:

    I am not a big person.. 5’10” and the arm rests may as well not even exist because they are too low to use. The chair itself is ok.. not what I was expecting for $80. I can tell it wont last too long. I do not recommend.

  6. Pelican32 Says:

    Just got this chair. It’s quite comfortable, sturdy, and seems well made for a very affordable price.

    Assembly was very easy and took about 15 mintues. I’m not sure why other reviewers seemed to indicate some difficulty. One small piece of advice: don’t tighten the bolts on the arms all the way until you have the whole chair assembled. That way, you leave yourself some give in the structure, making it easier to align the bolts with the holes. Once you have all the bolts in, tighten them up.

  7. doc4bax Says:

    Have bought two of these over the years. Both of them failed in about a year. The welds on the bottom of the chair just under the seat broke on both of them. JUNK

  8. Barbara Says:

    I bought this chair because it states the wheels are for carpet, it was a good price and the reviews that stated it was confortable.

    It is a great chair.. the wheels maybe for carpet, but not the type of carpet someone has in their home. My carpet is a little plush and the wheels don’t roll well. It probably rolls fine on the style of carpet you find in offices.

    Those who say it is hard to put together… probably put too much thought into putting it together and made more work that what it really is. It is very easy to put together… I only looked at the directions once.. to make sure I was putting the shaft the correct way. From the time I opened the box until the time I was sitting in the chair… 20 minutes.. and I was watching TV, too!

  9. Brian Z. Says:

    The chair is built very well, but you have to take some care in putting it together. There are metal sockets which the bolts go into, you just have to make sure they are lined up. In a way this is a good thing, because at least you know the sockets will not get worn out.

    The chair is very good quality, but perhaps a little stiff on the back part. But i guess they make it stiff because some chairs go soft too easily. Overall for the money, it is a very good choice. Assembly was rather simple, but have 2 people to line everything up and you will be fine. I did it myself and I am an engineer, but I still had to wrestle with the lining up of the bolts.

    I say buy it…

  10. Ralph Henderson "climber" Says:

    Just wanted a basic second chair for the office and that’s what I got. Assembly instructions are not clear and I have assembled A LOT of products. Take your time, be careful not to cross-thread any bolts (it’s seems prone to it and the holes don’t line up very well. It’s a chair and assembled it does alright. Please note that the rollers are made for carpet and you’ll have to buy different ones for hard floor or chair mats (or lay an area rug down). One star deducted for the pain of assembly. Let you know how it holds up.

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