Contemporary ergonomic mesh back, designed to provide exceptional back suppot and to prevent body heat and moisture build up. Chrome accented multi-directional, adjustable arm rests. 2 to 1 synchro-tilt mechanism with a seat slider. Seat slider allows the user to easily adjust the seat depth. Adjustable tilt tension control. 27-inch chrome base. Hooded double wheel casters. Optional head rest sold separately (BHR6880). Breathable mesh seat.

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10 Responses to “Boss B6888-BK Multi-Function Mesh Chair”

  1. boomquest Says:

    I’m happy with this chair. I was originally going to get an Ergohuman chair. But for the price, I could not pass up on getting this Boss chair instead. It was easy to assemble. It’s very comfortable & has the mesh seat & back which keeps you cool. (All for about half the cost of the Ergohuman.)

  2. Garrek Says:

    I’ve had the chair for about a month and so far so good. There are no flaws with it at all. Even the welds seem fine. 😉

  3. multi task Lori "Lori" Says:

    great back support, perfect for my desk and a few others. we are buying more. Arrived on time with easy assembly.

  4. JohnJohn Says:

    Chair is comfortable. Recline is awesome. Adjustable and looks nice. Chair is a bit heavy and pricey, but a good chair overall.

  5. Matthew Pilet "Matt" Says:

    UPDATE: I called the Customer Service Hotline on the assembly instructions and received the BEST service ever. The number was a direct line to a HUMAN that spoke CLEAR ENGLISH! She was polite and literally put the part in a bag for me to drop in the mail. Wow, amazing service!
    The box arrived damaged . The zip lock bag containing the two screws for the arms was split at the bottom. As a result one of the screws was lost in transit so now I can’t assemble one of the arms! I haven’t contacted the vendor yet.

  6. Cattlelady "sheep too" Says:

    Bought in February, July 30 a wheel broke. Yes the chair gets used everyday in a home, not office. I weigh 160 pounds and am 5’9″, so it shouldn’t have wheels falling apart. And the chair is on a chair mat on vinyl floors.

    The only good things I can say about the chair is that it doesn’t stick to bare skin.

  7. ihatethisblender Says:

    Seriously, this chair is total crap. Don’t bother with it. At the moment it seemed like a good idea to get it after reading the reviews, but as soon as I started to assemble it I noticed the arm rest mounts were not symmetrical. After some careful measurements, it was revealed that the left arm rest mount was shorter than the right, by a half of centimeter. I would rather spend the money on a chair made in the U.S.A. than over $300 for one made in China. Maybe I just stumbled upon a lemon. The weird thing is that while some parts look good, others look cheap. Also, the welds are horrendous; they did not even bother to clean the burrs properly. I hope this helps anyone out there who is looking for a medium to high end office chair.

  8. KD Says:

    I just received this office chair after weeks of reading on-line reviews. I was looking for an all mesh comfortable- lumbar supported office chair and I am not disappointed with this one at all! I need a chair to keep cool from sitting at my desk all day- this does the trick!
    It is very adjustable to fit your needs- and the office seat itself actually slides back and forth adjusting the seat length. I am 5’6 and found this feature helpful- I have it slid out all the way and it is very comfortable. The lumbar support is great! You can lock the chair in a more upright position or release for more reclined feel. So far I am really happy with this chair for the price. If you set all day- this is a great chair to keep you supported, cool and comfortable!

  9. Allen Says:

    I searched around for a while on the internet for the best office chair for the price, and found this. I was considering getting a Herman Miller Aeron chair, but they’re close to $1,000, whereas this chair only cost about half that, and was worth it. Setup was easy and took about 20 minutes. The chair looks as good and I found it comfortable enough for me. One of the things that I really love about it is the excellent lumbar support. Look at the pictures of it from the side and you’ll notice that the bottom of the chair has a curved part of it that actually supports your lumbar, promoting excellent posture. I got the version with the headrest, and I’m glad I did. Also, it tilts back, which can be locked or unlocked, and it feels very smooth and natural. The seat depth and height is adjustable with two lift-up levers, one on the left for seat depth and one on the right for seat height. The armrests are also adjustable, they can be slid up or down and twisted inward or outward. The chair looks and feels high quality, with a stout all-metal base. I’m a computer programmer and most of my life is spent in my chair, so I wanted the best, and I’m very happy with this. Definitely go with a mesh bottom – it gives you a little bit of cushion, is very comfortable, and prevents you from feeling sweaty or stiff after several hours of sitting.

    Edit: 7 months after owning this chair the gas lift failed and a caster broke. I’m currently speaking with support to get replacements sent to me (and it’s sounding like they’re going to do it as part of the warranty). My opinion of the chair has fallen since I first got it due to these hardware issues. Also, there are a few staples actually pulling out from the chair mesh on the left side. It sort of has this “assembled in China” feel now. It was an awesome chair, but it’s not holding up to the test of time. I may end up getting a Herman Miller chair after all and bite the bullet on the extra cost for a chair that will last.

  10. C. Taylor "taylormade" Says:

    I love giving good reviews. This time I can’t do it. I just got it and am sitting in it as I type this review. The mesh seat is uncomfortable for ling term sitting. I have been sitting in this chair on and off for an hour and my @$$ hurts. It looks really cool and expensive. In all reality it’s worth about $119. Not the $389 that I paid w/shipping.

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