Kneeling stool offers excellent ergonomic support and ease of use. Adjustable knee height allows for multiple users. Ergonomic design eases the hip forward and encourages an upright posture by aligning the back, shoulders and neck to relieve strain on the lumbar muscles. Black fabric seat and knee platform provides comfort for long periods of time.pneumatic gas lift seat height adjustment. Hooded double wheel casters. Black tubular steel frame.

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  1. Rodney Says:

    Do not beleive the reviews that tell you this stool is difficult to put together. It took a total of 5 minutes and I did not have to look at the instructions. There are 4 screws to attach the seat and there is an arrow as to which way to put seat on. There is a bolt in the middle that attaches the gas cylinder to adjust the chair and then the four casters push in. Easy. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 200lbs and the chair is sturdy for me and I have no fears of tipping over. I would however suggest not haveing this as your only chair because your shins will get warm and a bit uncomfortable after too long so it is nice to switch things around after an hour or two.

  2. Col Robert A. Guy "Colonel" Says:

    I was sitting too much in the same chair at my computer, so was looking for some variation in the “sitting” arrangement. Had heard of these “knee-sharing” load chairs, and had always wanted one. There are a couple of things to understand if you get it:
    1. The cushions need to be supplemented w/ sofa pillows or seat cushions. That helps a lot and really isn’t asking too much, as I weigh over 200 pounds.
    2. I cannot sit in the chair for longer than 1 hour stretches—but you are supposed to walk around every hour for circulation anyhow. The bent knees do share the load, but that puts a little strain on them that you feel for a while. You do get more accustomed to the load-sharing as you do it more, but expect the tired knees initially. (I suspect that it strengthens our knees, but have no scientific data to support that.)
    3. I am over 6 feet tall and the chair height is fine at my computer table (plus it is adjustable.)
    4. I am happy with the quality of this chair—sturdy enough to hold my weight and still roll around if needed.

    I guess my thoughts overall are these—-medical science tells us that we do need to vary our sitting situation if we stay seated for long periods each day. I have 3 set-ups now that allow me pretty good flexibility: a good desk chair, this kneeling stool, and a 75 cm stability ball, w/ stand, that I sit on
    (at ) I also use a countdown timer, set to 60 min, to remind me to move around to get the circulation refreshed and to change seating arrangements if needed.
    So, there you have it…..

  3. Xenegrade Says:

    Kneeling chairs are great while i work long hours at a computer. This chair meets that need. Great frame and upholstery, but padding on seat and knees is breaking down after only one month. Will have to have new padding soon in order to continue to use the chair. Already have a towel over the knee section to add extra comfort.

  4. Mark Says:

    I left a previously bad review with this company which I completely retract now. There was a mix up but all is well. This chair is absolutely amazing and I love it. Very easy assembly and boom, you have the best chair on the planet!

  5. bob Says:

    Went together with ease and functions as it is suppose to. I saw that some similar chairs had handles on the side which may help one when getting up after a long sit.

  6. Jesse Says:

    I have been using this chair for over a month now, and I still enjoy sitting in it. It was easy to put together, and it is very solid in construction. I am not petite, and I feel very secure on this chair. it is also very adjustable… I find myself using it in different positions for different activities.

    I have never used a kneeling chair before, and I highly recommend! I wanted to get a cheaper one to try out, as I wasn’t sure if I would like ANY of them. Now that I have this one, I wish I would have bought one that was a bit more “high end”. The knee padding does compress very quickly (1-2 weeks) which does diminish the comfort. It seems to now be about as compessed as it’s going to get, and it’s in no way “painful”, but it’s a bit less comfortable than when out of the box.

    Other than wishing for better knee padding, I have no problems with this chair. It is a great purchase, good value for the money. But yes, it does look a bit like a $9.95 task chair that has been to see Dr Frankenstein.

  7. Avid Reader Says:

    When I was researching these chairs, everybody said that it helped with their back problems, but no one who suffered from sciatica left a review that I saw. So, if you have sciatica, buy this chair!!! It took a few weeks for me to really see a difference, but let me tell ya. I am glad every day that I did. The only thing about it is that the knee pads could’ve used a little extra cushioning.

  8. Eugene I. Kim "EK" Says:

    I had another wooden kneeling chair before, but the wooden one squeak, and eventually starts to loosen all around the joints and becomes unusable quickly (I’m about 155 lbs). Also most other kneeling chairs are adjusted by turning the axis beneath the seat. This method of adjusting is very inefficient and also very inconvenient because you must get off the chair, squat down, locate the turning mechanism, and then turn it a dozen times or so, sit back down and if uncomfortable, get off the chair and repeat the steps all over again.

    This chair has metal frame construction. Feels quite solid, and does not squeak or loosen like my previous wooden version. This chair has a quick adjustment method like most task chairs. Just pull the metal lever and lift your butt a little; there is no need to get off the chair. This is invaluable because everyone is different, and also sitting in one constant position can contribute to back problems. For this reason, I also recommend a good high-back chair in addition to this chair. I use the kneeling chair when I have to type or use my graphics tablet pen. For reading and surfing the web, I switch to a high-back chair. My other recommendation in addition to this chair would be the Duorest Leader, also sold through Amazon.

    Assembly was fairly simple, and requires removing some screws from the chair before screwing them back. For some reason, one of the screws was seriously over tightened. I nearly stripped the screw useless with a power drill driver. I would use a manual driver to remove the screws and get someone with big arms if you run in to a similar situation; this might not be a job for small females.

    Someone complained about it’s appearance. I do wish they sold this with nice leather or leatherette-type of cover on the seats so it is easier to clean and maintain. I think it looks descent. However, no one can really see this chair below the desk when you are sitting on it; its very compact.

    I’m typing this review on this chair right now, and wow, it does feel great to have my back straight when I type. If it was any other type of chair, I would be forced to hunch over.

  9. Robert L. Says:

    This is a good entry level chair for someone wanting to try out an ergonomic chair without paying a high price. It feels stable, rolls well and appears to be constructed well but needs stiffer and a little thicker seat and knee cushions. I’m 5’9″ and 140 lbs. This chair is not suitable to be used for an 8 hour workday for most people. I definitely prefer this metal frame over a wood one and a one piece knee cushion instead of two separate ones. To help keep your back in as straight as possible position to get the maximum benefit from this chair, it needs to be in the highest position, so you are a little higher than desired when using a keyboard and mouse, but it is still manageable. I just hope the pneumatic cylinder that controls the chair height is of good quality. Now my gripe on the quality control. The pneumatic cylinder has a “U” shaped bracket on each end. Each leg of the bracket has a hole in it in which a rod passes through. One of the legs of one of the brackets was noticeably bent about 30 degrees so that I could not pass the rod through during assembly. The moron who assembled the cylinder had to knowingly use this bent bracket but I can’t imagine how it got bent. I’m wondering if it was purposely bent as some sick joke but it takes a great deal of force to do it and keep it straight. I decided to try to straighten it with a wrench. I was successful but it had a little curve to it so that the alignment of the two holes in the two legs of the bracket was off a little, which still prevented insertion of the rod. I then used my dremel tool and reshaped the hole a little and this solved the problem. Included with the chair is a form from Norstar Office Products to request parts. The entire pneumatic cylinder assembly would probably have to be sent.

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