Featuring a black mesh back, a mesh fabric upholstered seat and a dynamic back design. The basyx by HON HVL531 presents quite a first impression. Then when you sit down, you realize this is more than just a pretty face.

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  1. Jennifer Armstrong Says:

    Everything in the product description was true….arms are adjustable up, and out to the sides about 1″ on each side (you set this during the assembly). The pneumatic function and tilt work perfectly and it only took me 30 minutes to assemble. It probably would have been quicker but I am a triple checker on directions.

    My only little displeasure is that the seat fabric is a little rough when wearing shorts.

  2. Daniel Wu Says:

    I purchase this chair a few weeks ago from Amazon and so far everything is pretty good.
    Setting up the chair was a breeze, took probably about 10 minutes.
    I sit the chair for about 20 hours a week a home, so I’ve had some time to get familiar.
    Anyways, heres some details on the chair that I thought could be useful.

    Arm rests
    -Height adjustable. Can extend about three inches higher
    -Elbow rests are fairly soft and slightly grooved down the center for arms to lay flat forward. I would describe these arm rests as a dense sponge wrapped with a rubber/plastic material

    Base cushion
    -Semi-soft cushion, with a mesh outer layer which allows for ‘breathing’.
    -The cushion has butt and leg curvature, in other words the crotch/thigh area is quite elevated. So in order to be comfortable, you have to be seated in the correct upright position
    If you like to ‘lounge’ (scoot your butt forward and lean back) like I do, you will find that the elevated part rides up your bottom, which is not very comfortable.
    -Debris (food crumbles) can get trapped in between the mesh weaves
    -The area that you sit in starts to get depressed only after a few weeks (I weigh 165lb)

    Back rest
    -Very fine mesh weaves. Wavy texture. Provides excellent back support. Similar to the material of a trampoline, but thin enough to see through it.

    Others info
    -The whole chair can lift up about 4 inches
    -The tilt can be fairly lose or very tight. At the loosest setting you still need to lean a little to have it tilt back, as it won’t just flop over.

    Overall I give the chair a B+. If this is for an office where you can’t really ‘lounge’, then this is a pretty good chair. However for home usage, its not very accommodating for
    ‘lounging” or sitting cross legged.

  3. Ezra Shapiro "exiled New Yorker" Says:

    This chair does tilt, as advertised, and you can rock back in the seat with adjustable tension. The problem is that it only locks in the lowest position, i.e., where the seat bottom is parallel to the floor. If you would be more comfortable with the chair permanently tilted back a little, forget it. With my physique this means that I feel that I am always leaning forward a bit. The back of the chair is also in a fixed position, so it’s impossible to have the angle between the seat and the back open to wider than 90 degrees. There’s no adjustment for lumbar support; you get what you get. If you’re not built to the average that Hon used to design this chair, you might be uncomfortable. Look elsewhere if you want more customizability.

    Assembly is straightforward, but for us it was not the slam dunk others have described. The screw holes in the armrests are actually slots, so you can adjust the width from armrest to armrest only after the chair is built. All the bolts required quite a bit of force for the last quarter inch or so. And it was no fun when we dropped the allen wrench into the riser mechanism; turns out the allen wrench is precisely the right length to wedge across the mechanism. We had to push it out with a chopstick.

    Am I keeping the chair? Yes. The construction is solid, as many have said, and it would be just too much work to disassemble it and pack it up to return it. Would I buy it again? No. Maybe chairs are such personal items that you really need to sit in them before you buy. That’s the lesson I’m learning here.

  4. leeju01 Says:

    I purchased this chair last week after spending 5 years in front of my computer in a high-back, store-brand leather chair. The old one had worn out, having the leather rip and the arms fray away and break apart. This chair, although not designed for comfort, has been very good so far. It offers back support in a way that a relaxing chair could not. It is smaller in size and easier to maneuver around my office space. The padding on the seat is firm at first, but breaks in easily.

    After some research, this company is known for making good quality products. I trust that this one will last a good 5-7 years. As for the shipping and assembly, Amazon Prime is top-notch and second to none. Assembly took about 30 minutes, with very easy instructions and well-labeled parts.

  5. DavidCayuga Says:

    I don’t find this as comfortable as the Aeron, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper. I bought it for my husband’s home office. He remarked that it looks a lot like a much cheaper chair he’d been using (and it does), but it’s more comfortable. He put it together without complaining, so it must’ve been pretty easy to do. I’ve used Hon at work and in my home office for many, years and always found the products to be sturdy and useful.

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